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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 41 out of 52 (79%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time19 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time68%
Program Difficulty (1-100)57
Satisfied With the School73%
Well-Prepared for Career68%
Would Choose Program Again78%
Career is Directly Related to Program98%
Easy to Find Job75%
How Long to Find First Job4 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time98%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$44,620
Salary Met Expectations69%
Trouble Making Loan Payments39%
Satisfied With the Career80%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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► Common Careers for this Major▼ Common Careers for this Major

People getting a certificate in this major often choose among careers such as (among others):

  • First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
  • Electricians
  • Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers
  • Signal and Track Switch Repairers

Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I've always been good at electronics. I used to fix the speakers and sound systems in people's cars in high school. I seem to have a knack for knowing how to wire things and how the current will flow."
"I enjoyed it when I took shop in high school. I was good at it and figured I could make a career out of it."
"State given stipend + in state tuition + decent dorms"
"high demand and low amount of contractors with certification here. it wasnt to hard to get and the price for training wasnt much"
"the program had great reviews and was very close by to where i lived. I understand electric things more so then computer technician things"
"I am interesting in physics and electricity. I enjoy it."
"i thought it would be a good trade to learn and take with me into the real world for later advances."
"I knew several people who owned their own electrician businesses and they made good money. The plan was to work as an electrician for a few years before starting my own business,"
"I got a job right out of the Army with this company. I knew nothing but I was hired anyway. I began to enjoy the work but the money as a helper was rather low so I took the classes to learn what I needed to make more."
"My brother is an electrician and makes $45,000 a year. To that point, I was only making about $25,000 a year. I followed my older brother's lead on that."
"I have family members who were electricians. Before I started my program I met someone who offered me an apprenticeship if I completed the program, and I felt the pay was good."
"It's something I've always been interested in. Technology is a subject near and dear to me. I've been into electronics since I was a young child."
"I always wanted to learn how to fix lighting fixture and outlets. I would work on DIY projects all the time. I felt this could be something I could do well at."
"I have always been interested in electrical. I wanted to become an electrician to start my own business."
"My stepfather owns an electrical company. I have been around it my whole life."
"Since I was a little boy I liked to do experiments with electricity. I picked this program because I also work in the field and I already have experience as an Electrician."
"I figured that this would be a good field to get into. I wouldn't necessarily have to worry about finding a job."
"I chose this program due to job availability after graduation, decent starting wage and the fact that it is less of physically demanding job compared to other trades. I also was drawn to working in the field versus at a desk."
"I picked this program because my father was an electrician and I had learned a lot of the tricks of the trade from him already. It's good money usually and a simple job that I enjoy doing most of the time."
"I wanted to work for my Uncles company and I had a job waiting for me once I was certified. I saw how successful it made my Uncle so I decided to go into it as well."
"My grandfather and my uncle were electricians and I always heard the talking about how much they enjoyed it and how much money they made. I chose this path because I was interested in learning more about being an electrician."
"I have heard good things about the problem from friends. I have read online that professors are fair."
"This program was what appealed to me at the time. I had a decent understanding of electricity, and I wanted to perfect my skills relevant to the average homeowner."
"I have always been good at working with my hands. Technical jobs have always came easy to me and the pay is great."
"I did some freelance work as an electrician so I felt comfortable. I've thought about doing computer work and enrolling in a career program for it."
"As a career path, it is a pretty good blend of physical and mental work. Doing electrical work requires one to not just be able to work hard, but to think on one's feet. It's a challenging career choice."
"I've heard they had best electrician classes. I also know people who went and took computer/technicians and didn't like it."
"It's the job I'm currently employed at. I'm required to take the classes."
"it's a good career choice. people always need electricity."
"I thought it gave me a lot of flexibility. Also, the world will ALWAYS need electricians. Who knows how computer jobs will be taken over by computers in 10 years?"
"Always worked in that field. My father was an electrician. Followed in his foot steps and that was the only program that stuck to me."
"It is known for being a good school. I was able to stay in state. I was able to work while attending school."
"The pay was supposedly better. I have friends in the same field."
"I thought that I would get the most out of this program. It was a really great fit for me as well."
"No other technical trades were offered. Besides its a good way to start learning the other technical trades."
"Time was a critical factor, I could complete this program in under one year. Also, this field is useful in my personal time as well for side income."
"It was something I had already had interest in. I have family members in this trade whom are happy and successful."
"I thought I could make good money"
"It was the program I was most interested in. My family has all gone along this route."
"Montgomery College has a high reputation. They have a building just for the trades which also includes mechanic and HVAC work."
"I wanted to be an electrician because I was always fascinated with how it works. I have also been told that it is a very stable and well paying career."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised how complex it all was to be honest. A lot different than in high school."
"Electronics involved far more math than I had expected. I knew it involved some, but even seemingly simple things like wiring up a house involves a lot of math in the planning stages."
"i was surprised by the ease of things in my current job, compared to learning through my certificate program. I guess you could say they do a great job at showing me the ropes. A lot being unnecessary though within the job."
"I think the best part of my work is being able to work in various locations. Hospitals, businesses, amusement parks, it's pretty cool to be able to go off into different locations and apply your trade. I think people would be surprised at how precise you have to be in our field, too. I think most people see us as menial laborers and don't understand how complicated our work can be. I think they get surprised when they see all that goes into it. We're like doctors for buildings."
"I was surprised with the amount of electrical safety codes we have to learn. I also was surprised wit the amount of hands on training we did. I also had to learn the requirements for the journeyman Electrician exams."
"It surprised me how rewarding it was, I just went into it because I needed something to get me by. Also how much thinking was actually required, I always assumed it was just a dead end job, there is so much to it."
"It ended up being much more complicated than I originally thought. I imagined it would mainly be about splicing power lines and cables but a lot of it also requires studying blue prints to check proper power flow and things of that nature."
"I was very surprised at the level of technical and scientific knowledge required to be an electrician. From talking to my family members, I was under the impression that it was more like operating off of a checklist, troubleshooting, that kind of thing, but I was very surprised at how technical the course work got so quickly. I was not prepared for the technical aspects of the program."
"I was very surprised at how much work was not hands-on. I thought going into it that 95% of it would be hands-on, but it was more like 50%. Also the tools that they showed us were surprising. I thought that I was aware of all the tools needed, however there were a large amount of tools that I had no idea how to use."
"I was surprised at the amount of women in my classes. It was very cool to witness. More women should enter this field."
"I was surprised at how technical it was. Growing up and being around it my whole life, I thought I had a very firm grasp. While initial concepts, that did ring true, the more complicated and technical aspects of the work I was under prepared for and took me by surprise."
"I was surprised by how much terminology and safety went into electrical work. You really have to be careful about not getting electrocuted and making sure your connections are correct."
"I was surprised how much physics is used in this field and how difficult it can be. Had I known I may have gone with a less physics-intense certification."
"I was surprised at how many components go into an electrical system and how in depth they can get. It can become quite complicated to know how the current is going to flow and how much voltage is going to be directed where. There's actually a lot of math involved, which I wouldn't have expected."
"the work wasnt hard and was ready most the time in my area .i was surprised that the contractor would help me so much to get a job with him"
"It is interesting to learn more about physics and things like that."
"the task that make up being a good electrician are great for disciplining you for most things in life they teach you to double check every thing."
"Overall I was surprised how much stuff I had to memorize. Lots of building codes and safety regulations. I was expecting a more hands on experience but overall I'm glad I learned that stuff."
"It surprised me how much math there is. I was always good at math but not to the degree I needed to fully understand what was being taught. I struggled until I got my wife to help me. Had I known I would have taken sometime to brush up and be a little better prepared"
"I was surprised at the amount I learned outside of things that directly related to my field. I learned about this like construction, and the other fields that work on site with electricians."
"I was surprised by how easy it was. I've always seen electricianing as something very dangerous and difficult to do. It's actually ridiculously basic. Still dangerous, but not as hard as I was expecting."
"I was surprised at how much math and science I needed to know to complete my certification. I was also surprised at how intense some of the classes were."
"It is an interesting field of study. It can always be surprising because every day is a challenge."
"I was surprised by the difficulty of some of the classes. Math wasn't my strong subject in high school or university and there were a few required math classes."
"I was surprised my by all the information that they give you and how relevant it really would be to your career in the future. Another thing that really surprised me was that the program wasn't as long as I thought it was."
"I was surprised by how hands on the training was. I expected there would be coursework and such, but I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a lot of hands on work in the lab."
"I was surprised about how much work would be required to complete the program. I thought it would be easier and I would have more time to spend with friends. I spent alot of time on assignments."
"I was surprised that I didn't learn as much as I did in my field of study. It was somewhat hands on, but I felt like it was mostly reading from a manual or textbook. I wanted to go out in the field more and put my skills to the test, but I didn't really get the opportunity."
"I'm not sure I was surprised. I didn't have any formal training prior to getting into school, but I had a general idea of how things worked. I think if anything that class would feel like actually working towards an end goal, which it didn't."
"The amount of time it takes to master it is very suprising to me. Some stuff in the studys and courses didn't even help with the actual job . Some will learn along the way as they start their career witch is very unique but also surprising there's stuff you didn't learn on the topic."
"I was surprised how easy it was. I learned most of it already on the job."
"i was surprised at how much study was needed."
"I was surprised people are as rude to electricians as they are. It actually requires a lot of expertise and knowledge, but people treat me like I'm a garbage man or something along those lines. Other than that, I enjoy my job very much."
"I was surprised with the amount of work I had to do upon completing my degree. Such as the work load in my classes I thought I was completing my bachelors in something but they wanted you to not only learn about your program but knowledge of other subjects."
"I was very surprised at how many people work in this field. I was also very surprised at how fast I was able to pick up the skills, and how much my schooling helped me."
"The amount of science involved is interesting. Most people see it just as a physical labor career which is very wrong."
"I was not surprised by anything in my field of study. It was basically all normal information."
"What surprised me the most was the amount of mathematical formulas you have to remember and use daily. Its not just twisting wires together."
"I was surprised about the level of detail required to complete an electrical job at a residential house. One mistake could cause the house to catch on fire. This level of detail was stressed in my course work as well."
"It is the most fun I've ever had working, I get up every morning and love my job and what I do for my customers."
"I was surprised at how rigorous the coursework was. I also did not expect so few people to be in the same program as I was."