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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 123 out of 166 (74%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time17 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time85%
Program Difficulty (1-100)73
Satisfied With the School80%
Well-Prepared for Career66%
Would Choose Program Again80%
Career is Directly Related to Program80%
Easy to Find Job49%
How Long to Find First Job5 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time74%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$37,385
Salary Met Expectations68%
Trouble Making Loan Payments50%
Satisfied With the Career78%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"The LPN program was a general introduction into healthcare, and I wanted to see if I liked it. I thought it was a good general segway. I also picked it because it offered actual credit."
"I have always been interested in healthcare, but I wanted to be hands-on. The idea of administrative work is not very interesting to me. I didn't have the money or time to devote to an RN program, and the ones in my area all have waiting programs. So, LPN is a great alternative for me currently."
"I chose LPN because my plan is to move further with my education (to RN) and experience, and this has a broader reach for employment, too, than other more specific certifications."
"I want to obtain my nursing degree eventually. However, the four-year colleges in my area are expensive. Ivy Tech provided me a way to get my basic nursing classes, so I can transfer them, and save money."
"I chose this program because I thought I wanted to become a registered nurse. Becoming a LPN first meant I could work while attending college to become a RN and finish school faster."
"I picked this program because it was a stepping stone to the career as a registered nurse (RN) so i choose to do the LPN course first."
"Nursing Assistant Training Programs, on the average run about 12-16 weeks long. Allowing me to get trained and start a job quicker than any other certified programs."
"I thought it would give me a wide range of options to work where I wanted to. It was a step down from RN and at the time I didn't have enough time to finish the RN program."
"I would be done in a year and out in the working world with knowledge that would pay me well. I also knew I could go back and bridge to the RN program and it would only take another year. The college I chose offered that as well. Others did not."
"Iv'e always wanted to pursue a nursing degree. I wanted to take it step by step instead of jumping right into RN."
"I wanted to go into the RN program. I did not realize until It was too late that I had let my GPA slip and the RN program was so competitive that there is no way they were going to accept me."
"It's a good start to receiving my associate degree and becoming a registered nurse. It was also one of the shortest programs."
"I chose this path of healthcare due to the job outlook for the next 10 years and also the demand for male nurses is very high at the moment. That coupled with good pay for low amount of schooling was very enticing."
"I picked it because it was fast. I also picked it because it was a good way to try out a career in this field without spending a ton of money."
"I had heard great things about their program. It was only for 18 months which allowed me to start working sooner. I could not afford to go to an expensive college."
"I needed to get a job that paid decent very quickly and this was the quickest cheapest way to get employed. Other healthcare programs were much lengthier and costlier."
"I picked this program as I had previous work experience as a CNA and wished to further my career. The next logical move would be to LPN or RN. I also picked this program because there were no other healthcare programs available to me at the time."
"This program was only 11 months long. I needed to get into the field and start making money right away, and it was the shortest in length."
"I loved being a nursing assistant and I am assumed as an LPN I would be doing the same thing but making more money. I was extremely interested in health care and helping people."
"I picked the LPN program over others in the healthcare field because I wanted to enter the field and gain relevant hands-on experience with patients before I decided how I am going to further advance in the healthcare setting. I felt other programs, while they may offer some hands-on experience with patients, did not compare to the LPN program."
"I picked the LVN program because of my love for the medical field. The care I've had from nurses over the years provided an insight to the field and allowed me to really see the ins and outs."
"I have always enjoyed helping people. I wanted a career that I could travel the country and work."
"I want to be in the healthcare field. I didn't want to jump right in before getting familiar with it. SO i opted to go for LPN first and then go on for my RN."
"I like helping people"
"I wanted to be able to help people feel better. I enjoy making people feel better and improve their quality of life."
"The LPN program, particularly in my own experience, is the easiest transition from no college credits into the work field at entry level."
"I wanted to understand the ins and outs of the medical field better. I had a desire to help people, to make a difference in their lives."
"I was interested in helping people, so nursing is a good fit. Plus the salary I could make after finishing school was a very good incentive."
"I chose the LPN program because it fit in line with what I want to do long term which is to become an ARNP in family practice but at the same time gave me a certification that I could use to get a better paying job now to help support my family. I also like the versatility of the LPN certification, as it enables me to work in a lot of different types of medical offices and is more in-demand that lower certifications like MA's."
"The starting pay for LPN's is fairly high compared to other 2 year programs. I also appreciate the option for overtime. Helping people while earning a pay check is also a plus."
"I had been in the medical field for a while as a CNA. I wanted to further my career."
"I have been interested in becoming a nurse and I wanted to be hands on with patients. I knew it was going to be a challenging course but I also was aware of how much support the nursing staff gave to their students to help them succeed."
"As above, it was all I thought I could afford. I wanted to be a nurse in the emergency room. That never happened."
"In order for me to get my Masters in Nursing I needed to take the initial stepping stones and get my LPN first so that I could work in nursing while I was finishing up my advanced degree. Becoming a nurse was always something I wanted to do and I started as a Basic EMT and worked my way up from there."
"Originally I was enrolled in an ADN program but the curriculum change while I was enrolled and I had to drop classes in my 5th semester and they were not offered again. So I dropped down to LPN status and completed my certificate."
"I thought it benefit my career the most. I was a Group Home Manager for adults with disabilities at the time."
"I chose to become an LPN because it has been a lifelong ambition of mine to become a Registered Nurse. However, I did not possess the GPA or prerequisites required to seamlessly transfer into one of these programs. My tentative plan was to obtain my LPN then, while I was working as one, enter into a bridge program which would allow me to earn my RN or BSN."
"I believe that nursing was a good way to make money. As well, I shadowed under a LPN nurse and it was a good experience."
"I was already a CNA and was interested in becoming a nurse. I had not considered any other career."
"I have always wanted to be a nurse. This program let me get an idea of future nursing jobs without committing to a 4 year university."
"I always wanted to be in the medical field. I have my CNA License and wanted my LPN License because they make more money. My mom also was in the medical field."
"I have always wanted to work in the medical field. The LPN program would give me the steps I need both in education and in experience to persue a more indepth nursing degree"
"I went with practical nursing because it was only a one year program. At the time, I thought I wanted to be a nurse."
"I chose this program because I've alway enjoyed helping people. I also wanted to make my grandmother proud as she was a nurse."
"Because it was short and assured me a decent paying job quite quickly. The program had a good local reputation so I knew I would be able to get a job easily."
"I chose the Licensed Practical/Vocational Nursing (LPN or LVN) program because since a small child I wanted to become a nurse. I have always enjoyed helping people and the holistic approach in healthcare."
"As a single mom, I picked this program due to the rate of pay for the short amount of classes. I also wanted to help care for others, and this was a quick path to do that. The possibilities to advance my career was also key to my decision."
"My program was not listed, i attended a vocational school for a certified nursing assistant certification. I chose this program over other healthcare programs because it was most well suited for me and previous family memebers who attended recommended it."
"The reason I picked this program was it seem'd like a nice intro and jumping off point for furthering my education in the near future. I also have a family member that suggested I start here."
"My mom is a nurse. I wanted to follow her foot steps."
"I wanted to be able to help people, while also making a decent income for my family. Nursing allowed me to do exactly that"
"I enjoyed the idea of following both my mother and grandmother in becoming a nurse. We have many nurses in the family. I had also taken a course to become a emergency medical technician, and that is when I decided I wanted to learn much more about the medical field."
"It was the one i got into"
"Being able to help people is one of my life goals so going into the field of nursing seemed like the right path to take. I chose this program because it lets students learn what is needed in a short amount of time so we can start working once we complete the program."
"The employment rates are far above other occupations."
"I've always enjoyed caring for people. Knowing that I play a part in making others well and improving their quality of life means alot to me."
"I was working as a CNA at the time. The work was very hard and I didn't want to be 50 years old still working as a CNA. I also felt like RN would have been too much responsibility for me."
"I picked this program as I enjoy helping people and have always wanted to go into the medical profession and this field appealed to me more than the others as I feel like this field offers me a variety of experiences that the other fields can not provide. Also, I want to be a nurse practionner in the future so this program is a natural springboard for me."
"This is what I like most. Its my dream job."
"Its what my mother did so I wanted to keep up tradition. It was also my passion."
"It was a step above an aide. It was above entry level and I want to know if i liked the field before i committed four years to field in college"
"I want to help and take care of people. But I also want to make a livable income."
"I am passionate about helping other people, so this field just seemed to make the most sense to me. I felt like I would be able to find a job and pursue a rewarding career right away."
"I picked this particular program after researching online and taking some test online to find out what suits me the best. I also spoke with a career counselor to guide me to what program would be right for me."
"I picked the practical nursing program because it only required a year of studying. I figured I could get my career started and then move onto a RN later."
"At the time I thought I wanted to be a nurse and so I decided to pursue my degree. I chose Brookdale's program because they have a relationship with Rutgers for a four year degree."
"I picked the LVN program because I wanted to work as a nurse while going back eventually for my RN. My goal was to bridge to the RN program."
"This is the field I was passionate about and have always wanted to do. I've always wanted to help people out and being a nurse really is the best role for me."
"Everyone in my family is a nurse"
"I picked this program because I want to eventually become an RN. This was the first step to get there."
"Amarillo Community College is known for its nursing program, from CNA, LVN to RN. They offer reasonable tuition for in state students and I love the attention to clinical practice in this program."
"Parents persuaded me to choose the licensed practical nursing program"
"I wanted a program that I would be able to complete quickly and make better money."
"I chose this program because I genuinely want to help others in a more meaningful way. I also chose this program because it made it possible to help others but make great pay while not having to be an authority figure."
"I chose this program because I was already a CNA. I also chose this program because I had a job lined up after completion."
"The program only took one year. The job market was good for LPNs."
"I chose to be a nurse after the care that my daughter received while in a C.V.I.C.U as an infant. The nurses who cared for her were inspiring."
"I wanted to enter a meaningful career but didn't want to spend the full two years to enter nursing. I also don't want to invest in the full expense of an RN program. This program allowed me to make a difference more immediately."
"I picked this program because it could be completed in a couple years compared to four or more years. I also picked this program because it was the program I was most likely to be accepted into."
"Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to help people and care for them. I choose nursing because it was more hands on than most other healthcare programs. My mother is also a nurse and she has been my inspiration all my life."
"I truly wanted to help others in my community. I have always had a passion to be of service of others. My personality works well in a in patient environment."
"I needed to go to work as soon as I could and the RN program required this program first. I could get the LPN certificate and go to work while I studied for my RN."
"My mother-in law was a nurse and helped me see the value of this program. I am very organized and efficient and the program seemed to build on that."
"I wanted to go into a field that would be helping people and make a difference. I also took this class because I had credits that would transfer."
"I began my career in healthcare as a CNA,and with working with many nurses at the nursing home at which I was employed I found that they were very satisfied with their jobs and were making close to double what I was per pay period. I like that beyond long-term care,there is a huge flexibility for me to work in many arenas of the healthcare field."
"I had always done well in the math/sciences, so I knew I'd pursue a career in something medical, but I had neither drive nor desire to pursue medical school. I was also married, working, and had a minimum-wage, full-time job, and didn't desire to lose any of those aspects of my life just because I needed to attend college. I had already been a CNA for 1.5 years, so LPN was the next logical step in my education. I did not get accepted into a BSN program at the local university. I also picked this program because it offered a standard Fall/Spring (off in Summer) program that allowed me to still work nights/weekends during school and all summer to help pay out-of-pocket for school."
"I felt like nursing had more opportunities, as in, if I wanted to go into a certain specialty I could. Also I wanted to see how I liked nursing before going through four years of nursing school."
"My mom went to school for the same thing so it inspired me."
"This program had the most fanfare of all the LPN programs. It was closer to my home."
"I have been a certified nurse assistance for 14 years. I have continue to work int he field and keep y certifications current. I felt moving on to be a licensed nurse would be the best option for myself since I already had alot of knowledge in the healthcare field."
"I chose this program because I could continue my education while working in the field. I also chose it because there's pride and tradition in this field."
"I wasn't sure which one to pick so I went with what I knew. It seemed to have the best career options at the time."
"I was a CNA and was interested in advancing to become a nurse. I was also interested in earning a higher salary."
"The program cost less money compare to regular college. Another thing is I needed to graduate fast, so 13 months was what I could do."
"I picked this vocational school because it was considered to be one of the best in Texas for vocational nursing at that time. They had a 100% pass rate of graduates passing the LVN exam. It was also a one year program and it was close to my home.I knew many nurses who had attended this school and they had excellent reviews for it."
"I wanted to complete the program in a shorter amount of time. Nursing was what I was interested in."
"I chose this particular program because it was a lot faster then the traditional RN program. I would have been on a waiting list at my University quite sometime before I was accepted in."
"It pays the most. All my friends were doing it and said great things about it."
"it was the highest paying degree program. It also allowed me to challenge myself with a flexible schedule for my family"
"I have always wanted to be a nurse. The LVN program was short."
"There was a girl that I was dating that wanted to be a nurse, so we took classes together. My friend's dad was a nurse and he made good money so I chose nursing."
"I could go to work in one year. I could not afford to be out of work 2 years."
"I chose this program because it was recommended to me by a coworker. I was lucky that the cost of this LPN program was much more affordable than other schools in my area."
"I chose this program based on available jobs and pay. There were a plethora of jobs available in many locations."
"It has always been my dream program"
"I always wanted to go into nursing, but I was unsure if it was for me. I did not want to spend the time to become a RN only to find out I did not like it as a career. It was only about 16 months (not including pre-requisites) to become a LPN."
"I had worked in a hospital for several years and nursing was the most interesting to me. Also I had a young family and it was important to me to finish a program that would help me progress in my knowledge of health related subjects."
"I love helping people and NAC had a great nursing program. The LPN program is a prerequisite to the RN program."
"I needed the fastest course possible. I also wanted to be able to have a decent amount of job prospects once the program was completed."
"I loved caring for people. Becoming a nurse was a dream. Being an LPN was only 11 months back in 1977 when I atteneded school. I wanted to get trained and begin working in the nursing field."
"I have always wanted to be a nurse but became a wife and mother at a young age. The one year program was extremely convenient."
"I picked this program because LPN is the closest thing to a nurse. I'm not interested in dentistry, etc. I didn't have time for anything more intense."
"I thought this program would help advance my career quicker than the other programs. Getting a job in this field is alot easier than other programs."
"It was a friends idea. He was paying for it."
"I get to do what I liked. It was a good program to complete."
"It was a fast way to get training for a well paying career. I have always had an interest in the medical field"
"I wanted a program that would allow me to progress in that field. I am now finishing my LPN-RN program next month and will be able to work as an RN."
"i could get a job quick. i love helping people"
"I chose this program because it was a direct progression from the STNA program. This program had hours and a schedule that worked well for me."
"I picked the LPN program because I knew I would always be able to find work as an LPN. I can work in doctor's offices, hospitals, nursing homes, or do home health care."
"I have always felt a calling towards nursing. I am naturally a very caring person, and have always been drawn to nusing."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"What surprised me was the amount of material we were expected to learn in such a short period of time. I felt we moved so quickly that we were truly unable to absorb everything we were learning. It was very fastpaced."
"I was surprised at the lack of jobs available when I graduated as most hospitals had decided to only hire RN's. I was also surprised at the amount of pay offered for these jobs considering the responsibility."
"The depth of microbiology and chemistry in my courses. I was also surprised how applicable to my position they both are! I needed a lot of extra help to pass those."
"I was surprised at how relatively little hands-on experience we had until towards the end. I was hoping for plenty of experience in a classroom environment, but it seemed a little lacking. I learned this is normal for a lot of schools, and not exclusive to my own."
"I was surprised as to how much manual labor is involved in the nursing industry. Lots of heaving lifting of patients and equipment."
"I was surprised how much respect I gained from RNs and supervisors. They put a lot of trust in my skills. You may be surprised to find that today you are even more limited than I was in terms of what you can do without an RN. Your best choice may only be nursing home work."
"I was surprised how how cut and dry all of the information in the nursing classes were arranged. It felt like I received a rough outline of all the information. Most of everything I know now I learned hands on job experience."
"In the LPN certification program, I was most surprised by the volume of information that we needed to study, learn, and know (all that math included), with it all being essential to the position. I had not expected that going in and had to use a lot of my time on the weekends and evenings studying and preparing. It was an intensive program."
"I was surprise to see how easy the state test was to get my LPN License, it wasn't hard at all like a lot of people were telling me it was. If you study and pay attention in class you would do great on the test."
"As a Nursing Assistant I was a bit surprised at how much housekeeping your clients want you to perform. If I had known that was the primary focus of my duties, I would have skipped the Nursing Program and just got hired on as a Housekeeper - the pay is the same."
"I was surprised how difficult this program really was. This is a program you really have to dedicate home study time. You really have to have several hours a night for studying."
"I feel that although it is a nursing licence,many people feel that I am not a real nurse because I do not hold an RN licence. The truth is that there are very few things I cannot do that a full-fledged RN can and the pay difference is not that great."
"I was surprised that I didn't have to take chemistry for this field of study. I was also surprised that I had to take statistics, I thought it would be a more relevant form of math. I was pleasantly surprised by the great amount of clinical days."
"I was surpised that it was so difficult to find a job in the field and no one told us before we spent all of our time there. I was also surprised that I could work in an ER with an EMT certification. That was really neat."
"Most of your knowledge will come from hands-on experience while working in your field. Even though the program teaches you a lot of information, the real knowledge will come from actually working in the field."
"I did not expect the amount of time it took to build a rapport with all the different workers in a hospital. I also did not expect how hard it would be to talk to patients, especially very sick ones."
"I was surprised that I didn't need as much Biology and Anatomy classes as I thought. I overprepared before I went to school and I wish I had saved my money on taking extra classes before entering the program."
"I was surprised at the difficulty of the program and the time it takes to study for it. I had no idea that I would be at school for eight hours a day and come home to do another eight hours of studying and homework every day."
"I was most surprised by the difficulty level of the program. I had heard nursing school was tough, but I had no idea how time consuming and challenging it would be. I had to work extremely hard to get the types of grades I wanted."
"I was surprised how much hands on training we received through clinicals. I was also surprised at how helpful and informative our instructors were."
"I was surprised at the other students in the program. They were not intelligent at all. They barely spoke English properly or understood any of the concepts being taught."
"I was surprised how much we had to know about pharmacology. I would have studied much harder had I known I would be looking at drug names all day."
"It surprised me most exactly how much I am doing as an LPN. I believed I would only be able to do a limited amount of things as an LPN, but as I have progressed in the workforce, I went from a cart nurse to a treatment nurse to now being a nursing supervisor."
"Learning to assess patients in an ER setting has taught me how to be faster and more efficient. School prepared me, but working in the ER environment is a lot different than a clinical setting where you have someone to watch you.. Now I am in charge of ensuring the patients care is fast and detailed."
"I was surprised at how many different opportunities are available for LPNs."
"I had already knew alot about the healthcare field as Ive wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. I didn't expect it to be as challenging and stressful when it came to actually dealing with elderly people. I get through it because I dont give up but it is tough sometimes."
"Its alot of work but worth it dealing with people can be difficult at times."
"It is many long hours and can be emotionally draining at times. I didn't think the job would affect me as emotionally as it does. You really feel for the patients when they are suffering."
"I was surprised how important hospitality was in my field. We've been tested on competency on how to properly make beds and handle linen. Especially using techniques I've seen my Grandmother do and having to test on it."
"I was surprised at how much you have to learn to become an LPN in Tennessee. It is important to study carefully all that is taught, because the chapter you breezed over could likely be a task you will need to have knowledge of at your job."
"I was surprised at how hands on the nurses get with their patients. I mean from clothing to feeding to bathing its a full contact job and the training for emergencies like cpr and what to do in case of it was alarming at first"
"I was surprised about the amount of clinical work I had to do. I thought there would be more classroom time, and less clinical work."
"I was surprised at the number of clinical hours and the clinical rotation schedule required. It was difficult to accomplish all the hours I needed to with three small children at home but it was definitely worth it."
"I was surprised that I was treated so badly by older nurses. None of them were able to help or show me the ropes and shortcuts."
"I was really surprised on how much effort and time it took to successfully complete the program. I attended full-time as well as working the grave yard shift at a retirement home, while also raising 4 young boys at that time. I studied immensely and only was able to sleep for about 3-4 hours a day during the entire course of the program."
"I was surprised at the requirements needed in all of my biology classes in order to keep going forward with the classes. The grades required were held to a very high standard, one that I would have expected to see at a University level."
"I was greatly surprised by the level of precision that was required in everything we did. From math classes, to vitals, to papers, everything was done and redone until it was exactly right."
"I was surprised by how the bulk of the curriculum was concentrated into the second semester, making that segment of the program extremely difficult while making the first and third semesters inordinately light in terms of class load."
"I was surprised by the lack of medical knowledge nurses receive. I wish there was more information about diseases and treatment"
"I was surprised at the knowledge base required for an LPN. I thought that it would require slightly more knowledge than being a CNA. I also didn't realize how often I would be required to manage staff, which was something I had never done."
"I was surprised there was so much clinical work. I didn't realize how important Anatomy and Physiology were to the program, so I wished I went over that material again in the weeks before the program started."
"I was suprised how little respect LPNs get in the field. They are looked upon more as aides than nurses. Also, had I known how low the salary was for LPN, I would have gone to a 2 year defree program for my RN instead."
"I started school in a time when the role of a LPN started changing. I was not looking forward to handing out medication full time."
"I was surprised at how difficult the classes were. I had taken college courses at the local community college and they did not prepare me for the difficulty in nursing school."
"The actual work is very physical and demanding. Lots of heavy lifting and bending. You have to be in good shape. Protect your back at all costs!"
"I was very surprised at the amount of information that you cover over the course of the program. I was also surprised how fast paced the nursing program is."
"As a student who never had any trouble achieving all As in high school, I was very surprised at the difficulty level of the program. It is a lot of information to pack in to a relatively short time, and we were in class or clinicals upwards of 36 hours a week."
"What surprised me the most about my field of study was the unprofessionalism and disrespect given from my peers to teachers. The students who attended were not as passionate about the field as i was and you could see that, it surprised me that the school chose them to go to this vocational school."
"I was surprised how caring people were in my field. I always heard nurses would eat their own, they don't. The teachers were great mentors, and they really surprised me."
"I was surprised how much licensed practical nurses were not allowed to do under NY law. I was also surprised that I could get a job before I even had my license. I was pleasantly surprised that clinical experience requirements offered so much hands-on work."
"I was surprised at how much we needed to learn about medication."
"I was surprised by the amount of physical labor that was involved in the day to day job. As I have worked longer and gotten more experience it has gotten more manageable naturally but I would have maybe started a physical training program initially to get my body up to speed."
"I was surprised at so many helpless people that needed quality care. I was amazed and ready to help."
"To be honest, nothing truly surprised me during the course of becoming an LPN. I however, was surprised by the different licensing requirement each state has once I graduated."
"I was surprised by how much strict memorization was required for some areas of study. I found pharmacology to be the most difficult as there are so many different drugs that sound similar and you have to make sure you don't mix them up. Each one could have completely different side effects."
"I was surprised how much of my job is just cleaning up after and talking to people, much less paperwork and academia than I was told in school."
"I was quite surprised at how much math was needed for the nursing field. Though it was not as tough as it may seem, it was still somewhat surprising. But then as we got more exposure to practical study, it made more sense of why we needed this mathematical backbone."
"I was surprised at how time consuming the classes were. The amount of time I spent studying was much longer than I expected."
"I was surprised at how little patient interaction we had while in school. The program was 2 years, and less than a year of that was with patients."
"I was surprised at how medical terminology is like learning another language. Taking medical terminology prior to starting the Vocational Nurse program helped me excel in school whereas others in my class struggled."
"I was surprised by the amount of math I was required to do for the LPN program. I was expecting some math as you deal with giving patients medications but not as much as there was. Fortunately I am strong in math but this was a surprise to me."
"When I first chose this field I was unsure if I could finish, the classes were difficult and challenging. I started to get further into the program and more interested."
"I surprised that we had so many science classes as a graduation requirement. I was not happy about the math requirement for the program, they were too hard."
"I was surprised by the amount of culture studies when into taking care of people. I also expected to have more sciences class than i did."
"I would say the level of studying and practice and clinical hours was surprising. It was easier than I thought though."
"I was surprised at how much paperwork I have to do; I feel like my school didn't prepare me for that, so it was a shock. I was surprised at how little time I get with my patients."
"I did not expect the workload to be so much and the classes to be as difficult as they were. The classes were a great deal of work and effort, but I'm glad they were because I feel like they prepared me."
"How easy it was and allot of what I trained and learned in school was not required or needed to do my work in the hospital. I learned much useless studies and read books that had nothing to do with the work that is needed as a Nurse."
"I was surprised at how the program was pretty much a full time job. Without my families support, I would not have been able to complete the program."
"I was surprised on how different it was to put my skills to use outside of the lab. I had the skills learned, but it was much different to use those skill on an actual person."
"I felt that it was more housekeeping and personal care than nursing. I think that is what turned me off about the field."
"I was surprised at the quality of instruction. The professors were not very helpful and tried to wean out students."
"I was surprised at how much some nurses are just there for the money, instead of actually wanting to make a difference in saving someone's life. I chose the field to help people but I don't believe most have chose it for that same reason."
"I was pleased by how thorough nursing training is."
"I really think that a lot of the stuff we studied was overkill. I mean, most of the stuff we learned we don't bring up in our actual job."
"I was surprised at what all LPNs can infact do. I was a Star Student in my class and was able to tutor other students who did not retain the information as well as myself and some of my other peers did."
"I was pleasantly surprised with my Clinical Mental Health class. It widen my knowledge on the different levels of Mental illnesses and how it affects the overal treatment of an individual. Thankfully, I had amazing teachers who help me understand concepts I was unsure about."
"I was surprised at how much time management is needed.It can be very stressful."
"I was surprised by the lack of pharmacology courses we took. There were alot of pharmacology related question on the board exam. A large part of the LPN's duty is to do med passes."
"I was surprised at how somewhat repetitive my profession can become in an environment like a nursing home. I had always thought that it would be a constant mind blowing and make you think experience, but it really isn't. I am still extremely happy with my choice and it allows me to do a great job and enjoy others as well."
"I was surprised about some of the courses that were required for the degree. The one course that was required was an ethics class."
"I was surprised with how in-depth the nursing study went. I was surprised at how emotionally invested I was in my patients."
"I was surprised at the amount of pre requisites required to begin. Obtaining all pre requisites took longer than the certificate training itself."
"I was surprised about needing to know so many weird measures, like I had no idea about the various conversions I'd need to do. It's a bit surprising for example that some old apothecary measurements are still required knowledge for modern medicine. The math itself wasn't an issue, just, the various strange conversions, for instance to and from drams."
"I was surprised how busy I am on a day to day basis at work. When I am working it is like I never get to stop to take a break, there is always more to do."
"I was surprised how little support was given to the students. I once asked a question about something I had seen while working at the hospital. I had a patient with a caffeine IV. The shift was too buys to ask so I brought up the question with my instructor. She berated me to Google the answer. I explained that I tried but could only find results that were related to avoiding caffeine with many IV medications. She then told me to try harder and walked away. Fortunately, I worked with a really good staff at the hospital I was employed at and they explained it was at times used as migraine relief due to it's properties as a vasodilator. This was not an isolated incident. Students who simply wanted to be better for their patients were often blown off or berated for asking for help. This is in a field in which we are working towards patient care. How does this behavior increase or teach this skill."
"The high school I attended didn't offer chemistry or advanced math classes and the number of prerequisites was surprising and disappointing, as I did very well in high school and thought I would start the program right away."
"I was surprised how little math was needed for the program. And I was shocked how much attitude was Harper on."
"I don't think anything really surprised me other than how physical the job could be."
"I was surprised how much the first semester of this LPN program was consistent with that of CNA training. If I'd have known this, I might've selected a school that let me bypass that series of coursework. I was surprised how hateful and harsh the 1st semester teachers were to each of us; however, by the time we graduated we had lost 3 students of our original 20 (2 for drug use, 1 for nursing-school-induced anxiety). I was surprised that we had such a high NCLEX pass rate after the poor education we received in first semester LPN school."
"I wish I would have realized how demanding nursing really is. It seemed very glamorous in books and on TV, but reality is you spend more time writing/charting and cleaning up messes than anything else. I wish I would have practiced documenting and actually understanding what was required in real nursing."
"I was surprised on the vast amount and difficulty of information that was needed to become a nurse. I could only hold a part time job only at times related to the time that was needed to focus on school."
"I was not prepared for all the overtime this field of study performs. Mandatory shifts were quite often."
"I am surprised by the amount of higher educated people in the industry that dont want you to have hands on experience. People in this industry are selfish and rude. And you will not find a mentor in the IT field."
"I was surprised by how much work I had to do at home. On average I had 6 to 8 hours of homework every night. That was normal for everyone. Most students didn't work while they were in school."
"I was surprised at how challenging it was to just to apply to get into the practical nursing program. I had to take a standardized entry test, a difficult math test and write two essays, all in one sitting."
"I was not prepared for the amount of work and study that was needed. I was very relieved when clinical rolled around though. I was much better with the hands on work. Its been rewarding to know that the course has paid off."
"I wasn't sure why on the first year we had to study sense less books that were for critical thinking, instead of us learning pathophysiology, so we can understand the process of diseases. Critical thinking comes from knowledge of pathophysiology."
"I was surprised at how intense the LVN program was. The program was just as rigorous as an RN program and all crammed into a 12 month program. I was also surprised at the amount of chemistry knowledge needed for an LVN."
"I was surprised at the types of courses I had to take. I had no idea that I needed certain Biology and Math courses."
"I was surprised at how boring the clinicals process was. I don't feel like I was properly prepared by giving bed baths all day while in school."
"I was surprised at who much critical thinking was required to get the job done. Also there is very little help if you get stuck on something."
"The amount of time required to complete this degree was unlike any other class that i took. One class was 9 credits it involved training at the hospital, classroom study and lab study. It was an incredible amount of work"
"I was surprised on how much math is required. Additionally, there is a lot of people wanting to be nurses."
"I was surprised LPN's have more clinicals than RN's. RN's make more money yet they graduate with less clinical experience and there are things they don't know how to do such as a peg tube feeding."
"I was surprised by how much daily living activities I would be required to learn how to help with. I was also surprised about how much we would be taught about protecting our own bodies during work."
"I was surprised by the amount of pathophysiology required by this course in order to graduate. It something I would have expected it to be included in either a RN or BSN program. I believe that a pre-hospital anatomy and physiology course she be a prerequisite."
"I was surprised at the pace at which the job moves sometimes. I wish there was a class towards the end of the program that required a student to quickly change gears mentally to help prepare for this."
"I thought It was not easy to achieve my dream. But with hard work it was all possible and it worked out for me"
"I was very surprised by how much math we needed to know. There were several math tests that we had to pass or we would be dropped from the program and no one knew anything about it before starting the program. The classes and clinicals were like having a full time job, not even counting study and transportation time. It was extremely difficult to have any personal time and it ended up being much harder than I expected."
"How I felt to be on my own for the first time. It was like I was a student, then I was responsible for the care of patients. Quite a wake up call. The way people depended on me instantly."
"I believe that the LPN field can be very rewarding. This field allows me to meet patients and solve their problems. I feel like I could be more of service to people if I was an RN. However, I have not went back to school due in part to us starting a family and having a lack of time. I was surprised to learn how technical the medical field was. It took some adjustment time to get used to the meticulus detail that I must use everyday in my job."
"I was surprised to learn how much of a business healthcare is. 9 times out of 10, it seems to be about what can make the physician the most money. The patients that need the most care or are more time consuming tend to be the least profitable and therefore get booted out the door as quickly as possible."
"Working in the geriatric field was somewhat of a surprise to me because I was only 21 at the time. I loved helping people, but dealing with older people who had dementia and other physical limitations was new to me. I also remember feeling overwhelmed at times because I was actually the Charge Nurse and was responsible for alll the patients and the aids. It was a big responsibility for a 21 year old."
"I was surprised at how quickly nursing skills were taught. In a traditional program, multiple pre-requisite courses need to be completed to start into your direct major. In the LPN program, those things are not as important and directly learning how to be a nurse."
"I was surprised that many things were easily learned my repetition - doing them many times. The studies aspect was hard but if you have an idea, your knowledge comes together in a crisis. Everything else involved is all learned by practicing and repeating. I thought I'd never be good at giving a shot."
"I was surprised that there were so many different types of jobs I was able to choose from. I was also surprised that you really had to study and research and plan most nights in school."
"It surprised how fast it was to get a job. I am proud."
"I was saddened to realize how little acceptance there is for LPN,especially in hospitals. They are not respected for their abilities. LPNs are often treated as nursing assistants and even told to become a real nurse. We were trained to do more but often not getting to use our skills. Even in school, RN students got first choice on assignments"
"It was unknowing to me that i could take some of the classes online . If i had know that was took the classes sooner"
"I was surprised at how much information was presented in the beginning of the program. It gets easier as the program goes on. I was also disappointed to see what type of jobs were available to me after I graduated. I feel as though getting the RN as opposed to the LPN would have been a better choice."
"I was surprised about the difficulty of the coursework for this profession. Medical terminology and Anatomy and physiology almost made me quit the program. LPN programs are not for people who can't read and absorb boring information. You have to be prepared for a lot of memorization."
"I was surprised at how demanding it was. I was not as prepared for chemistry as I should have been when I first started."