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Schools for this programSchools for this program

LPN/LVN Schools in New York offering certificate lengths of less than two years:

SchoolCityRecent Annual Graduates
Access CareersBrooklyn250
Albany BOCES-Adult Practical Nursing ProgramAlbany133
Broome Delaware Tioga BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramBinghamton33
CUNY Bronx Community CollegeBronx8
CUNY Hostos Community CollegeBronx16
CUNY LaGuardia Community CollegeLong Island City81
CUNY Medgar Evers CollegeBrooklyn18
Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramOlean29
Cayuga Onondaga BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramAuburn29
Clinton Essex Warren Washington BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramPlattsburgh27
Delaware Chenango Madison Otsego BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramNorwich54
Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramPoughkeepsie91
Eastern Suffolk BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramPatchogue222
Erie 1 BOCESWest Seneca221
Erie 2 Chautauqua Cattaraugus BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramAngola109
Farmingdale State CollegeFarmingdale10
Genesee Valley BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramBatavia94
Hamilton Fulton Montgomery BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramJohnstown19
Herkimer County BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramIlion67
Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical NursingRochester35
Jefferson Lewis BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramWatertown66
Madison Oneida BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramVerona55
Maria College of AlbanyAlbany64
Marion S Whelan School of Nursing of Geneva General HospitalGeneva10
Metropolitan Learning InstituteRego Park92
Mildred Elley School-Albany CampusAlbany43
Mildred Elley-New York CampusNew York119
Monroe CollegeBronx42
Niagara County Community CollegeSanborn21
North Country Community CollegeSaranac Lake67
Onondaga Cortland Madison BOCESLiverpool178
Orange Ulster BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramMiddletown54
Orleans Niagara BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramSanborn33
Oswego County BOCESMexico26
Otsego Area BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramOneonta37
Putnam Westchester BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramYorktown Heights21
Rensselaer BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramTroy61
Rockland County BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramWest Nyack59
SUNY College of Technology at CantonCanton32
SUNY College of Technology at DelhiDelhi1
SUNY Westchester Community CollegeValhalla20
Samaritan Hospital School of NursingTroy24
Schuyler Steuben Chemung Tioga Allegany BOCESElmira70
Southern Westchester BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramHarrison98
Suffolk County Community CollegeSelden29
Sullivan County BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramLiberty16
Syracuse City Schools Practical Nursing ProgramSyracuse24
Trocaire CollegeBuffalo86
Ulster County BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramPort Ewen73
Veeb Nassau County School of Practical NursingUniondale173
Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramSaratoga Springs42
Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES-Practical Nursing ProgramNewark121

Annual Prices (for the school, not necessarily this specific program of study; also, prices vary with student income level)

SchoolAvg. Net PricePrice RangeDaycareWeekendsSome Online
Access Careers22,333-Yes-
Albany BOCES-Adult Practical Nursing Program15,6555,316 - 16,860---
Broome Delaware Tioga BOCES-Practical Nursing Program17,82017,187 - 19,687YesYes-
CUNY Bronx Community College7,8727,369 - 14,170YesYesYes
CUNY Hostos Community College7,0866,675 - 13,674YesYesYes
CUNY LaGuardia Community College7,9427,314 - 13,527YesYesYes
CUNY Medgar Evers College8,0607,186 - 15,240YesYesYes
Cattaraugus Allegany BOCES-Practical Nursing Program - --Yes
Cayuga Onondaga BOCES-Practical Nursing Program14,20812,487 - 17,435---
Clinton Essex Warren Washington BOCES-Practical Nursing Program17,12617,126 - 21,072Yes--
Delaware Chenango Madison Otsego BOCES-Practical Nursing Program13,5378,834 - 15,648---
Dutchess BOCES-Practical Nursing Program15,65015,603 - 20,289---
Eastern Suffolk BOCES-Practical Nursing Program13,28112,595 - 17,184---
Erie 1 BOCES6,3476,347-Yes-
Erie 2 Chautauqua Cattaraugus BOCES-Practical Nursing Program12,05412,054---
Farmingdale State College9,2194,857 - 15,164YesYesYes
Genesee Valley BOCES-Practical Nursing Program7,9767,976 - 9,624---
Hamilton Fulton Montgomery BOCES-Practical Nursing Program - ---
Herkimer County BOCES-Practical Nursing Program10,70910,709---
Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing - -Yes-
Jefferson Lewis BOCES-Practical Nursing Program10,8969,005 - 11,830---
Madison Oneida BOCES-Practical Nursing Program15,99215,837 - 17,456---
Maria College of Albany10,937 - 17,344-YesYes
Marion S Whelan School of Nursing of Geneva General Hospital - Yes--
Metropolitan Learning Institute8,390 - 9,648---
Mildred Elley School-Albany Campus14,360 - 19,257-YesYes
Mildred Elley-New York Campus15,487 - 19,363-Yes-
Monroe College10,255 - 16,617-YesYes
Niagara County Community College4,6402,359 - 9,358Yes-Yes
North Country Community College7,4296,903 - 13,533--Yes
Onondaga Cortland Madison BOCES8,5757,935 - 12,829---
Orange Ulster BOCES-Practical Nursing Program15,98314,872 - 19,864---
Orleans Niagara BOCES-Practical Nursing Program12,22410,332 - 14,457---
Oswego County BOCES8,6988,698---
Otsego Area BOCES-Practical Nursing Program15,49214,981 - 21,500---
Putnam Westchester BOCES-Practical Nursing Program12,25012,250 - 17,255---
Rensselaer BOCES-Practical Nursing Program14,83314,833 - 18,903---
Rockland County BOCES-Practical Nursing Program23,04223,032 - 23,113---
SUNY College of Technology at Canton12,0659,140 - 18,564--Yes
SUNY College of Technology at Delhi13,40610,592 - 20,029YesYesYes
SUNY Westchester Community College5,7184,414 - 11,749YesYesYes
Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing13,958 - 19,065---
Schuyler Steuben Chemung Tioga Allegany BOCES7,9217,322 - 9,822---
Southern Westchester BOCES-Practical Nursing Program22,01622,016 - 26,658---
Suffolk County Community College6,9404,098 - 10,395Yes-Yes
Sullivan County BOCES-Practical Nursing Program1,6011,601 - 2,047---
Syracuse City Schools Practical Nursing Program10,50910,402 - 11,808---
Trocaire College16,307 - 21,346-YesYes
Ulster County BOCES-Practical Nursing Program17,29716,806 - 17,320Yes--
Veeb Nassau County School of Practical Nursing12,08512,085 - 14,853---
Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES-Practical Nursing Program11,76510,544 - 15,744Yes--
Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES-Practical Nursing Program15,08215,082 - 17,675---

Why did people choose their school for this program?Why did people choose their school for this program?

"I wanted to quickly obtain a nursing certification,legitimately. I did some research,and the closest and most financially feasible program was the one that this college offered. I feel that I did make the right decision,I was well prepared for the line of work and I have very little student loan debt."
"The college was close to home, affordable and most all credits are transferable to local universities. I really enjoyed the medical programs and they helped me get into my current field."
"I chose Vernon College because it was an affordable institution that I had taken classes at, before. After talking with other nurses, I was told to attend Vernon College because the opportunity for clinical hours was much greater than at other institutions. Since students receive more clinical time, they are more likely to be hired by hospitals."
"The College of Southern Idaho was a convenient and financially sound choice as I was able to reside with my parents for the duration of the program I was in. This allowed me to focus exclusively on the material and skills being taught and to not become distracted with worldly necessities such as rent, etc."
"I picked College of DuPage because the place where I wanted to work had good connections to the college. I also like that the non-degree program included credit courses that could be transferred to a 4-year school if I wanted at any time."

What surprised people about the school they chose?What surprised people about the school they chose?

"I enjoyed the school but did fill ill prepared for a lot of what I ran into."
"I was greatly impressed at the quality of education I was receiving,since it is a community college. I have worked with several nurses that are surprised by my breadth of knowledge and my overall competence as a nurse."
"I was surprised by how many different clinical sites we were allowed to visit. Everything from a large hospital to small nursing homes was available. I enjoyed the variation of locations that were provided to students."
"My college has a regionally immaculate reputation regarding its nursing programs. I found nothing exceedingly distinguished regarding my college's quality of instruction and I heard many blemished opinions regarding the Registered Nursing program."
"I was surprised how relevant and up to speed my college was on medical technology. I was thankful that everything I was doing was applicable to my career."

How do people describe their job hunt?How do people describe their job hunt?

"Regarding the Practical Nursing job hunt, I found the experience entirely contrary to what my perception of finding a job usually entailed. I thought the job applicant would have to voraciously search near and far for their suitable job only to compete with legions of similarly qualified individuals like most careers. This could not have been farther from the truth; while our class was winding down, many facilities sent representatives from local hospitals and clinics to try and recruit us through convincing our class that they were the best option, opposed to the contrary I was under the impression of."
"I got my CNA and My emt and was kind of disappointed because I found out after the fact that in order to land a job as an EMT you really had to have a full time record of volunteer hours in order to set yourself apart. I have supported myself and lived on my own since 16. I have had to work full time since I was 16, so I was not able to devote 40 hours a week to get the volunteer hours. So, I did not wind up working as an EMT, BUT the certification helped me get my current job because it set me apart from the other applicants."
"I found it very easy to find a job after graduation,if I had wanted to I could have immediately gone to work at the nursing home,they offered me a position as soon as I could pass the boards. Ultimately I signed with a local hospital that guarantees me a decent salary and tuition reimbursement after signing a 5-year contract."
"While there are many opportunities to be hired as an LVN, you need to be sure you will be working for a trustworthy company. After applying at a local clinic, I knew within a few minutes of the interview that it was not the place for me. I continued to put in applications at other clinics and home health centers. After a few months, I was hired by a local home health provider."
"I asked previous professors if they knew anyone that was hiring to see if there were immediate connections. I created a resume and got letters from those same professors. I then submitted those things to the offices where I wanted to work, and after there was an open position, I got a call for an interview."