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Schools for this programSchools for this program

Massage Schools in Maine offering certificate lengths of less than two years:

SchoolCityRecent Annual Graduates
Empire Beauty School-MainePortland
InterCoast Career Institute-South PortlandSouth Portland0
Seacoast Career Schools-Sanford CampusSanford26

Annual Prices (for the school, not necessarily this specific program of study; also, prices vary with student income level)

SchoolAvg. Net PricePrice RangeDaycareWeekendsSome Online
Empire Beauty School-Maine12,193 - 17,052-Yes-
InterCoast Career Institute-South Portland23,077 - 27,978-YesYes
Seacoast Career Schools-Sanford Campus25,561 - 30,119-Yes-

Why did people choose their school for this program?Why did people choose their school for this program?

"I picked this college because it was a short program with affordable tuition, and it was close in proximity to my then job."
"I chose this particular school because it was board certified through the state, meaning I would be less likely to run into any scam programs. Since I would need to take a licensing exam at the end of my program, it was important that I chose the best school that could prepare me for that, and I did."
"There are many colleges that offer some sort of program for Massage Therapy, but I chose East West because it specialized in massage. I believed that I would get a better education from a specialty school. The school also had both high completion rates and success rates for graduating students finding jobs shortly after school."

What surprised people about the school they chose?What surprised people about the school they chose?

"For the size of the college, most massage therapists in the area know of the school. It holds a high reputation for having excellent quality therapists."
"I was surprised how much they worked with me on admission. They had great financial assistance and also took credit for some of my prior coursework."
"I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of professionalism at my school. The teachers weren't just there to get you through the program, but to help you succeed students succeed and flourish in the field of massage. They were all passionate about their subjects."

How do people describe their job hunt?How do people describe their job hunt?

"I did not have a difficult time finding a job in the field of massage therapy because the Director of Education has a good working relationship with a large percentage of massage therapy business owners and employers in the Nashville area."
"I began looking prior to completing my program so that there would be little down time between graduating/licensing and starting a position. I feel that my PTA background definitely helped me have a leg up on the competition, but most others in my class weren't too far behind in landing their first positions."
"My job hunting experience didn't start until a few months after graduation, as I still had two board exams to complete before being licensed. One I looked for a job, I was hired after my third interview. My starting wage was good and the hours were what I desired. My training fully equipped me for my new job."