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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 64 out of 77 (83%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time14 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time73%
Program Difficulty (1-100)59
Satisfied With the School78%
Well-Prepared for Career65%
Would Choose Program Again73%
Career is Directly Related to Program77%
Easy to Find Job52%
How Long to Find First Job5 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time56%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$34,414
Salary Met Expectations65%
Trouble Making Loan Payments45%
Satisfied With the Career80%

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(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I was physically active and I liked the idea of having a job that kept me moving throughout the day. I liked the idea of just working with one person at a time because I had spent my entire working career in retail and was burnt out on having people coming at me from all sides. I was particularly aware of how massage therapy could be very effective in helping people with chronic pain, acute injuries, and anxiety. I just have the kind of presence that made people feel safe and relaxed."
"I wanted a healthcare program that wasn't so based on life or death situations. I still get a chance to help people on a daily basis but without the major seriousness that can be found in other areas of healthcare. I felt it would be a less stressful career and it has been."
"I wanted to help people along in their healing processes, and I wanted to do it in a way that allowed me to help the whole person (as opposed to treating a patient like a specific disorder or disease). I wanted to avoid the odd hours and extreme stress of nursing or similar pursuits, and I wanted a career in an allied health field that would fit with my personality. I also have always had an interest in massage, and believe in it as a way of assisting the body as it heals. The variety that a career in massage offers is phenomenal."
"I am squeamish about blood, so almost any nursing program was out, but I enjoyed massage and I personally believe that the benefits of it are great. It was a course of study I wanted to pursue for years and I am glad that I did. It is kind of difficult to break into the industry once you are licensed, but if you are willing to work hard, there likely will always be opportunities."
"I want to work in the spa industry and help people feel better. I was thinking about going to school for physcology but don't have the time or the money for that. Massage therapy is a path where I can care for people and help them, while only having to go to school for a year."
"It seemed fast and decent starting pay"
"Therapeutic massage is very hand-on. I believe you can see results almost immediately with massage."
"I always wanted to help make people feel better. I have suffered from issues my whole life and wanted to assist others."
"I want help people. I want to make peoples lives better"
"It was a non-invasive profession that was one on one. It was also a relaxing career that helped people in many ways."
"I am not a fan of blood or messing around in someone's mouth. My husband also hurt his back when he was young and it helped to get some training on how to help him."
"I like getting massages and thought it would be a good field to get into. I know there are over 80 different types of massages and thought I could specialize in one of them."
"I selected this program because of the post-graduation job options. I would be able to work part-time after graduation, at a high hourly wage. There was also potential for self-employment, which was appealing to me. Massage Therapy programs are also significantly shorter than other healthcare programs."
"I wanted to chose a field where I could make my own hours and rate. I wanted to be hands on with people."
"I've always had an interest in helping people. Massage therapy has helped me overcome some issues in my past and I wanted to learn to help others."
"I liked the idea of massage therapy in general, and I knew that I wanted to work something within healthcare, particular within rehabilitative medicine."
"My mother was a massage therapist and had her own office. I pretty much grew up around it. Also I just enjoy doing it and think I am good at it."
"I was told that that program took the least amount of time and that I would be put in a job immediately after graduation. That was a complete lie. I was so upset to get into the real world."
"I chose therapeutic massage after experiencing significant healing and pain management as a client. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more to bring this gift to my family."
"I was extremely interested in all of the different modalities in the field of Massage Therapy. They offered a massage in the tuition."
"Massage therapy was something that brought pleasure and relief to me as a child. I was an active young adult and teen and many of my sports related injuries left my body injured. Massage helped more than any other therapeutic method I tried. Because of this, I choose massage therapy so I could help other the same way it helped me."
"I gravitated toward massage therapy because it offered good pay in a in a high demand field which will never fall out of use. I have had years of practice on my girlfriend and my sister who always said I was a natural at rubbing pain right out of the body."
"I really enjoy working with people as well as helping them when they get injured. By doing this field I feel it allows me to do both"
"I am a big advocate for physical healthcare so anything that hands on I wanted to be a part of. A few of my friends majored in this in Alabama and it sounded interesting, so when researching it seemed like a good fit."
"I went to a technical school while I was in high school for Cosmetology. I thought having massage therapy on top of Cosmetology would be great for my future."
"I picked this particular program, because I liked the location."
"this program is used to give service to the people. i can be the one of the reason to relieve the stress of the people if i choose this program. so that's why i choose this program."
"I knew I'd be able to make enough money to support myself. I love working with people"
"I am also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, so I had some background in manual therapy and one of the most enjoyable parts of my job as a PTA was therapeutic massage because it can instantly make people feel better. I knew I wanted additional licensure and this program made the most sense as I didn't have any interest in the others, except for veterinary but that program would not fit in with my long term goals."
"I wanted to help people in a practical and personal way. I also like the idea of a flexible schedule and a decent hourly wage."
"The tuition for it was low for and it was something that wasnt going to keep me in school forever before i was able to start earning ."
"I chose Therapeutic Massage over other healthcare programs because it allowed me to help people in a manner that I felt I was most gifted: touch. I had been working in emergency communication for over 10 years and felt this was a way to continue helping without extensive additional schooling."
"I chose this because I have family members who have chosen this career. I had only heard great things about it and I chose to take it on."
"I chose this program because I personally helped a friend with some physical issue by giving them massages. They told me that their doctor saw significant improvements and I thought it was a good fit for me."
"I use to be a non certify masseuse I had expierence and I wanted to take my massage expierence into the medical field it pays more"
"I thought it would be a good way to make some money on the side. I wanted to do this part time and still have another career."
"I know how massage can help people. As a former athlete I know how massage can help after a long tense game. I want to help people and make them feel better."
"I was interested in the healing effect therapeutic massage had on all age brackets. There was something that spoke to me on a human level, to be able to help wherever I saw fit."
"I like that you can choose to work for a company or start your own business. It promises a growing field with this career."
"I wanted to learn how to help people and make them feet good."
"Because I am very talented in this field."
"I like helping people with their posture. I like being able to have a flexible schedule."
"i felt i was good at what i was doing. and it was the most affordable option, and reasonable amount of time to completer course work"
"I am a science major, my husband at the time a philosophy major. We thought it would be fun to learn a vocation that required more manual work vs. Brain work. It was fun and worth it."
"I enjoy doing massage and interacting with people. I feel that working as a massage therapist, I am helping people feel better, and making a difference."
"I have a passion for massage. I believe it can have a profoundly positive effect on the human spirit."
"Was always told I could relieve pain using my hands but I knew, I didn't really understand why I knew. Once I started taking classes and learned anatomy and kinesiology I was able to fine tune my talents."
"I look into physical therapy and sports medicine but it strayed away from what I wanted to do. It involved a lot of biology which I was not prepared for. The massage program was better aligned with my skills."
"I choose this program because of the flexibility the profession offers. I also choose this program because I believe in the benefits of massage for overall well-being."
"I chose massage therapy because it was something I had always been passionate about. Even since I was a little kid, I can remember massaging my mom's neck and back because she had terrible migraine headaches. It was also cheaper than other healthcare programs such as physical therapy assistant."
"I am honestly not sure why I chose this program. I thought it was going to be a little more glorious I guess. I thought I would be working more with athletes and helping them recover after events. I wanted to help people feel better without having to take medicine."
"I've always been skilled at massages. I wanted to own my own massage therapy business."
"I have always been interested in massage therapy. I had talked to some people that worked in the field and felt comfortable with it."
"I enjoy helping people feel better. I'm comfortable with the human body and massage feels good and helps people."
"I wanted to be able to work on my own and open my own business. I wanted to be part of health care but not depend on anyone else, like a physician or dentist."
"Ive always been interested in the subject and anatomy."
"I wanted to learn about the art if healing."
"I am intersted in helping my mother and others through massage therapy. This also seems to help improve my own health by understanding how it helps the body in general."
"I started massaging family when I was young and became fascinated with muscle groups and how they work with one another. Then my mother got cancer and massage helped her tremendously. I felt inspired by this."
"I enjoy helping people. I considered myself to be a healing, giving type, and this field suited that part of my personality."
"I chose to enter the massage therapy field because I enjoy taking care of people, especially people who take care of others. Many care-takers,(nurses, doctors, teachers, parents, first responders, ect.)endure stress; massage therapy is an excellent remedy. Plus, healing touch is a gift, if you have it, you should use it to help others."
"I love getting and giving massages to my friends so I thought it would make sense to get certified to do it and make some money from it."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised with the level of effort it takes to become a massage therapist. It seems easier than it actually is."
"What most people don't realize is the joy and relief you give to people. Your client comes in unable to move properly without pain and often leaves in relief and happiness that they share with you. You can establish a bond with people as someone who helps enrich the clients life."
"I am surprised how much science and anatomy it would take for me to pass my program. I was also surprised at how much pain it would be on my joints."
"I was surprised with the extent of anatomy and physiology that you would learn, down to the cellular level. But it was a great education. I strongly believe that this fact alone lends a lot of credibility to our profession. I was also surprised that we had to do continuing education courses every 2 years."
"I was surprised with how much anatomy was required to get a degree in massage therapy. I expected it to be an easy degree, but after I learned it, it really made sense why you would need to know the locations of all of the muscles especially because with medical massage you will need to target these areas."
"When you become a massage therapist, you are always growing thereafter. You must renew your license every 2 years. In order to do so you must: take continuing education courses, submit a background check and fingerprints, maintain a malpractice insurance."
"The thing that surprised me most about my particular field of study was how many different modalities there are in massage. I was really only familiar with Swedish and deep tissue before starting school but it really opened my eyes to a world of other kinds of massage. ( Animal, pregnancy, trigger point therapy etc. ) I was also surprised by how much proper posture plays a role in giving a good massage. You have to be somewhat physically fit to work as a massage therapist."
"I was surprised how different people are; specifically all the different reasons people seek out massage and human touch. It spans the entire spectrum of human experience - from emotional need for physical contact to pain relief and medical reasons. Though massage will invariably pose awkward situations, they were surprisingly rare and I was happy to learn that communication between therapist and client was easier than I'd expected."
"I was surprised at how much you have to touch people and have oils on you. I also never thought how perverted people can be and picky"
"I was surprised how much physical strength it takes to do the job. You can be doing this almost non-stop for hours and at the end of the day your own muscles are aching. You have to take care of yourself as well."
"I was very surprised at the difficulty of the coursework required for massage therapy. I may not have pursued this career knowing what I know now."
"There were general educations, that were annoying and too much time"
"I was surprised how useful the different modalities of massage therapy could be to so many different individuals with different problems."
"I was surprised by all of the things I did not know about how to give a massage. I would have done this at a younger age had I known how much it has helped my husband."
"there was way more working on the body than I thought. The admissions people didn't say anything about that and I am not that good with science stuff"
"Others might be surprised and how in-depth their study of anatomy will be. I was grateful I had taken courses prior to massage school, which gave me a head start."
"I was surprised at how many people come to get a massage dirty. I thought it was common sense and courtesy to be clean."
"I was surprised about the amount of curriculum you had to take and understand when it came to be a massage therapist. They really cover all the bases when it comes to knowledge. I was just expecting to have to take classes that teach you directly how to massage, not the ethics behind it, the anatomy beyond it, etc."
"Not a whole lot. As I stated My mother was a massage therapist and had her own office while I was growing up so I pretty much knew what I was getting into. Not that it's really surprising, but working in the hotel is a lot different than what I remember at my mom's office. I suppose I was surprised at how much I already knew while attending classes. I really expected to learn a lot more than I did. My mother taught me well. :)"
"I was surprised that the human body has so many pressure points. There are also easy techniques to get ride of pressure. I was also surprised to find out that pressure and stress are unhealthy and are bad for your body."
"Health Educators are typically the generalist on the team and are expected to know a little bit about everything health related. This was surprising to me since I see this more as dabbling rather than a true educator. I was able to teach at a community college with my degree and had I known that option offered so little pay I may have pursued a degree in dietetics rather than health ed."
"It surprised me how important anatomy is Massage Therapy. I had to learn every muscle in the body and what they do. It also surprised me how important body mechanics are to the therapist, without proper mechanics you could hurt yourself."
"I was surprised by the amount of anatomy needed to fully understand this field. I encourage a person to fully commit to knowing how the body works before engaging in this course of study."
"I think the thing that surprised me the most would be the amount of diversity in the patients that I see. Also the amount of different diagnoses that I see and how they are all just a little bit different from on another."
"Thought it was going to be much easier than it was. Turned out to be much more focused on medical terminology and shorthand than I would have thought it would."
"The difficulty of the classes required surprised me. I did not realize how much science a massage therapist takes. I was also a little surprised about how long it took me to finish the program."
"I was surprised how much I learned actually applied to my career."
"i was surprised how much i have knowledge to complete the course. i thought it was very easy to learn. but it has very deep knowledge in this. to knew the each and every part of the course gave me surprise and knowledge."
"I was actually surprised at how physically demanding the work was. Also I was surprised at how much you have to remain present in the moment to ensure that your client is safe and comfortable and never experiences moments of pain or vulnerability. I'm also surprised at how many schools don't teach these fundamentals."
"I was surprised by how many people thought I was a prostitute. I was also surprised by how many tried to form a social relationship with me"
"I was surprised at the level of anatomical detail that you are required to learn by heart. Expect to memorize tons of information relating to every body system. The study of anatomy and physiology is quite extensive!"
"I was surprised that it required so much continuing education, which some may see as a nuisance but I take it as a pleasant surprise. If I were in the client's shoes, I would want to know that my massage therapist has to continuously stay up to date with techniques and therapies to ensure my treatment is effective and safe."
"I was surprised by how little business education we received. I felt unprepared to open my own practice."
"I was surprised there was so many biology, i knew there would be some but you need to know the human anatomy alot more."
"I was particularly surprised at how difficult it is to make a full income with one job/contract as a LMP. I think others would be surprised at how pay works for Massage Therapist. For the most part you are only paid when you are working on someone. There are very few job/contracts that pay you by the hour not matter if you have a client or not. I was also surprised at how few options there are for medical benefits as a massage therapist unless you are working in a healthcare facility."
"I was mostly surprised by how in depth some of the material and training was. It wasn't difficult but it definitely wasn't easy either. The workload of the courses definitely kept me busy."
"I was surprise at how fast they expected you to learn anatomy and physiology. And surprise that so much time is spent on eastern theory and instead of body testing."
"It is very self gratifying and you learn a lot more throughout the career it is al little complicated in the beginning but you catch on easily"
"I really thought this program would allow me to pay for my 4 year degree. I was never able to find work. So I spent the year completing the program and never received any reward for it. I would not have completed the program if I knew I wouldn't be able to find work."
"I was surprised how easy the classes were and how nice the teachers were. I was surprised how fast I got a job so soon after graduating. I was surprised how much I learned and how well I did."
"I was surprised at just how much detailed anatomy and physiology was needed to complete the program. I was also surprised how much of that anatomy and physiology knowledge was needed for our cadaver studies."
"I was surprised at the amount of critical thinking involved. They actually teach you certain pathways of thinking to get you through the course."
"How detailed the human body is and how difficult it was to learn. Also it was a surprise to learn how connected everything really is in the human body."
"I was surprised how physically excrustating the work really is."
"I was surprised that we had to learn about chemistry."
"I was surprised at how long it took to form muscle memory in order to complete a full one hour long massage. I had to use my notes for the first maybe four months of attending clinic so I could make sure I didn't miss anything."
"i was particularly surprisede at how in depth we had to study about the human anatomy, i thought it wouldnt be as intense"
"I was surprised at how fun and easy it was to become an LMT, and how strange the state licensing test was."
"I was surprised at how low the pay is when working at expensive spas. Only making 25% of the massage price, plus a tip, can mean you aren't making as much money as you might have hoped."
"How willing customers are to feel their own energy and harness it. I assumed my client base would be made up of less spiritually inclined people."
"I was surprised by the amount of knowledge is required of the anatomy. Should have taken some anatomy/biology classes to help understand the curriculum better."
"I was most surprised by how slowly we got into actually massaging someone. The first few months of school was really understanding the anatomy and pressure points on the body. There was also some alternative practices and herbal remedies we learned about that surprised me."
"I was shocked at the depth of knowledge for this field. We had to learn medical terminology and A&P. Not that I did not expect to learn these things, but we learned at a depth that was much deeper than expected for massage therapy. I did not expect having to memorize terms that were not entirely relevant to my field, however it was very neat to learn more than just massage."
"I was surprised that we learned pre-med studies. It was very difficult, but very interesting to learn."
"I was surprised by how difficult certain aspects would be. Specifically the testing to become certified."
"I was surprised how the wages differed and how many massage therapists there were in my city. Some offices paid you $10 which is unacceptable in my opinion, where as at the spa you made 60% plus tips. I was also surprised by how many licences and insurance you had to purchase to stay in practice."
"I was very surprised at how many subjects were involoved and how deep affiliated it was to anatomy and physiology."
"I was surprised i had to take a pre med course in order ro graduate. I am glad i learned full anatomy and physiology."
"I was surprised at the challenges that were involved with learning about the body. I found this very interesting as a field of study, not just for a career."
"I was surprised that there are many less expensive cures lying in this field of study."
"I was surprised by how much specific anatomy knowledge I needed. I needed to take SOAP notes, which requires detailed knowledge of every muscle that's worked for insurance purposes. If I'd known this, I would have worked harder remembering the names instead of just knowing how to work the muscles. I also was surprised by how much spa knowledge I needed once I left the chiropractor's office. I am extremely skilled with deep tissue massage, but some places wouldn't even give me an interview because I didn't know how to do herbal wraps and face scrubs."
"I was surprised at the amount of medical knowledge that is needed in massage therapy. We have to know what is an absolute contraindication (medicine, conditions, etc.), when a contraindication is local (certain body part/area), and when massage therapy can resume."
"I was surprised how frequently we, as students would receive massages and spa treatments. It was really helpful to experience the vulnerability our clients would feel."
"I was surprised in general that there is an actual art to massage therapy. There is an exact and proper way to do it or it is ineffective. It took me a little longer than expected to learn the anatomy of the body to do it correctly."