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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 74 out of 119 (62%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time17 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time66%
Program Difficulty (1-100)60
Satisfied With the School81%
Well-Prepared for Career64%
Would Choose Program Again82%
Career is Directly Related to Program74%
Easy to Find Job74%
How Long to Find First Job4 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time80%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$39,031
Salary Met Expectations65%
Trouble Making Loan Payments49%
Satisfied With the Career75%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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► Common Careers for this Major▼ Common Careers for this Major

People getting a certificate in this major often choose among careers such as (among others):

  • Tax Preparers
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks
  • Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks
  • Brokerage Clerks
  • Statistical Assistants

Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I had always been good with numbers, and I am a naturally organized and responsible person. I felt that these traits fit organically with the program. Furthermore, I knew that I could get a job in the field fairly quickly, so I pursued the certificate with the hopes of landing a stable career."
"i love accounting"
"I am good at math. I wanted to further my education in my current work field of Accounting."
"I picked this program because I was interested in the courses. This program also seemed to have a good starting salary."
"I picked this because my work covered part of the financial costs while working full time. It also offerred the courses I wanted to take online."
"I have always been interested in business/accounting. Getting an accounting certificate will help me to get my CPA License."
"It directly related to my position as an account manager. The program was respected at my place of employment and they encouraged me to take classes with this institution."
"I picked this career because my father is also in this field and he inspired me to pursue this. I have always loved working with numbers so it was a perfect fit for me."
"I chose this field because of my employment background and having this certificate opened up employment opportunities in other areas. Such as human resources, recruiting, bookkeeping, etc."
"I picked it because it was affordable. I wanted to jump right into my career."
"I have always been interesting in this field. I also did not want something that took to long."
"There is a need for accountants"
"I love working with numbers. I also enjoy helping people with acounting"
"I thought that accounting could be a little more fun than and interesting than what most people think. It was also one of the better options for me as compared to the rest of the courses that were available."
"I'm good at math, and accounting interested me. I felt I could make a fair amount of money in this career. Also, even though I am now disabled and no longer work, I do meet the three requirements stated. I completed a certificate program in accounting and I did not complete this survey at an earlier time. My later answers will pertain to my previous job."
"I knew others who went the same way and had good jobs. It was the best way I could go."
"I enjoy accounting. I feel this is a stable field."
"I picked it because I am great with numbers and have several friends that are accountants and they really seemed to enjoy it. I ave other interests but this was something I had always wanted to do because I knew it was a job for me."
"I chose programs in the business accounting school because of the value it would provide me in a practical work environment. Accounting skills are essential knowledge for almost any job out there, and my experience taking the accounting classes will set me apart from other applicants in the job market."
"Most of the other programs on offer from this college program were medical fields, and none of them appealed to me. I couldn't deal with other people's feces, blood, vomit, or other bodily fluids."
"I wanted to be able to possibly get a job later on that I can do from home. Accounting seems like a good fit for me because i'm good with numbers and there are certain positions that allow me to work from home at least some of the time."
"I found the program was better organized than alternative. In addition, I received more positive reviews of the program from previous graduates."
"I love math and accounting/bookkeeping is always in demand. I figured if I earned the certificate I could get a job quickly and fund my BS."
"I figured it might be useful and provide more information that I could use in the future. I figured it might provide useful life skills beyond career goals."
"I chose this program because I held a job with related duties. I also chose this program in an effort to advance my career."
"I was working in a family business keeping records after being injured. I had started to keep the records based in some information from the internet. But it became apparent rather quickly that to avoid adverse legal exposure I needed to have more knowledge"
"The program allowed me to sit for the CPA exam which I deem to be a valuable designation."
"I love math. My first job was being a bookkeeping assistant for my mom."
"This was a class that although not my major it would certainly feed into skills necessary for my major. Bookkeeping is a necessary skill in the field of hospitality management which is what my major was."
"To gain experience using accounting software. It enhanced skills I already had and gave me exposure to new skills."
"I have always had a liking for finance so i decided to go into something in that field. After looking at different options i decided to go into the Accounting/Bookkeeping program."
"I am very savvy with computers and numbers. I felt that this major would be the best fit for my personality."
"To get a job right out of school"
"because I needed to take the classes so I could help my family with the family business"
"It was very important in our family business to get this course. I was interested in learning the basics to help me get started."
"I enjoyed the business side, i wanted to go to school full time for business degree"
"I thought that it would give me a good career. I chose to pick this because I didn't think it would be hard."
"Good money, good with math"
"I was already at a job that had a position about to open. I wanted to finish this credential so when the person stepped down, I could be considered."
"I picked this program because I wound up in an accounting class in high school and enjoyed it. I continued on with this program because it is aligned with my analytical and structured way of thinking."
"I chose this particular program over other programs because I felt it to be a viable and wise career path. Due to the growing demand of accountants/bookkeepers I felt it was smart to pursue."
"I chose this field because accounting is in high demand. I also knew that I had the discipline to finish this program."
"The job I had lined up used Quick books. The school had classes on learning Quick books and using it for a small business."
"The average time it took to complete the program and also because I enjoy any office work."
"I chose accounting because it is relevant to my career in finance. Non financial courses and programs are not covered under the reimbursement. I enjoy working with numbers."
"I was good with numbers, and thought that learning the basics of accounting would help me to perhaps become a tax preparer. I also thought it would be an interesting course because I knew some people who had studied it in the past."
"It was strongly suggested to me. It was completely paid for by my parents who offered."
"It as the potential for many opportunities in the job field."
"I chose this because working with money has always been something I wanted to be involved in. It also allowed me to work in the financial field with opportunities to progress"
"I chose this program because I could obtain this certificate quickly, and I felt it would look great on my resume. I also felt as if going through these courses would give me a bit of knowledge that I would not have gotten otherwise."
"More opportunity. Aligned with my interest"
"I am very good at math and I like the job stability of accounting. I could do a lot with my certification and it provides a great asset to any field I chose in the future. I am also able to travel with this certification that will follow me for life."
"I pick bookkeeping because it is useful in some many different job I may have in the future. Plus bookkeeping is easy."
"It's what I do at work. Work paid for my studies."
"My major was finance and Accounting is somewhat related. Many of the courses overlap, too. Accounting knowledge is beneficial in the finance world. I sometimes wish I was an accounting major."
"I was interested in majoring in business and thought this would be a good introduction to the world of finance. After reading the description for this course it also seemed like a class that I could succeed in."
"I thought Accounting was the direction I wanted to go at the time. I knew the Professor for the Accounting classes fairly well and heard that her classes were very good. Unfortunately, she moved away at the beginning of my first semester and her replacement was very weak."
"People in my area and across other areas were looking for candidates for this area of expertise, plus it's something that slightly intrigues me."
"I hope to become an accountant eventually. Taking these classes now allows me to get a job in the field so that I can make an income now. Then, when I continue my education I will have some experience in this field already."
"I was looking for a job and I saw that a lot of establishments are looking for bookkeepers. I researched about the class and found out that the class is only for two weeks for a couple hundred of dollars."
"There was a particular position I wanted. I needed to learn some specific skills to obtain."
"I liked working with numbers and saw accounting as a natrual progression. Also, most of my friends wanted to go in the same field."
"My major is in IT however I've always had an interest in accounting and finances in general. So I've been taking classes at a community college and ended up getting a bookkeeping certificate."
"I had family members who got jobs working as in CPA offices and they were doing ok at it. Because of this, I got a certification and am going to go work in a CPA office as well."
"My dream job is to open as many homeless/ food shelters as I can so this field was specific toward doing that. I also felt at the time having this knowledge would further me personally"
"I chose this program over other career programs because I have always had an interest in Accounting. I thought this program would help me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a CPA."
"I knew that I would be doing extensive accounting in the future. I love to crunch numbers and these types of classes were just what I was looking for."
"Most practical field of study going towards the future."
"I picked this program because there was many open jobs in my area, also because it was the field my mother was in"
"I chose accounting over any other study because I have always been a very strong math student and enjoy dealing with finances, numbers and accountability. There were some other programs that sparked my attention, but I knew that I would be successful at being an accountant because of my history."
"I found that accounting will always be something that a business needs. A lot of businesses where I reside are looking for accountants and I would love to have one of those higher paying jobs."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"i was surprised on how long the course takes."
"I was surprised by all of the protocols of the Accounting field. So many little details and rules of record keeping."
"I was surprised by how much number crunching was involved and how many equations I had to know. I would have taken more courses to prepare myself."
"I was surprised how much more meaningful it was to attend college classes after having worked for many years. The course contents were easy to apply to real world situations."
"I was surprised how difficult accounting is when it comes down to the nitty gritty. Additionally, I was surprised how much information from the courses I did not need for my job."
"I was surprised at the amount of online research I had to do to understand the textbook information. I think the textbooks were very wordy and not clear so I went on line to better understand the information and it helped greatly."
"I was surprised at how much math I really needed to master before I could finish my schooling. I was always pretty good at math but I realized quickly that I needed to focus all of my attention to my work."
"I chose the traditional classroom setting to get a more human interaction which I thought would help me to benefit to the fullest this being my first time in college. Due to me working with computers all the time I have become accustomed to working more with online work."
"I didn't realize how many people had incompetent accountants. I didn't realize how smart I would feel for knowing basic math at my job."
"I was surprised that the program did not take longer than the amount of time it took. I was also surprised at some of the class that had to be taken prior to starting the program. Overall, I was surprised about the amount of work that had to be done."
"I was surprised about how relevant accounting is."
"I was surprised how much writing was needed to complete my certificate in Accounting. It was excellent to brush up on my writing skills though."
"I was surprised at how in depth everything was. I know that in that field everything has to be accurate and done with extreme care, however the depth and knowledge you had to have was a little too much for me at times. I definitely underestimated how tough of a field it was also in overall work load. It is always made to seem that you just use a calculator and do basic math and get paid a very respectable salary. If this is something you are considering definitely be prepared for a heavy workload."
"I think the thing that surprised me most about my accounting positions was how varied companies were in applying what I had learned. While two or three companies were honest, a couple others were not. An example is an advertising firm I worked at as an assistant bookkeeper. My supervisor, the head accountant, told me to post costs from one advertising job to the wrong client. I refused. She said it was standard procedure. I still believe it's wrong to charge one client the costs for work done for a different client. My supervisor took me in front of the president of the company. He said the same thing. I quit and was fired at the same time."
"I was surprised by how basic the field of Bookkeeping is. Anyone could do it. Before I started my certificate program, I had thought that it would be math-heavy. I also thought that you would have to be an extremely organized person in order to survive in the job. However this is not the case. I work with people who are terrible at math, and they are incredibly messy and disorganized."
"I was surprised that it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Friends had taken the same course and said it was really hard, but I enjoyed it."
"I was surprised by how complex and difficult the accounting was. I had to work very hard to understand it."
"I was surprised by how complex it could really get and how much the software involved helps you do your job. I didn't know about all of the tools I would need to be successful. It was a wake up call for sure."
"I was surprised to learn that many of the practical issues I studied in my college coursework actually popped up in my work environment. The use of spreadsheets, data analysis, and computational formulas were all things that I learned at college and have put into practice at my new job."
"I didn't understand how little computer work was in the program. Considering how many accounting firms now use Quicken/Quickbooks, or other accounting software, it was shocking that I only took one computer class in this program, as it was all that was required. It was basic computer science, and I knew most of the class just from using computers at home."
"I didn't realize the full scope of the job when I first started. I was a bit taken back when I learned how many different things I had to have going on my computer at once. I had to get used to being able to multi task with multiple monitors and doing multiple things at the same time. It takes a lot of effort to not get caught up in what I'm doing in one program so that I'm able to use all of my resources effectively and not tunnel vision one thing."
"I was surprised that the courses were actually quite relevant to the type of work that was desired by employers in the region."
"I was surprised that we don't have exposure to more software programs in school. I only learned excel and quickbooks in college. But over the course of my working I have had to learn other software on the job."
"I was surprised by how much mathematics was involved, as I am not particularly well suited for mathematics. I generally do well in statistics, but when it comes to algebra and trig I'm a basket-case."
"I was surprised at how difficult the accounting classes would be. I took a remedial math class and a college algebra class,but could of still benefited from additional math courses."
"It was surprising that the methods and training enabled me to save my family business money. Some of the techniques I learned enabled us to reduce our tax burden, improve revenue, and efficiently prepare our records for tax preparation, All of this moved us from a struggling business to growing business."
"I was surprised at the variety of different accounting classes required to sit for the CPA exam."
"I was surprised that I had forgotten so much of my math skills from school."
"I was certainly surprised how bookkeeping wasn't just all about numbers but also conveying the meaning of those numbers utilizing words that anyone could understand, whether they're a novice or an expert on the topic of bookkeeping. I was also impressed as to how much management must know in the hospitality industry as most managers in the field have experience in every single department that are typically found at hotels, with bookkeeping being no exception to that rule so to speak."
"The only thing that surprised me with the range of pay offered by employers. The pay range is vast."
"I would say i was most surprised about how interesting i found the information to be. I thought i might get board fast but overall i enjoyed learning about the things i did."
"That there is much more to learn than basic math. You need to learn how to dress, act, interact with clients, and present your work in a way non-accountants can understand"
"The course work load was more detailed than what would be required to begin in the accounting field. Not everyone is preparing for a CPA but the class load is geared for the big 4."
"I was surprised with all the stuff I had to remember. I was surprised how quick I was finished with my coarse."
"I was surprised about the many practices that are considered unethical in the accounting world as well as how many people have abused accounting principles and gotten themselves into trouble."
"I was surprised with how much you had to learn i should have taken more courses and got my head in all together. It was a hard choice that i made to get my certificate a lot of study and it took me a lot of time but it was worth it."
"Not so busy all the time, a lot of down time."
"I was surprised at how much work the courses required. I was not prepared for how many hours a day I needed to study."
"I was surprised by how easy it is and how efficiently the business gets things done. Most of the time I'm actually pretty bored."
"I was surprised by how much I already knew, just from my previous experience in bookkeeping, so the material wasn't as difficult as I anticipated. Thankfully, this helped me make sense of a lot of the new material introduced. I was also surprised how many classes I needed to take before completion, even though I was a full time student. But it was much less stressful having known the basics beforehand."
"The institution I chose required a great deal of core prerequisites that had nothing to do with my field of study. If I had realized this before I started the program, I would have chosen a more basic program, or I would have chosen an institution that is more directly oriented in this field of study, like Bryant and Stratton."
"The use of many different forms of software is what surprised me the most. What also suprised me was the difficulty of the tasks. Who would have known bookkeeping was difficult!"
"I was surprised at the number of students who dropped out of the program during the first semester. It wasn't easy, but i felt like with enough studying, it was a manageable course."
"I was surprised that how simplified book keeping work is now. Many businesses use online programs that keep track of everything and many skills your teachers teach you, they tell you you will most likely not need them."
"I was surprised with how much interaction id have with people. There was a lot of phone calls as well. I pictured mainly being on a computer."
"I was surprised by the amount of time that was required by each course. The reason I took online courses was to not have to go to the campus, however I was putting in more time and effort than I would have if I attended in person offerings."
"I was also surprised to find that the skills and techniques I gained in the Accounting course helped me in other fields as well. Several years later, I worked for a radio talk show host, who fielded questions about taxes from listeners. I was able to help the host because of my background and training in accounting."
"I was surprised that the coursework was much more intensive that what it should be, based on the opportunities you actually get once you're finished. It's not worth it at all."
"I was surprised at how much work needed to be done in accounting for the program. That was the one subject that had the most work."
"I was surprised by how many presentations I had to do. I wish I would have had experience with public speaking"
"What suprised me most was the amount of computer knowledge I needed to get through this program. For some reason I did not think this would require all that much computer work. However, I ended up having to learn about each of the main accounting software programs in order to get through this program. Even with a lot of computer knowledge I still found this a bit daunting."
"I was surprised how monotone it was. I was expecting an accounting course to involved business learning but it was all about accounts and numbers."
"I was surprised at how much protocol there is with book-keeping. I cannot simply crunch the numbers that any personnel gives me, I have to continually cross-check with other associates, records, and dig through many files to investigate the validity of certain claims and receipts. I have to constantly stay on top of these files in order for the numbers or reports to add up correctly. Had I known sooner, I would have taken another management course to assist me in my field of study now."
"Bookkeeping program over prepares you for accounting jobs."
"I was surprised how much of what was taught actually pertained to what my job required."
"Accounting was more difficult than first believed. Some of the more advanced classes are quite difficult. I was going to school and work full time and wish I could have devoted more time to the accounting classes. I feel they would not be as difficult if I had put more time into the accounting classes."
"I was surprised by how much of a time commitment it would be. I thought school would be easy because it had always been in the past. Studying for the CPA test was very challenging and took up all of my time."
"I was surprised by the levels of Accounting. When I started, I thought it was just straight forward bookkeeping essentially. But once I got into it, a whole world opened up about Payables, Receivables, Job Costing, etc. It went deeper than I realized."
"I was surprised at how much work there was to be done, and all the information I needed to know about my carrer choice. What else surprised me was the length it took to finish my schooling."
"I was surprised at how much self-motivation was required to complete the classes I enrolled in. There were a lot of less structured classes that didn't necessarily have firm deadlines for assignments, and just needed to be completed before the end of the term."
"I was surprised that it was actually fairly easy. For me it was more on learning the systems and the right way to do the the accounting tasks."
"I was surprised at some of the monotony in this field. For the most part, it is enjoyable and fulfilling, but occasionally some parts are very mundane."
"I was surprised by how much of a disconnect between the material/theories that was taught by my professors with that of real-world application. It seems that my institution was progressive in trying to implement policies that were state-of-the-art and innovative while the outside communities are still far behind. I'm unsure if what I have learned in college is really prepared me for what comes afterwards."
"I was kind of expecting accounting to be math heavy. It is just not the way I imagined it. While it's true you'll be doing a lot of math, the math you do isn't complicated or advance. Like the math engineers need. Most of the math you'll use you learn in High School."
"I was surprised how many essays I had to write and reports. I honestly figured it would just be mathematics."
"I don't like numbers at all, but I tried even though it was hard. My first year I struggled more than I thought I would"
"I was surprised by the level of difficulty in the coursework for this program! I was expecting it to be extremely easy since I was so good at math, but I was wrong."
"Accounting is and will always be in demand in the workforce. I knew that if I took my initial studies seriously then it would pay off for me in the future."
"I was surprised at the competitive nature of the program."
"I was surprised that their were a lot more computer applications I needed to be familiar with, also by the lack of money I would get after completing the course"
"I was surprised at how long the courses were. I had to go part-time and wished I could have done full-time to make it go quicker. There was so much homework, more than I anticipated."
"I was surprised at how welcoming and normal the teachers and students were. I had assumed that they would be math nerds, but in reality the were everyday people like myself. It really helped me relax and become comfortable learning the material."