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Schools for this programSchools for this program

LPN/LVN Schools in Washington offering certificate lengths of less than two years:

SchoolCityRecent Annual Graduates
Bellingham Technical CollegeBellingham72
Big Bend Community CollegeMoses Lake15
Centralia CollegeCentralia19
Clover Park Technical CollegeLakewood109
Columbia Basin CollegePasco27
Everett Community CollegeEverett116
Grays Harbor CollegeAberdeen21
Green River Community CollegeAuburn
Heritage UniversityToppenish18
Lake Washington Institute of TechnologyKirkland16
Lower Columbia CollegeLongview84
Olympic CollegeBremerton24
Renton Technical CollegeRenton0
Seattle Community College-North CampusSeattle58
Seattle Community College-South CampusSeattle33
Skagit Valley CollegeMount Vernon46
South Puget Sound Community CollegeOlympia41
Spokane Community CollegeSpokane78
Walla Walla Community CollegeWalla Walla66
Wenatchee Valley CollegeWenatchee89
Yakima Valley Community CollegeYakima49

Annual Prices (for the school, not necessarily this specific program of study; also, prices vary with student income level)

SchoolAvg. Net PricePrice RangeDaycareWeekendsSome Online
Bellingham Technical College4,3522,881 - 11,103--Yes
Big Bend Community College6,6294,946 - 12,602YesYesYes
Centralia College6,6814,623 - 9,428YesYesYes
Clover Park Technical College4,5954,415 - 11,423YesYesYes
Columbia Basin College8,0386,893 - 13,155-YesYes
Everett Community College7,6006,169 - 12,698YesYesYes
Grays Harbor College5,7695,286 - 12,513Yes-Yes
Green River Community College7,2356,451 - 13,391Yes-Yes
Heritage University9,263 - 17,477YesYesYes
Lake Washington Institute of Technology6,0496,049 - 12,394YesYesYes
Lower Columbia College5,3995,399 - 11,873YesYesYes
Olympic College5,3165,143 - 10,989YesYesYes
Renton Technical College7,0306,223 - 12,556-YesYes
Seattle Community College-North Campus4,5792,398 - 8,155Yes-Yes
Seattle Community College-South Campus6,5025,231 - 9,877Yes-Yes
Skagit Valley College8,1997,656 - 13,708--Yes
South Puget Sound Community College7,3256,118 - 12,214YesYesYes
Spokane Community College5,0174,618 - 10,861YesYesYes
Walla Walla Community College6,9975,444 - 11,721YesYesYes
Wenatchee Valley College6,6945,518 - 11,756YesYesYes
Yakima Valley Community College6,8346,180 - 12,883YesYesYes

Why did people choose their school for this program?Why did people choose their school for this program?

"i chose the college that had an immediate entry available to me into the program. I also chose the college that was the closest to me."
"At that time this was the best decision because the program lasts months. And I need to complete so I can get a job as fast as I could."
"This was an accredited school that offered flexible times and a convenient location for me."
"I chose this college because its close to home and its an affordable option. I also found good academic ratings for this school on review sites."
"To become an LPN in Tennessee you have to attend class, no online degree is offered for LPN, this school was closest to my home. I made the right decision because I do not want to drive 50 miles to school every day."

What surprised people about the school they chose?What surprised people about the school they chose?

"How small the actual college was and how unorganized it seemed most of the time. It seemed as though when i had a financial question i was transferred around several times within the departments."
"If I knew that instructors don't give lectures I could've supplement with other nursing program, such as Youtube and other program to self help."
"I was surprised at how well equipped the school was. Usually, people have the impression that technical schools like these would be smaller and may not even be that well equipped compared to community colleges and universities. But that was not a problem here."
"You can't learn nursing without being able to work with others as a team. Nursing involves working with other nurses around the clock in order to maintain healthy patients."
"The quality of instruction I received at the school I attended was excellent. The teachers are tough on you, but it is only so you will retain what they are teaching. The general public may think a vocational school is not very rigorous, but some college level classes I have taken were 98% easier than the vocational program I attended."

How do people describe their job hunt?How do people describe their job hunt?

"i had 3 job offers when i graduated. I was already working at the local hospital as an registration tech in the er."
"Some issues came up that caused me not to be able find a job. I am a caregiver for a relative. I was looking for part time and flexible schedule but I couldn't find one that could fit my schedule. I apply online to the hospitals and nursing home."
"The job hunting experience was not that hard, especially with the resources available online. By searching career websites of nearby hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, I found an abundant amount of job openings I was able to apply to."
"I went and interviewed here locally. I have family that is also in the nursing industry so I had some guidance as to how to start."
"It was difficult to obtain work with no experience, I managed to get 2 part time jobs for the first year. This gave me a little experience, and I was hired at the company I am currently still employed by. I have been with the same family practice for 7 years now."