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Schools for this programSchools for this program

Annual Prices (for the school, not necessarily this specific program of study; also, prices vary with student income level)

SchoolAvg. Net PricePrice RangeDaycareWeekendsSome Online
Branford Hall Career Institute-Southington Campus26,004 - 29,879-YesYes
Branford Hall Career Institute-Windsor Campus27,163 - 31,944-YesYes
Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy-Groton33,192 - 35,405-Yes-
Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy-Westport18,320 - 20,718-Yes-
Lincoln Technical Institute-New Britain16,383 - 22,080-Yes-
Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute-Danbury18,234 - 22,430-Yes-

Why did people choose their school for this program?Why did people choose their school for this program?

"I chose to go to Sanford Brown because they advertised for a high placement rate and a seemingly good course of study. They were also an accelerated course of study. I was able to graduate in about a year as opposed to two years and double the cost."
"I choose this college for a number of reasons. The main reason was the personal attention I received from my instructors. Being such a small private college, class sizes were no larger than 25 students. Another reason I choose this college was due to their course structure. Every month is a new course. It ensures you work hard to pass the first time because if you were to fail, you have to wait until that course if offered on the next cycle of classes."
"The programs were the same, but I enjoyed the location where this program is offered."

What surprised people about the school they chose?What surprised people about the school they chose?

"I was surprised that this location did not help students find work or an internship at the completion of the course. They broadcast that they had a high success rate for placement, when in reality I had a very hard time finding work with little to no experience."
"The career placement at the college I attended was lacking. When speaking with the registrar, they left the impression that they would actively help every student find work. Their idea of this was a cork board in our break room where if someone called looking for new employees, they would pin a business card. It was more of a first come, first serve, hope you get it, kind of toss up."
"I was surprise how easy school was."

How do people describe their job hunt?How do people describe their job hunt?

"I had a very hard time finding experience after graduating. Most places wanted experience in a salon setting and Sanford Brown did not help you get any internships. Being as young as I was a little help or even a direction to go would have been great, but they did not offer to help find internships."
"The job hunting experience varied by location. Most places will ask for a practical exam in addition to a formal interview. It can put a lot of pressure on you to perform well when you are just starting out and have yet to perfect your routine and technique."
"It was hard at first, but after searching I found a job."