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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 62 out of 93 (67%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time17 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time66%
Program Difficulty (1-100)54
Satisfied With the School77%
Well-Prepared for Career58%
Would Choose Program Again68%
Career is Directly Related to Program68%
Easy to Find Job54%
How Long to Find First Job10 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time68%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$29,839
Salary Met Expectations53%
Trouble Making Loan Payments39%
Satisfied With the Career71%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I worked in health insurance customer service and wanted to transition to work where I did not have to talk to anyone"
"I chose medical records because I heard from others that it was a great, flexible job and you could make good money, especially after your first year. I already had some experience in the field, and considered myself smart enough to do this. I also really enjoyed the idea of working in the medical field without many years of college."
"It seemed right for me. It seemed like something I would enjoy doing."
"I chose this program because the outlook over the next few years looked good, and the salary was decent. There was room to advance with this degree, and go on to a 4 year degree if you wished, for a better job."
"This program introduced me to typing, of which at the time, I was not very familiar with it. Also, I was taught medical terminology, patient record keeping, and memos."
"My thoughts were that no matter what in life people will always need medical help. Therefore this would always be a job you would be able to get even when the economy is down. I like organizing things and just thought it would be a good choice for me."
"I don't like working directly with patients, but I do enjoy working in healthcare administration. Delgado's tuition is also reasonable, and their program was mostly online so I could continue to work while I was a student."
"Because I found this one to be most relevant to my field. I am planning to go into medicine so I feel this will really help me out in the future and I will have more knowledge than those who haven't done this."
"I was mainly interested in technology, not healthcare. I chose this degree/focus because I liked the overlap with technology and had read that the healthcare IT industry would be growing in coming years."
"This program was part of my larger two year program to become a Medical Assistant."
"The health care industry is constantly growing, the new insurance policies require everyone to have insurance and it is something that is growing and needs people to work. Technology is highly involved in healthcare now, it is important to understand how it all works in this field and know the terminology."
"I picked this program over others because I knew it would always be useful in the healthcare system. Medical record technology is always necessary and is always evolving and will continue to be profitable."
"I had some experience in patient charting and medical records. I really enjoyed it and wanted to become certified for advancement opportunities."
"I wanted to work in an administrative role. I also thought this field had the most opportunity for professional growth and achievement and furthering in the field."
"I wanted to work in healthcare but not on the clinical side."
"I did not want to spend a lot of time in school as I was more focused on starting a family. I thought this would be a good, dependable job that I could do and not have to work a lot of overtime. I did not have the funds to go to school for four years and health care was an interest of mine."
"I work in that field currently. I wanted to take courses that would get me ahead in my career."
"I thought this would lead to a better career for me. I thought there was a need for this type of person in today's job market."
"I want to be a person that other come for information that is accurate and updated. Also, I like being on the computer."
"I am very interested in learning about the technical terms of medical and health education. I also liked learning about how to keep records in a hospital."
"I picked it because I thought it would be better than Medical Office and Medical Billing and Coding. Two of the students in our program had studied Medical Billing & Coding at another local school and did not get jobs in their field. I assume this is because they weren't certified, and the coding certification exam is expensive!"
"Healthcare will always have a need. I wanted to work with doctors."
"Knew a few people in the field and thought i would enjoy it."
"Good pay, a lot of job opportunities."
"Since my end goal was to become a Paramedic this course helped me the most with making my next courses easier. It gave me a good base to build the rest of my carer off of. With out the basic knowledge this course gave me I am not sure that I would of done aswell as i did in the paramedic programe."
"It is related to my current work. The skill and knowledge i learned from this training benefit my current work."
"im interested in the medical field and theres always something new to learn"
"Because I got laid off, I was able to take advantage of a program that pays for education for dislocated workers, but it has to be an approved in demand field. I don't want to work with the public so I thought it was a good fit."
"It fit with my other IT studies at Western Governors."
"I picked this program over others because I wanted to work in healthcare and this is a profession that is in demand. I also chose this based on the time it would take to complete the program."
"I've always thought the medical field is interesting. I don't want to work directly with patients, so this seemed like a good fit."
"I chose this program because it was made to seem to me that this would be an easy career path for someone in my situation and abilities. I.e., I was recommenced this path by my career counselor at school."
"I thought it would be helpful to my career choice at the time to take the class."
"I was already working in the healthcare field. I thought continuing education would help me further my career. I chose this program because of the increasing need for these skills with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act."
"I was originally a registered nurse but I wanted to stay home with my children so I was able to work from home working with Health Information."
"I didn't feel I needed certification at the time (which proved to be accurate) and this program seemed to offer more real-life experience than others I investigated. I was able to tailor my learning to meet my own needs and had flexibility in submitting assignments and proceeding within my own time frame."
"I went to got a job in health information . With this degree I CAN get work in in-insurance Billing and Coding."
"It appealed to me most out of the others there. I was looking for something practical too."
"I was working in a front dek environement so these classes helped when i decided to return to work after maternity leave."
"It seemed like something that I could make money doing. Additionally there were many openings in that particular field."
"This program was the only health related program available over the internet."
"I picked this particular program because it was necessary for my job. I gained a lot of information that helped me in further in my career."
"I wanted a job in healthcare, but not hands on like nursing. I also have back problems so I am doing the midlife career change and need a job where I will be sitting at a desk."
"I have always been in healthcare my entire life, it only seemed right to continue in that path. I have always had an interest in it."
"This was listed as a hybrid program for my college. They were able to make the courses more flexible which helped my scheduling."
"I needed the certification to meet my employer's criteria. I am a clerical/IT worker by trade, not necessarily a health worker."
"I chose this because I like computers. This was the more natural choice for me since I am a bit of a nerd."
"I chose this program/classes because a lot of the classes were online. As a full-time working mother, this was the only option available to me at the time."
"More related to IT, my primary focus."
"I don't like the blood and guts of nursing and I figured that Healthcare would always be around. I figured there would always be Medical records."
"It was an easy program that I could complete online in addition to on campus. I was also able to get tutoring, if needed at the college and pick up and purchase my books there."
"Growing up I had always wanted to be a doctor, but realized as I got older that I did not really have the intelligence for this job. But I still enjoyed biology, etc., and wanted to check out this class about health information."
"I picked this program because medical records seem to be an interesting option for me. Plus there is always gonna be a demand in a healthcare program."
"I was interested in health care and I like detailed work. I also wanted a job where there was a potential of working from home."
"These classes were a requirement to pursue a certification in medical coding. I am also a pharmacy technician and it helped to augment my skills."
"I love to help others, so I knew I should do something in healthcare, but I have a weak stomach. I felt like working in the office would give me an opportunity to help others while not being exposed to things that would make me queasy."
"I was veryu interested in learning the particulars of the healthcare field, and thought it was a good jumping off point for my career. I also have a good memory and am computer knowledgable, so it seemed like a good fit."
"I had some background in information tech. I also wanted to seek employment in this area."
"I thought that I could use it to get a better job with my current employer. Or that I could get a better job with another employer."
"I picked this program because it had the most promising outcome for job opportunities. The need for medical billing and coding is great in my area."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised at how many prerequisites the program required. It took me 2 full years including summers to finish all of my pre- req's and program. Looking at the booklet, it looks like you will be done in 18 months, but that is just the program itself."
"I was surprised by how much memorization there was. I was lucky that I found it interesting, but we had to take a lot of anatomy classes and study of diseases. I learnt so much more about diseases and health than I ever thought I would."
"I was surprised at how well I was prepared to undertake a full time position so quickly. If I had known this before I went to a 4 year college, I could have saved a lot of time, money, and effort."
"I was surprised at how much memorization of information on programs from each state was required. I did not find it helpful, as this information changes regularly, and could be easily looked up, but was extremely tedious to memorize."
"I had several surprises in my program. One surprise was the credentialing, I didn't realize how many there were, RHIT RHIA etc. Another surprise was the extra schooling and credentialing if you wanted to get a job doing specifically coding."
"It may be surprising to someone how accurate you are expected to be. You are expected to maintain 99% accuracy in all you do, as your mistakes could cost lives. It surprised me that often, a medical records person will know things a doctor does not. It is also surprising how low the pay can be and how hard you have to work to get any sort of meaningful pay in this field, but I feel as far as risk versus reward, this was a great choice for me."
"I was surprised how difficult it would be. I admit at first that I thought it was going to be a piece of cake but it really challenged me and I enjoyed it greatly."
"I was surprised that I would learn to type as quickly as I did. I also did not expect to learn terminology the way I did. After I graduated from Valley College I learned to perfect typing at West Virginia University. If I had not went to Valley College first I would have had trouble typing at West Virginia University."
"Nothing really surprised me. Well maybe the fact that cleaning houses seems to be a lot more work and effort then my previous job. I am just cleaning some houses part time to make a little money. My husband and I decided that right now I could stay home so I can take care of my kids and go with them on field trips."
"This is a highly technical field that is not for the faint of heart. Despite competitive admission requirements, we still lost almost 50% of our students."
"I was surprised at how simple all of the technology really is. When you visit as a patient the technology can look very intimidating, but once you learn about it you really get to grasp everything so well, and those large machines don't look intimidating whatsoever."
"I was surprised by the nature of the coursework, but in a positive sense. The coursework was surprisingly interesting to me (as someone who never had much of a passion for education) and perhaps as a result, it came really easily to me."
"I was surprised how much knowledge was needed, not just in anatomy but in records, billing, psychology etc. All of these courses have helped me succeed."
"There is a lot to learn and you must be willing to give it all and get up to speed with a lot of different terminologies. The words being used are important and must be used specifically. There is a lot of studying to do, especially of the human body and how everything is connected. Biology is a huge topic for this career and must be able to love biology and science in general."
"I was surprised how much statistical analysis was necessary on a day to day basis. I expected there to be a lot of data input and quality control as well as strict HIPAA rules."
"What surprised me the most is how extremely accurate and detailed I have to be. I have to make sure all forms are properly signed, dated and charted. Also some patients have similar name and requires more research and follow up to be sure I have the right chart. Also the laws such as HIPPa that most be followed at all times"
"I was surprised by how much professional phone etiquette is involved. Also with the language used to write emails and deal with outside agencies."
"I was surprised how many classes I had to take that had nothing to do with my field of study."
"I did not know how much I needed to know about the medical field. If I had known this I would have taken a few extra courses before I started my program."
"I was really surprised how much A&P was needed. I definitely needed more help in that subject."
"In my field, malpractice can happen and its common. By taking class I start to see another world and it was amazing and the knowledge I learned was priceless."
"I was surprised how much information is needed for medical records and how many medical terminologies are needed."
"What surprised me was how easy the program was. As another student said, the program was a joke! I am somewhat disappointed I didn't get a job in my field of study, but I'm blessed because my current job is within walking distance to where I live and utilizes at least SOME of my skills and pays more than minimum wage."
"I was surprised how much algebra I had to use to get correct dosing for injections and medications. Also had to use a lot of memorization for medical words meanings. It was beneficial."
"I was surprised with how relevant the coursework was to my career. There wasn't as much of an on-the-job learning curve as I expected."
"I was surprised at how many prerequisite classes I had to do before I could even enter the program. Also, I was surprised they didn't require more medical terminology, just the basics."
"I was surprised how in depth the class went. I found it to be way more informative than i was expecting. I had thought that i would just go in and be able to pass this class with out putting any effort in but i ended up having to study alot."
"I realized how helpful this training program. This training was intensive and time-consuming, Some subjects are somehow difficult but I managed to accomplish it and i am able to apply the skill and knowledge to my daily work."
"i was surprised by the certain classes i had to take like a writing classes and chemistry classes. i dont use either one of those when it comes to my job. i was also surprised by easy the coursework was and i was able to get on the deans list."
"I was surprised at how much anatomy/physiology I needed in order to complete the program when I learned from someone becoming an EMT who needed to take only one part. I thought coding was going to be more straight-forward and data-entry oriented but it involves a lot more analyzation than I expected. I also didn't know I would have to maintain a membership and certification credits which is EXPENSIVE."
"I took a free program of study that the federal government partnered with community colleges for. I would have hoped that some of the federal money would have gone toward job placement, but I got a certificate and no other support."
"I was surprised at how much interaction my job requires with insurance companies. I was also surprised at how in depth the process is when getting a referral authorized."
"I was surprised by the path the school directed me on for this. I knew that they offered medical record education and so I assumed it would be its own degree but my school did not have it set up that way. I only took relevant classes and was expected to either continue my education from there or end it with an associates."
"I was surprised by the sheer amount of medical terminology and ICD codes. It gets easier once you start to learn as many terms share common traits. ICD codes, especially with ICD-10, have a code for just about any situation you can imagine. Technology makes the process much easier."
"I was surprised that I would get to work from home. I thought that I would have to get a job inside a hospital. I was also surprised at how much English I had to review and learn over again from primary school."
"I am appalled by the poor level of work some transcriptionists provide, which is far below the level I trained for and which I provide. I am dismayed some physicians accept poor work from unqualified transcriptionists and conclude the doctors/office managers are more interested in low fees than quality work. The lack of excellence makes it hard for me to hire qualified workers. I am challenged every day by new advances within this field and have never lost interest in it."
"I was surprised how much college algebra was in Health Information."
"I was surprised how easy it was. I didn't expect it to be that easy."
"I was interested in learning more terminology and front desk dutoes. I wanted to be more personable with patients and learn terminology,"
"I was surprised at how elementary the math was that we were expected to learn. I did not miss one questions n. Also learning the importance of HIPAA was surprising"
"The most surprising thing about medical terminology is the amount of memorization required for full competence in your job. Medical terminology is very important in almost any healthcare setting. It is vital to know what you are reading when it comes to managing records and caring for patients."
"I was surprised that I had to take A&P as a prerequisite for billing and coding. I was lucky that I ended up with the only professor who didn't do dissection because I don't feel I need to cut up a sheep's brain to bill for a pain injection."
"I was surprised at how much hands on experience was needed. I was kind of an introvert so it took me aback a bit."
"I was surprised at how comprehensive everything was. Our final was basically the whole book, 600+ pages."
"I was surprised at the amount of illogical procedures in place in medical record keeping. There really are a lot of unnecessary processes in place."
"I was misled by college recruiting in my field of study. Although there is a state certification exam it does not carry much weight in the Medical industry in my area. This certification requires ongoing units of study to renew each year and Union dues. These can be very daunting if you have not landed a position in your first year."
"I was surprised by how easy the math was to complete the certificate for Ultrasound Technology. Being exceptionally adept at math I went into it thinking it was going to be really hard, after a couple of months working I now realize how easy the math is and how much is used, someone who is not good at math will have a hard time with this."
"I was surprised by the amount of medical anatomy and knowledge you need in this field of study. After completing this program, I feel I would be adequately prepared to enter into other medical fields if I chose."
"The lack of relevant knowledge among coworkers."
"It is very self motivated. you have to be driven to do the work on your own. No one is standing over you. Which is great once you know what you are doing but really hard for the learning process."
"I was surprised that healthcare has a lot of jobs in general, but there's not may jobs in this area. Also, surprised that they didn't offer internships to get experience."
"When I first took the class I was very interested in biology and the human body. I found that the health class was really too intricate and detailed for my taste. I still did enjoy the course very much but not the degree of details that it entailed."
"I was super suprised at ho who easy the course work was. To be honest you can really just blaze right through it if its a program your interested in."
"I was surprised at how much information I had to learn about insurance practices and forms."
"I was suprised by the depth of knowledge needed for my coding certificate and glad i had taken this program. Also, I was suprised by how exact and detailed oriented the information required is. As well, I was suprised by how much I liked the field."
"It was way too easy to get the certification. I could not believe that many of these people were medical assistants, and they were about to go out into the field and actually be hands-on with people when we barely learned anything in the classroom."
"I found that it was a lot more work and difficult work. I almost assumed that it would be a fly by kind of thing, and it was not at all. comparitvely looking for a job after was easily the most difficult part. I feel as though I wasted a lot of my time and effort and quite a bit of money on something I never utilized."
"I was very surprised at how prepared i was compared to other employees that had graduated with a 4 year degree program. I think the hands on training not just theory based training some universities teach, helped better prepare me for the job i ended up getting."
"The constant changing nature of the field. The fact that I must continue to take classes and learn new systems to remain relevant."
"I was surprised by how difficult the final test is to get the certification. It's a lot of information to remember and you cannot bring any materials with you to the test. I did study beforehand, but was not prepared for the difficulty."
"I was surprised with how easy the class was. I only needed to study for short periods of time, and was also instructed to use notes if necessary to complete home assignments. I was also surprised that my simple anatomy class in high school was enough to prepare me for what we learned in Medical Terminology. I learned a lot about insurance information and the different HIPPA violations that can occur, as well as how far you can go to contact someone who owes a debt to a medical practitioner."
"I was surprised that, after completing the program, there were very few options for work in my area. I was also upset that the program had previously offered college credit toward a degree program but when for my class enrollment they had discontinued that aspect."