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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 6 out of 9 (67%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time13 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time67%
Program Difficulty (1-100)53
Satisfied With the School84%
Well-Prepared for Career60%
Would Choose Program Again67%
Career is Directly Related to Program83%
Easy to Find Job73%
How Long to Find First Job9 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time100%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$36,400
Salary Met Expectations50%
Trouble Making Loan Payments33%
Satisfied With the Career63%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

AZ • FL • IL • MA • MD • MN • NC • NJ • NV • OH • SC • TN • TX • WA • WI • WV

► Common Careers for this Major▼ Common Careers for this Major

People getting a certificate in this major often choose among careers such as (among others):

  • Surgical Technologists
  • Medical Equipment Preparers

Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I picked this field because I enjoy the manufacturing setting. I think that working in this environment can translate to pharmaceutical industry."
"It was something that could get me into the door a hospital. Plus, the program was relatively short and was completed in a few months. As opposed to a whole year at other institutions."
"I wanted to work in the healthcare field. This career is in high demand in my state."
"Great pay and potential for job growth. The class offerings meshed well with my family needs."
"When I chose this program I really felt like I wanted to do something involved with the medical industry. I have since learned that it really wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life but it was a great stepping stone."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised by the flexibility. My schedule is easily maneuverable."
"It is a very messy field but has more science and testing than one would expect. I think it is a wonderful field for someone wanting to break into the medical field and learn everything they would need to know about surgical professions."
"I was extremely surprised to find out that you really don't even need to go to school to be a sterile processing technologist. Everything is on the job training. Almost everyone I work with did not go through any formal training outside of the hospital. So I felt a little robbed that I actually even had to go through a program in the first place."
"I was surprised at how much microbiology was needed."
"How important it is. Css techs are the unsung heros of a hospital. Without them it sounded exist."
"I think what surprised me the most was that the employees at hospitals were very clickish. I often felt like I really didn't belong because I wasn't really mainstream."