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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 117 out of 143 (82%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time18 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time80%
Program Difficulty (1-100)63
Satisfied With the School78%
Well-Prepared for Career65%
Would Choose Program Again79%
Career is Directly Related to Program86%
Easy to Find Job56%
How Long to Find First Job5 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time83%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$39,269
Salary Met Expectations65%
Trouble Making Loan Payments48%
Satisfied With the Career80%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"At the time I went to school for Dental Assistant it was only a 9 month program. That was appealing. I was interested in oral health and decided I would give it a try. If I didn't like it then I could always do something else given that the schooling was only 9 months long."
"I wanted to be able to find a good career for me that allowed me to also have another job on the side. Dental assisting is not as heavy as other health programs and gives me the freedom to do other things I like."
"Dental assisting is an easy job. I'm not squeamish around blood or anything, so it seems like a sure thing."
"I picked dental assisting because there are a lot of job openings in the area I live. I also picked this because I knew it was a job I could succeed at."
"Family interest in the profession. I liked health care."
"I love every time that I went to the dentist, the dental assistant was always nice, helpful, and people liked them more than the actual dentist. It is also a passion of mine to go into dentistry and it would be a step in the right direction to be a dental assistant first."
"I have always been fascinated with teeth. I actually want to be a dentist but I can not afford medical school."
"I chose dental assisting. Dental assisting was the only medical class they had"
"This program offers good career opportunities in my area. I'm not interested in office work or nursing, so it was a natural choice. I love dentistry!"
"I wanted to do orthodontics over all other dentistry because I'm actually quite squimish."
"I chose this program because I believe it is a growing field. I also picked it as a stepping stone to further my career and have the background in case I wanted to go for Hygienist or a Dentist license."
"I had always had an interest in this field and thought it would be something I would enjoy doing every day. I wanted to become a dental hygienist, but later had to drop down to dental assistant due to personal obstacles in my life."
"Years ago I was certified as a Paramedic in NJ. Transitioning into the dental field, I needed to gain the knowledge associated with the dental environment which exceeded my experience in emergency medical services."
"It was local"
"I picked this program because I didn't want to have to go to school for a long time. Also I felt that it was something I would enjoy."
"Teeth are very important to me. I like to help others."
"I chose this program because at the time many jobs was available in this field of work. Also I knew if I chose this program there was a great possibility that my career will advance in this line of work."
"I found this program would fulfill my desire to help others and also avoid extensive (cadaver) Anatomy and Physiology. I am a bit squeamish."
"I chose dental assisting because of the job security. The pay is great too- the more experience the more you get paid."
"I studied dental assisting in high school (vocational high school). Always found it interesting and wanted to further my career in a field i enjoy."
"I chose dental assisting, because I did research on it and it is something that fits my interests. I love working one on one with people and you do a lot of that in this career. It also pays a good amount of money and you only have to have your associate degree to start making good money."
"I liked the location and the tuition was reasonable. I liked the amount of time I could get the degree."
"I chose the dental assisting program because I want to help people improve their smiles. Another reason is that it is not an emotional job compared to other healthcare programs such as a practical or vocational nurse who has to see people dealing with serious illnesses."
"It has great jobs and a lot of options to return to school. I always liked going to the dentist. And Dental assistant pays well and has a lot of jobs open."
"It seemed like it would be the easiest for me. It worked out very well."
"I have another relative in the field. He allowed me to work with him when I first started."
"I completed a career compatibility survey and the result was 100% for Dental Assisting. After completing the survey, I researched the field and decided that this was the career I wanted."
"It did not require a long time to finish the program and the starting pay was good. And I already have the prerequisites needed to apply."
"I chose this program because it was the most interesting to me. My friend is a dentist and has told me many good things about the profession so i decided to pursue it."
"I had an interest in dental assisting and wanted to go further. They have a top ranked program in this field of study."
"I was interested in the field. It seemed like the most fulfilling."
"It was what I wanted to do from the time I was 10. I don't know why I picked it initially, but it is a good fit for me."
"I was interested in becoming a dental hygienist. I didn't want the rigor that comes with being a dentist, but I was still interested enough in the field."
"i picked this program after completin a degree in law (public administration then law school), because honestly? eveyrone needs nursing assistants and dental assistants and i was having a hard time finding a job in public administration. so i went back to school and changed my degree. I should have just done nursing or dental assisting right from the very start of it all."
"I picked dental assisting because I have always had a passion for making sure that my smile was beautiful. That being said I wanted to take that passion and help others in anyway that I could to have beautiful smiles as well."
"It sounds strange but I've always had a fascination with teeth. Originally I wanted to open my own Dental office, and maybe I will some day, but I wanted to get in on the ground floor to start. The price to start with this program was obviously much lower than that of medical school so I thought that this was a good starting point."
"I was inspired by a family member to pursue this program. i also had a friend who went to Eastern Florida state college and graduated successfully with the dental assisting program."
"I have always been a big believer in good dental hygiene. The program was an acceptable time frame to get the certificate in."
"I learned through the career program that many previous graduates succeeded in career placement very soon after if not before graduating. Being able to work with people in a more personal manner also appealed to me. Dental work is a field that appealed to me and I feel that I make a contribution to people's lives."
"I always had bad teeth and want to learn how to take better care of myself and help others. I didn't really had time to find a more meaningful degree at the time since I need to work asap."
"It's pays better than other programs. It's also easier to find a job."
"I have always been fascinated with dental and chose this program to immerse myself into the dental field, eventually my goal is to become a dentist. It is important to me to have as much experience in a field as possible before perusing a very expensive degree."
"Dental seemed to be very interesting so I chose it. I really want to learn more about our teeth so I felt like this was the most appropriate one."
"I chose this program because I've always been fascinated with teeth and dentistry. I wanted to help people and have a portable career."
"I wanted to go into the dental field and I thought this was a good first step. It would look good in my resume if I had more experience."
"This was the only one available at the time."
"I thought it would be the easiest to learn. It would provide a good income with the least amount of work. Also, later in life if I decided to do more in that field then I would have a good starting background."
"I picked this program because dental assistants are an in demand job."
"This program had the most available jobs in my state. They also pay the most out of the other healthcare programs."
"I enjoy helping others feeling confident about their smiles. It is a very rewarding occupation"
"I took a dental class in high school and really enjoyed the course. I did some research after that and discovered that's what I wanted to do."
"I picked dental assisting because I was always interested in teeth. I had a dentist who had a big impact on my life."
"I thought I would like the job and the hours. I wanted a job where I was off weekends and would be close to my home."
"Honestly, I was looking for the greatest pay in the shortest amount of time. I did not realize this college was a diploma mill and that there absolutely zero chances of finding work upon graduation."
"I heard it wouldn't be too difficult. I heard you could make good money."
"I plan on becoming a dentist one day"
"I chose it as I felt it would be the easiest to obtain a job in once the program was finished. I also chose it as a couple of my friends were taking the class."
"Dental Assisting runs in my family. It's not as gory as some other programs work would be."
"I enjoy the field of Dentistry. I originally wanted to gain some experience, while I continued on do be a dentist."
"I have always wanted to work in dentistry. This was a great way for m eto get my foot in the door at a dentist office and I ended up enjoying the job so have decided not to go further with my education."
"I just wanted to be a dental assistant"
"I had gone to a career high school and did nursing classes for two years. Towards the end of my graduation I realized that nursing was not what I wanted to do anymore. I researched other occupations and saw dental assisting. I had always loved going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned so I thought I would try it. Now, I absolutely love it!"
"This is what I got a scholarship for. Also, It seemed very interesting to me."
"I chose this program because I love teeth. I like helping people have a beautiful smile."
"I have always been interested in dental hygiene and I like working with different people. I also liked it because I thought the pay was really good in the field."
"I have always liked going to the dentist and the feeling of a clean mouth after having your teeth cleaned. I saw the income potential and thought it was a natural fit with something I already enjoy."
"It is something I was always curious about. The program offered a lot of jobs around where I lived."
"I chose this one over the others because people in my family chose it. I also chose it because of the salary."
"I was planning to study dentistry in college, I saw studying Dental Assisting as a first step on the path toward my dental degree. I was interested in oral healthcare overall and desired a good paying and respected job while I attended college."
"There were a lot of dental offices in my community at the time, so I thought that I would have a good chance of getting a job. I personally knew dentists in the area who I thought would be willing to stick their necks out for me."
"This came down to rituals. My parents are both Dentists, and I wanted to take up something that I'm already familiar with. I've been in a dental office since I was a little kid, as my dad owns his own dental office, so I wanted to improve skills that I've already developed, opposed to developing new skills."
"I really found dentistry interesting. The dental assisting program took less time to complete and it was cheaper than other programs."
"Because the courses are very complete and I have always liked this area."
"I chose this program because it's a field that has interested me since I was a child. I am dedicated to keeping my own hygiene and would love to share that passion with others. This program will help me enter the field that will allow me to do just that."
"I've always had a passion for dental health care. It's been something that I've been interested in since I was a child."
"My stepmom is a dental hygienist and I always looked up to her because she loved her job and was so passionate about it. So ever since I was little, I aspired to be like her and I knew the only field for me would be the dental field."
"This field has been chosen by family members. I am following the family."
"It's a stable and I was told it was easy to get work in this field."
"I honestly wanted to make a difference in the field. i figured i could change a person's life with a Smile."
"Because it was one of the few options available at the college I attended that I knew I could get a job doing after receiving my certificate."
"I attended a vocational high school and studied dental hygiene for four years. I greatly enjoyed the career field and my parent own a dental office."
"I've almost been fascinated with dental care. I enjoyed learning about it in school."
"I picked the dental assisting program because it was the one I felt I could do best. I also felt like it would be the simplest for me to learn. I'm not really into medicine hardcore, nor being around blood and all of that. With dental assisting I can just help out without getting my hands too dirty."
"It seemed to be an affordable choice. It also seemed to be the least science based"
"I have a dentist in my family, my uncle, and he suggested it as a low stress and decent paying career. I would love to actually be a dentist in the future, but my career and family life won't allow right now."
"I thought dental assistant was a good career choice since there is a high demand for them. I also liked the amount of money they make."
"I picked this program because I have always wanted to be a dentist since I was a little girl. Even though my school did not have a direct dentist position open, being an assistant is good enough for me."
"I felt like there was good money in the dental field. I also wanted to assist in making a person have a beautiful smile."
"I picked Dental Assisting because I have always had good oral hygiene and was trying to decide whether to get a college degree to become a dental hygienist. I actually never really considered any other medical career, but in retrospect, I think a medical lab tech certification would have been a better fit for me."
"I always wanted to work in the dental profession. Teeth have always been an interest of mine."
"I thought it would be a program that would help me establish a career. I have always wanted to do something in the medical field."
"I have three dentist in my family including my mother as well as a hygienist. Growing up around Dentistry made me more confident about choosing this field since i was familiar with most aspects of it."
"The dental assisting program interested me the most out of the other programs available. It also allowed for a quicker entry into the workforce."
"The programs was short. I was looking for work and I need to find employment soon so I when with the shorter time."
"Because ive been working at a dentist office for 2yrs before, then I decided I wanted a raise."
"i really like the dental program. and i always wanted to know what it was like to be a dentist."
"I chose this program because it was what intrigued me the most. I always wanted to do something I loved over anything else and this program fit what I was looking for."
"I want to eventually become a dentist so I feel that this is a good start. It helped me learn about the field and gauge whether or not I was a good fit for dentistry."
"I picked dental assisting because I love pretty smiles. I also don't think my stomach could handle any healthcare field with more blood or bodily fluids than dental."
"I have a friend in Houston who is a dentist and could get me a job straight away"
"I always wanted to be a dentist, but when time and money fell through, I felt the best option would to be an assistant."
"More jobs available and pay was generally better as well. Additionally, fewer hiring/certification hurdles"
"The program sounded like an easy way to get into a medical field and get a moderately good paying job. The prerequisites were just formal classes, and the schedule allowed me to combine part-time work and classes."
"I chose dental assisting because it is a field that allows me to be very involved in patient care and procedures. There is also great potential for career advancement, should I choose to pursue further education in the future."
"I have family members that are in the dental field."
"I have a family of dentists and I love it. I want to be one eventually."
"I picked this program because it has long been an interest of mine since youth. Secondly I decided to go into Dental Assisting because of my aspiration to work in the ever expanding and necessary field of dentistry, with the aspiration of one day being able to open my very own practice, using my future degrees."
"This program was short (9 months) and required little memorization effort of difficult sciences. I also chose this program for the opportunity to work with children eventually."
"I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare setting. I job shadowed a dental assistant in high school and thought it looked like fun and a career I would enjoy."
"I was interested in dentistry since my was my ambition to become a successful dentist."
"I picked this one because I was already working in the dental field at an office. I had originally wanted to go into dental hygiene but did not pass the test, so I switched over to assisting"
"I wanted to get into dentistry as a kid. Making sure people have a bright smile is something that fulfills the void in my life. The dental program at this school was top notch and that's why I joined it."
"I have always had an interest in dental assisting. I love being around people and I wanted a career in health care, but I also wanted something that allowed me to spend time with my family."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised that there were only 38 hours required to get the certificate. I was also surprised by all the stuff that we got to learn hands on.I was surprised that I was able to start taking dental classes right away instead of prerequisite courses."
"I was surprised by the difficulty of the program. Going in as an 18 year old I thought the program would be easy because how hard could it be?! And found out that I had to dedicate myself to studying and work hard to pass exams."
"My field of study required a lot of prerequisite science work. this included courses from a range of scientific fields, as well as a very rigorous anatomy course. i was really surprised at how much anatomy went into the dental hygiene initially."
"I was surprised at how quick the program was. I had seen things on television that led me to believe it was a much more in depth and longer class to take."
"I was surprised how much handwork is involved with dentistry. I guess I shouldn't have, though, I mean it makes sense. I just realized while watching other dentists perform, that you must have very steady hands during dental procedures like tooth extraction. It isn't as easy as it might seem."
"I was honestly surprised at how easy it was. I would think that dental assistants would need to be more well trained, but in reality, it's a 10 Saturdays course that is very easy compared to traditional schooling."
"I was surprised how much software and technology training was needed for my certificate in dental assistant training. I thought that it would be primarily learning about oral anatomies and such but that information is more for dentists while my training was more towards managing the office and the procedures of dentistry."
"I was surprised that I didn't need as much science as I thought I did to complete the program. I thought that I would need to take a pre-med-esque courseload but in the end, I didn't (aside from the dental science courses of course.)"
"The dental program was not that tough. However I was shocked at how many hours I had to put in to get my practice I needed. I was trying to work and go to school so it got stressful."
"I am most surprised at the lack of pay and benefits in the industry and market place. I should have taken a nursing program."
"I was surprised at how much hands on training there is. I expected it to be filled with Powerpoint presentations and a lot of tests but I am glad it was hands on. I am a hands on kind of person."
"I was surprised at the amount of knowledge I needed to become a dental assistant. I feel as if I know the same amount as a Dentist, but I am not a doctor, I feel as if I could easily study to become a MD. The field also requires more math than what I was expecting."
"I was surprised how much science it took to become a dental assistant."
"I was surprised at just how many prerequisites there for for completing the training. I did expect to take a variety of classes, but I wasn't totally prepared for all of them."
"It was actually quite easy to get certified! Although I did not receive hands-on learning, all the state required knowledge was covered in an online course."
"I think what surprised me most is actually how dirty you can feel after helping the dentist treat the patient. As an assistant I mainly suction saliva and keep the area isolated for treatment and help the doctor set up and hand him the tools/instruments he needs. It's is just surprisingly how looking or helping someone clean their mouth also makes you feel disgusted and dirty yourself."
"I was surprised how much extra time was involved in labs and outside work. I was surprised how much course work was in the classroom and not actually field experience. I was surprised how many skills were not learned in a textbook, but instead in field experience. I wish I could have jumped right into the lab instead of doing the classroom work."
"There were a number of surprises during my studies. The most enlightening was gaining the full understanding of dental physiology and how impacting our oral hygiene can be, positive or negative, depending on proper or improper care."
"I was surprised by all the new technology required to do my job and the learning curve required to become fluent in the use of computers and it's programs."
"I was surprised that you learn so much. I mean seriously you learn just as much as a doctor."
"I was surprised that some many diseases that can come from not properly taking care of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Also, by getting frequent dental check ups it can reduce your chance of other illness that can be detected in your mouth before you start being affected in other body parts."
"I was surprised that in order to receive the A.S. in addition to the certificate, I was required to take general ed. topics, electives, and phys. ed."
"I was surprised at how many people are entering the field. My class was overflowing and the job market is super competitive."
"I was surprised and grateful that this program didn't require a lot of math. Math is not my expertise and that took a lot of pressure off of my shoulders."
"A lot of the job realities to people more thsn working with tools. I also like the possibility of entering into dental insurance. But some parts such as X-ray requires a separate certificate."
"I was surprised that some of the skills are only learned with hands on experience, a textbook alone cannot teach you to be a dental assistant. People skills were more important than math skills."
"I was surprised how much more the dental assistant does than the actual dentist. I feel like I could perform procedures better than most dentist. I was also surprised how many things could go wrong with mouth anatomy."
"I was surprised at how gross teeth and people can be. It was disturbing to see the lack of care people put into their selves."
"I was surprised at the level of interaction I would have with the patient. I found this out once I was well into the course."
"I was surprised with the lack of education provided to graduates of other dental assisting programs. I was surprised that I had to teach other graduates things that they should have known."
"I was surprise how much prior experience working at a dentist office helped with my courses. It really motivated me to finish and do well."
"The thing that surprised me the most was actually how easy the job was. I guess it could be because i went through the schooling but i felt like everything is a breeze. I was also surprised at the starting pay. It's not all that great."
"There are a lot of people in this field so it is competitive. I didn't think it would be a s challenging but it was."
"I was surprised at how small my classes were. I figured that a lot of people would take this class but I'm guessing they were interested in nursing. Also, I was the youngest in the class at 25."
"The respect with which we are _not_ treated. Both dentists and patients treat us like we are stupid, despite having attended 4 years of school to work in this field."
"I think most people would be surprised at how closely dental health is linked with the rest of the body. Your dental health is a good indicator of how well other parts of your body are faring, and I would suspect most people don't know this."
"I was surprised at how easy most patients are to deal with at the place where i work. most of them come in and opt for either laughing gas or the pill that makes them calm down or sleep throughout the process since we specialize in dentistry for whimps or people who are afraid of the dentist and have super high anxiety. I was thinking that everyone would be really difficult to work with but they were not."
"I was surprised at how little of what I learned in school that I actually do. I learned quickly that what I learned in school was outdated in some of the more advanced dental offices."
"I was surprised at the amount of socialization that was required honestly. It can be awkward to be working with a patient with their mouth open for minutes at a time and have everything be so quite. I had to become proficient at creating small talk basically. I've come out of my shell a bit since starting this job really due to this."
"I was surprised how many terminologies was required to memorize in order to complete the dental assistant program. And I am not so good at memory terminologies, especially those long, Latin words."
"The only surprise I had was how interesting I found it. I figured it would become very boring and stale after a little while but it didn't."
"I was amazed at how much computer technology plays a role in dentistry. Fortunately faculty and the school provided a lot of hands on experience. Understanding the theory only gets you so far - practical experience with the equipment is really what provides practical value. Now that I have been on the job two years, I feel that I am able to keep up with new advancements and techniques as they are used on patients by dentists."
"I was surprised about how much was about the patience and not has much on chemistry. There was also a lot of focus on running the office that I didn't think I need to know when I was studying"
"It's easier than I thought. The workers are friendly and help your transition. The dentists do a great job of helping you become familiar with the tools."
"I was surprised at the amount of hours required in my state to graduate! Had I known prior to enrolling, I would have got a more reliable childcare for my children."
"I was surprised about the different things about dental assisting, it wasn't really what I expected. In other words, it exceeded my expectations because I was truly amazed about the program. I was even more shocked that I could complete the program."
"I was surprised at how hard some of the courses were. Anatomy was very challenging and I wish I had taken a lower level biology class to supplement my education at that time. I was also surprised that my program did not include the expanded duties option so I wish I had researched that option more."
"I was surprised that this particular field is a bit monotonous. You learn a lot throughout the course, but in the field itself, it's unlikely to level up. It's difficult for what it's worth. If you want to level up in the field it's not worth to just do dental assistance. Might as well go to hygiene school."
"One of the things that surprised me the most was how problems in the mouth caused many larger problems in the rest of the body. This especially is difficult with heart related patients."
"I was surprised that I had some high school credits that carried over into Midlands Tech. That made it a slightly quicker process towards my certificate. I had to take a speech class during my studies. I was surprised about that. It was one of my worst classes out of everything. I am not a fan of public speaking. I almost dropped out because of it."
"I was surprised about the amount of time we spent practicing very simple skills such as hand washing."
"I was surprised on how many classes were necessary when its a hands on job. If I had known this, I would've studied on a daily basis instead of studying for an exam."
"I was surprised with the administration duties that I have to carry out. I thought it was going to be working with patients, but you do have to know other skills"
"I was surprised at how much the doctor would need me. I was also surprised at how much some patients would thank me."
"What surprised me most about this field of study is how hands on and in depth the classes were. I had no idea we would do so much hands on work."
"I was surprised how much I was going to work outside the classroom. I actually got to be an intern during my time there. I loved that it wasn't just paper and work."
"I was surprised how sexist the dental field is. I was also surprised at how little they help you to locate work after graduating."
"It was surprising how competitive the job market was. I think it was because a lot of people have heard good things about it."
"How much work has to be done! Everybody think that dental assistant only assist but we have way more to do to help with the patient."
"Actually, nothing really surprised me. I have family members who are also dental assistants, and a friend had just been through the same program at the same school"
"I was surprised at how much was involved in being a dental assistant. I didn't realize it is more than just holding a suction, while the dentist works. You have to make temporary crowns, take xrays, take impressions, and pour up models, along with many other duties."
"I was surprised that it was so simple and easy to get my dental assistant certification. I had expected it to be a long complicated process but it was quick and simple."
"I was surprised how hard this was to learn. A lot of it I did bot understand how to do."
"I was surprised that the school was able to fit so much material into just a few months. It didn't even feel like I was in school because I was having so much fun learning new things!"
"I was surprised how difficult dental assisting would be, and how much I had to lean. I went into the field because I thought it was easy, but it wasn't"
"The curriculum was not very difficult. It was very astonished at how little effort it took me to complete this program."
"I guess, how many tasks I am responsible for. I knew I would be doing a lot but I feel like I take care of everything."
"I was surprised with the technical nature of some of the basic scientific information I needed to learn. I also was surprised how competitive the field of study has become."
"How boring it can actually be was surprising. I thought it would be more challenging."
"What surprised me most was the amount of work i had to do when i started. Also the numerous number of people you meet."
"I was surprised that I was required to take a computer class. I was familiar with computers and thought I should be able to opt or text out of the requirement however that was not allowed."
"I was surprised about how much of the classwork came down to memorizing massive amounts of information. I was also surprised how uncaring people in the field were toward our patients."
"I was really surprised with how much work dental assistant do. They are really a crucial part of dentistry which is something i did not know."
"I was surprised by the fact that I had to do a lot of practice tests before I graduated."
"I was honestly surprised by the amount of hands-on. I was expecting more, but, I think what we did was adequate. I just wish we did more physical, hands-on work like I've heard of from other programs."
"The level of expertise needed to give an adequate level of care to each patient. I went into this field thinking I knew enough to care for the common patient that came through our door. I was wrong. It takes years to fully understand the practice."
"I was genuinely surprised at how much there was to know about the mouth. I went into the program expecting slight ease and came out with a whole new understanding for teeth and the mouth than I thought was possible."
"I would have preferred more clinical work. There was not enough to prepare you for the job"
"I was surprised how involved the processes and technologies are. I thought it would have been a lot less involved."
"The profession is pretty disgusting."
"in the End, i was surprised by the amount of Reading and Coursework the dental assisting program consisted of. if i had a good understanding before hand, i wouldve got a study partner to help with the bulk reading."
"I was surprised how many general courses were required for the program. This made it so I spent a good portion of my time studying topics unrelated to health care entirely."
"I was surprised that they did not push becoming certified as a dental assistant. In wisconsin you do not need to be certified but it is a plus. 75% of the assistants that I know are not certified."
"I was surprised at how much study went into anatomy of not just the facial muscles and our teeth, but the whole body. I was in some of my science classes thinking how will this ever be relevant to my career filed. Knowledge is power, no sense in not getting all you can."
"I was really surprized how much there was to learn. I did'nt think it would be as complicated as it was."
"I was surprised by how much hands on training there was. I was expecting there to be lots of hands on training but from the very beginning they had us doing hands on training. I would say about 75% of the work was hands on. I was also surprised at how detailed the classes were and how good the teachers were. They really cared about teaching us what we needed to learn."
"I think the detail that you have to know is the suprise. I did not really think it woudl be so intensive and have to think so critically"
"I was surprised at the level of difficulty for the majority of the courses. The courses were fast-paced and rigorous but they helped to better myself for the real world."
"It surprised me how easy the work was. I was surprised though at how hard it is to sit and watch the dental work being done."
"I was shocked at how many years it took me to get my degree and at how many courses I had to take to become a dental assistant. I didn't think it would be hard since I took many science and biology courses as an undergraduate."
"I was surprised at home much homework and clinical and studying was involved. I was surprised that I not only had to know the dental field but some parts of the medical field too."
"I was surprised at how many people have a deep-rooted fear of the dentist. Although I was able to help those people relax during their appointments, I always found it difficult to understand. Honestly, things like that are why I no longer work in dentistry. It just felt too awkward to me."
"I was surprised how fast everything needed to be completed. In school they give us enough time, while in the real world things move 3x faster."
"I was surprised at how intensive the program was. I found it very challenging"
"I was surprised by the amount of anatomy and physiology needed to complete the course. Head and neck anatomy of course made sense and was very interesting considering the field of choice. The other classes required in the subject of anatomy seemed unnecessary and redundant."
"I was surprised by how much hands on course work was involved. This method of teaching made learning so much easier."
"I didn't realize how much work dental assistant do behind the scene. It was a lot to learn and had I known I would have attend the year long program."
"What suprised me the most was how many other people had the same idea as people, there where people there my age, which I thought was weird."
"I love my job because i am helping people in there everyday life. it gives me a great deal of pride."
"For this field of study I was surprised by the amount of different science courses I was required to take. I pretty much had taken courses to choose whatever program was available because I had already dived into a couple of the classes."
"I was surprised with how short the program was. I expected there to be more coursework required. It was hard work, but it flew by."
"I was most surprised by the quality of the curriculum. It was a joke. It was not in depth at all. It was so easy."
"It's amazing how tasks done by the book differ so much from what's actually done. Not in a way that makes the doctor unprofessional, but in more of a style way."
"I'm surprised that the dental makeup of humans is so complex. There could be so many things going on in the mouth and one would never know."
"The program had more science and biology requirements than I anticipated. I happened to have a college course or two already under my belt, but others may want to brush up on those subjects."
"MRI had a lot of physics in it. I should have been prepared more if I took some remedial physics. Also, for a program of less than 2 years long starting pay is 2.5 times more than a dental assistant."
"I was surprised at how involved a dental assistant can really be in patient care and procedures. Under a dentist's supervision, an assistant can perform such expanded functions as the fabrication and placement of temporary crowns, which I was not expecting to be able to do."
"I was surprised as to how detail oriented that this job required. In addition, i did not know how focused the teamwork aspect of the job was needed for things to get done while at work"
"I was surprised how much we had to learn about the rest of the body. IT's very interesting how much teeth are involved with the rest of the body."
"I believe that others would be most surprised by the wide variety of courses and knowledge bases that you are exposed to throughout your studies. Personally I was surprised that I was able to complete my classes in under 4 years"
"I was surprised that more memorization was NOT required. A lot of hands on training was required, and hardly any book work was necessary."
"I was surprised most about the amount of people who have dental fears, mostly due to past dental experiences. It has been a journey to learn how each person reacts differently to the same procedure. I have truly enjoyed working with each patient and their individual needs to help them complete their dental appointment."
"I was surprised about the level of difficulty and efforts needed for completing the degree with good grades.I was also surprises by the practical methods required such as the dentures kept in the labs.It was very uneasy feeling to work on that dentures in the labs."
"The quality of instruction through the program was amazing. All the teachers seemed to know what they were talking about. I was surprised to see that there was additional licensing requirements and that they changed state to state, as I have now lived in 3 different states, and they all want something different."
"I was surprised at how many parts of the teeth you have to know. There was an entire test devoted simply to the teeth and how they operate."
"There was more science involved than I expected, but I was also surprised with how well I did in those courses. I did not expect much, as I have struggled in that area in the past, but I worked through it fairly well."