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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 44 out of 51 (86%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time14 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time77%
Program Difficulty (1-100)54
Satisfied With the School80%
Well-Prepared for Career70%
Would Choose Program Again84%
Career is Directly Related to Program86%
Easy to Find Job77%
How Long to Find First Job5 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time84%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$44,721
Salary Met Expectations70%
Trouble Making Loan Payments45%
Satisfied With the Career79%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I chose HVAC because I wanted a career that would be around for awhile. I also chose this because I wanted to learn a skill that involves my hands."
"I was working for an HVAC company as an office manager. The HVAC technicians made way more money than I did, and they made it seem easy when they discussed the issues they faced. I was in charge of deploying the technicians and keeping track of the problems they faced, and it didn't seem too daunting."
"HVAC is a program that offers high upside as a career choice. People will always need AC and heating so demand will remain high."
"I picked this program because I was already working at a HVAC company. It was to advance my career and learn new skills."
"I have family working in the HVAC business. I have informal experience as a result, and wanted a more formal learning experience."
"My parents encouraged me to pursue this profession."
"I seen others do this job and I thought I could too. I also thought that there wasn't enough women in this field and I thought why not show that girls can do it too."
"It was what I wanted to do and being that I live in Florida. I knew it was a good field to be in as the summers are hot and muggy. HVAC techs do well here."
"Because it was recommended from peers in my industry. I was able to use the certification immediately to find a job."
"This article, which has advice for students who plan to do a degree in Engineering, has been posted here on PuneTech, partially in response to some of the comments weƒ??re getting for this PuneTech article, and also partially because Iƒ??m sure most PuneTech readers get asked this question by relatives and friends, and Iƒ??m hoping that at least some of the advice here will be helpful"
"My uncle is a HVAC technician and I had some background in the field from working with him over summers. I decided that it would be the best field since I already have a mentor in HVAC."
"I was confident that I could find decent paying work in the field upon graduation. I also have friends who held this degree and encouraged me to participate."
"I chose this program because I felt it would make my dad proud of me at the time and I really wanted him to be proud of me. I chose this vocation and program for the wrong reason."
"I picked this program because I had a friend in the business. He said that I would be able to work with him if I received certification. Now, we work together."
"My dad was an HVAC engineer. I was just following in his footsteps."
"I am interested in this program because the field of this work is in high demand. Also the average wage is 20 an hour which is great for Florida."
"I picked HVAC because at the time I was interested in it and felt that the industry would grow. When it's cold we prefer heat and when it's hot we prefer cool air so I felt like I would be making a difference in the community by providing those needs."
"My uncle works in the field and seemed to be doing well for himself and his family financially. Plus I thought he might be able to get me a job once I finished the program with his company (he did get me a job)."
"I have always worked with HVAC but wanted more formal training. The program was interesting and easy to complete."
"My family recommended me to. My parents both work in the HVAC industry. My parents recommended that I join the family business."
"It has always been something that interest me. My dad does this kind of work and I helped him a lot when I was a kid"
"I chose this program because it was relatively short compared to other programs. I also have several friends and family members who are employed in this profession."
"My cousin got the same certificate and he is doing great, had a job before he graduated so I was inspired to go for it as well. It made the most sense timewise for me as well."
"It was what I am most interested in. It is a growing industry and there are many job openings."
"The HVAC program fit the best with my current job. If i could redo which program i chose, then it would have been a computer programming related certificate."
"My father did similar work, so I was already familiar with it. Plus, my uncle runs an HVAC company so I had work lined up after I got certified."
"There was a demand in the field and i already knew a little bit about the subject."
"I had friends with HVAC careers. Some are doing better than others, I guess it depends on employer and contract work, I just gained employment this year so I don't have a lot of experience."
"It is the field that I am most interested in."
"I have worked in many areas of the construction field all my life. Thus, HVACR seemed to be a good choice of a technician career."
"I have a natural inclination to hands on work. HVAC Techs have high earning potential."
"Because I live in Texas. it gets very hot here. There is always work."
"I chose this program because I wanted to learn about HVAC. Its a great career."
"I think that the future of this field has a good outlook. I am skilled in the field and it suits me well."
"I researched the job market outlook for HVAC Technicians on the federal website for Department of Labor. The outlook in the next 5 -10 years for HVAC technicians would be in high demand."
"Because I like it. I was already familiar with hvac systems as a family member of mine had worked in the same field."
"Growing up I had a friend whose dad had an HVAC installation and repair business and made good money. That peaked my interest and every since then this has been the path that I have wanted to take."
"Part of a plumbing/HVAC education."
"I'm working in this field. HVAC technicians are in high demand."
"I think this program was very beneficial to my line of work at that time. I would not need any other training in any other fields and these courses were very good at helping me advance my career."
"I had done work in HVAC when I was growing up and really enjoyed it. There is also alot of demand for this field where I live."
"I have some family that used to do HVAC jobs for large clients new buildings. They often spoke of how much the clients paid for their installations and maintenance services."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was told it would be very easy to find a great paying job if I pursued this career and I only have a low paying job that was hard to get."
"I was surprised about how many task there were to learn. There was a lot more to the program then what meets the eye. Technology has changed the field."
"What surprised me most about that field of study was how much science was involved in the work. I never realized or knew that HVAC had so much science attached to it, although it makes sense given that we were fixing and working on machinery."
"I was surprised that I had to take core classes in english and math as a part of the program. I didn't think that would be relevant to working on heating and air units."
"I was pleasantly surprised that the job did not entail as much 'dirty-work' as I assumed it would. The working conditions are not the best, but it certainly isn't ditch-digging either. A properly-motivated individual will certainly succeed in this career, no problem."
"I knew that not a lot of women go into this line of work but I was surprised when I got there that there was only one other girl in my class. I would have also brushed up on just opening stuff up to see what it looks like on the inside. I was shocked the first time we took one apart to see all the wiring and i felt completely lost."
"I was surprised to see how much hands on learning there was involved. I thought it was going to be entirely book work but it was mostly hands on."
"I was surprised at the ease of getting back into the transition of schooling after being absent for twenty years. I got frustrated at times but as I continued to do course work, I was surprised at my level of interest and commitment."
"I think others would be surprised with how much reading is involved with the program before you get to the hands on aspect. Strong reading comprehension skills are important to anyone taking up this course work."
"What surprised me the most is how physically demanding the job is. I guess it might have been just me being naive but I go home everyday sore from lifting and crawling around in confined spaces."
"I was very surprised to find out that the HVAC field was so technical and advanced. I found that there was alot of studying in my field and at first I had thought it would be easier. Overall I was surprised that it took such a short amount of time to finish my studies and that once in the classes things got easier the more I learned."
"Most people do not realize that installing HVAC is all about taking the proper measurements. A few inches off can ruin an installation. Proper measurements and flawless execution of math is very important. HVAC repair is also about going through a set of issues in proper order. The classes made everything easy, although I already had some prior knowledge."
"I was surprised how easy HVAC installation and repair was. I was also surprised at the relative ease of starting one's own company."
"I was surprised at how much customer service is involved in the actual job. TO some extent I am a salesman for my company when it comes to installing filters or furnaces in homes. I may have taken a business class or two to get me prepared."
"The course I studied was required but needed for promtion"
"I was surprised by how sophisticated some HVAC systems can be, especially in larger commercial buildings. A lot of effort goes into system installation"
"It was harder than expected. It was also very tedious and time consuming."
"I was surprised at the lack of hands on training I recieved. I would have wanted more opportunities to practice and less reading."
"I was surprised that most of the coursework pertained to safety and how I could be hurt on the job. A lot of math was involved but not necessarily used for the position once hired. I learned a lot but I don't use a lot of what I learned."
"if i am computer engineer very strong on company and my life all so"
"I was surprised in how beneficial internships were for my learning experience. Until my first internship, I was unaware that the best preparation for the job would be by having a quality internship. The mentoring that I received in my internship was very important for my development."
"I was surprised with how successful I was in the program. I did not do very well in high school, and I was worried that the program would be similar to my high school classes. The technical classes were actually more field related and better held my interest."
"I was not very surprised as my friend told me exactly what I would have to be prepared for as he took the class. I would say it was a little more studying than I expected, as I was also working part time."
"Honestly there wasn't a lot that suprised me. I pretty much knew what I was getting into with a parent already in the field and having gone through the same experience. If anything did suprise me it would have been the number of classes I had to take that didn't have anything to do with my degree."
"I was surprised how much direct hands-on training this course required. If i had known this before i would have gotten more familiar with the modern tools of the trade."
"I was surprised when orientation came around on my first day of work. The slideshows, reading material and paperwork was a little overwhelming at first. If I would have known this I would have stocked up on plenty of coffee."
"I was surprised at how much science was involved in my classes. Had I know this, I probably would have paid better attention in high school science classes or taken one while I was in the program."
"I was surprised with how much hands on experience I received for my certification in HVAC. If I had known, I would have paid more attention to what my parents did."
"I was surpised by how much I already knew. It was easy for me. I guess I retained a lot from watching people work as a kid."
"I was most surprised by how much of the field revolved around central air conditioning. Unfortunately the central air did not apply to my job at all. If i could choose another program I would have."
"I was surprised by how different each job can be. There aren't too many sites that are similar, which is actually a benefit."
"It took a very long time to get certified and was more tedious then i thought it would be."
"I was surprised at the amount of work and expertise that is required to be able to accomplish certain tasks. I could definitely see the potential rewards and usefulness of knowing about such things as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning at both residential and commercial settings. I felt the instructors really made a big difference as they had previous experience working in the field, they knew how to explain things with clarity and bring things down to a practical level."
"The field of HVAC is actually more about customer service than anything else. The best reward is helping people and seeing how much they appreciate it."
"It's been fun meeting people. It's always something new and challenging every day."
"It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It moved pretty quickly and it was a little hard to keep up."
"I was surprised at the number of people in this field. I thought it would be more niche."
"HVAC Technician program had a ton of different aspects. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are a big part for many commercial and residential buildings. They always need installation and maintenance is key."
"The level of experience needed starting surprised me initially but I got over it really quickly thanks to my excellent teachers."
"I was very surprised how difficult it was to learn all that was required. There is quite a lot to learn about air conditioners."
"How poorly it pays relative to the training and qualifications."
"I was surprised how much science is behind HVAC Technology."
"I was surprised about how many further certifications were available in my particular field."
"I was very surprised how much I had to learn to install an HVAC system. I went into the program thinking it would be quick and easy but there is actually a lot you have to know to do the job successfully. Still to this day I am constantly learning new things on the job. The program itself is could be longer in my opinion, as the students have so much to learn in such little time."