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Schools for this programSchools for this program

LPN/LVN Schools in Idaho offering certificate lengths of less than two years:

SchoolCityRecent Annual Graduates
College of Southern IdahoTwin Falls

Annual Prices (for the school, not necessarily this specific program of study; also, prices vary with student income level)

SchoolAvg. Net PricePrice RangeDaycareWeekendsSome Online
College of Southern Idaho6,2135,051 - 10,284Yes-Yes

Why did people choose their school for this program?Why did people choose their school for this program?

"Daytona State College has a good reputation in training nurses. I think I made the right decision and feel my training was adequate."
"I chose my college because it was close to where I live and had requirements that were easy for me to meet. The campus was in a smaller town, so not as many applicants applied there."
"I picked this college over other colleges that had this same program because at the time i registered, this school had a school hours were flexiable, and it was easy to get accepted in the program."

What surprised people about the school they chose?What surprised people about the school they chose?

"I was surprised how much course work was involved. When I was in the program I had so much work and studying I couldn't hold down a job."
"I was surprised with the unprofessionalism we encountered with some of our instructors. Despite complaints, nothing was ever done about the issues that were had."
"i was surprised that the nursing program was so easy to get accepted to"

How do people describe their job hunt?How do people describe their job hunt?

"I talked to the college job placement office at first in search for jobs. They gave me some leads on jobs and I applied to those jobs."
"I waited until I passed my NCLEX exam before I began hunting for a job. I knew the test would be difficult and wanted to be fully prepared. Once I began applying for positions I received job offers almost immediately with good pay and hours that I wanted."
"After i completed this program it was easy for me to get a job because i had a family member that was a directed of a nursing home that was in need for nurses."