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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 47 out of 91 (52%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time24 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time66%
Program Difficulty (1-100)60
Satisfied With the School77%
Well-Prepared for Career62%
Would Choose Program Again79%
Career is Directly Related to Program87%
Easy to Find Job56%
How Long to Find First Job8 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time83%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$43,064
Salary Met Expectations56%
Trouble Making Loan Payments40%
Satisfied With the Career72%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

AR • AZ • CA • CO • FL • GA • ID • IL • MA • MD • MI • MN • MO • MP • NC • ND • NJ • NM • NV • NY • OH • OK • OR • PA • SD • TN • TX • UT • WA • WI • WV

► Common Careers for this Major▼ Common Careers for this Major

People getting a certificate in this major often choose among careers such as (among others):

  • Bailiffs
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators
  • Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers
  • Private Detectives and Investigators

Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I chose this career because I wanted to provide a decent living for my family and there were jobs in the area. I also picked this because it was something that was interesting to me."
"I have always been interested in criminal justice.I grew up watching cops and click it was something close to my heart."
"I wanted to be a private investigator. This certificate allowed me to register with the state as a PI."
"I always had an interest in it. I also know an instructor and I thought they had a really interesting field of work."
"The law has always interested me, therefore this was the correct choice for me. I can not see myself enjoying any other field of study."
"I chose this particular program because I wanted to see which part of the legal system I wanted to study and develop a career in."
"To make me able to obtain a job at the local prison. It is one of the highest paying jobs in the area."
"I got into criminal justice to help people, which is cheesy to say but true. I took a criminal justice course in high school and I knew I could make a difference in someone's life. I deviated from that when I got out of high school and did a finance degree which left me completely unsatisfied. I'm glad I went back to school."
"Was trying out for the police department"
"I was always interested in Criminal Justice and involved in the Explorer Program so it was only natural that I enroll in these classes. The College is one of three in the County that has classes but Grossmont was closer and had reasonable tuition and fees."
"I choose this program because it aligns more with my experience as a soldier. Fire/EMS are also public safety and allow me to continue serving my community, but I feel Police work aligns more with military service."
"I had been involved in various public safety volunteer roles growing up and gained a large appreciation for police men and women and criminal justice. I decided having sent so much time in that environment that it was something I wanted to make a career out of."
"I wanted to be a police officer and this program was required through state guidelines. It was the only one available through the agency academy I was attending."
"I chose Criminal Justice because I want to help people who have done crimes. I want to give justice where it is deserves."
"After researching all the careers available to me, I just chose that criminal justice is the one for me. Helping victims bring criminals to justice just seems like a very rewarding career as well as a very important one. I'm glad I chose this career."
"This field was easy to find a job in. I could do many things with a criminal justice degree such as be a police woman or paralegal."
"I was always interested in this field of study. I had friends who had jobs in the government with this degree. I wanted to do the same thing as them."
"I am interested in the criminal justice field because I want to be involved in my community. I do not enjoy sitting in an office and not interacting with the public. Having a certificate in criminal justice will allow me to grow personally and professionally."
"I was interested in the field. knew what job I wanted"
"I chose my major as Criminal Justice because my father was in law enforcement and my oldest sister was in law enforcement as well. My father being a police office/detective and my sister being in the Parole Division. I chose to follow in their foot steps and also it is something I am highly interested in."
"I was following family recommendations, and it seemed like something that would be at least somewhat interesting. My father was actually in the criminal justice system and he made good money and liked the program."
"I chose this career path because I believed it to be more meaningful then entering the education field. I also enjoyed the aspect of having new and challenging experiences everyday."
"I was interested in the program. I have always wanted to help children in need and I thought that helping children get on the right path would be the best way to help them."
"I wanted to become a police officer. I felt this program would be most beneficial."
"I'm interested n making sure bad people in this world get what's coming to them. People should have to pay for the crimes that they commit in a just manner."
"I originally thought I wanted to go into the Criminal Justice department because I wanted to help kids. I thought this program was interesting to me."
"I was impacted by the neighborhood I grew up in. I was also drawn to the program based on its reputation and recommendation from folks I know personally."
"I have always been interested in the law. I have worked as a paralegal for over 20 years. I thought I might be interested in working in the court system. Now, I think I may go to law school."
"The program was Criminal Justice-Corrections and I liked having the wider range. My father is a Corrections Officer and I've always wanted to go into this career."
"It it the most interesting. Also my dad is a cop."
"I picked this program because both of my parents are in the criminal justice industry. I also wanted to be the person who bridged the gap between upper and lower economic classes."
"It is high for the ability to find work. It also still offers a pension which the majority of the lines of work do not."
"I felt that Criminal Justice was an interesting field, a science that studies criminal human behavior. The crime rate is high in the US so I felt that there will be more job opportunities than in other fields."
"It's something that is always hiring."
"You drew my interest as I enjoy public safety and it is one which always has openings. Fire service in this area is very competitive."
"I was interested in the department and learning more about the criminal justice system and the problems faced by it today."
"I am very passionate about my career and choosing this particular program has brought me happiness towards learning. I am always eager to learn something new and also interested in hands on programs and opportunities."
"I've always been a Just person. I value justice in all things."
"I wanted to be able to help people who were victims of the criminal justice system. Also, I am very interested in becoming a police officer some day."
"I have always had a fascination with Criminal Justice and enjoy the study of it. I like that it is about more than just policing but the law profession."
"I feel as though its important to have a good understanding of law. Lots of Americans don't know much about the laws of this country and to me that's just plain ignorant."
"I had interest into doing one of two things, being a local police officer and the other being a border patrol agent. Both intrigued me in different ways but nonetheless, enough to make me pursue the degree."
"I am in Law Enforcement"
"Because I always had an interest in doing something in law enforcement and this seemed like a good first step. Also I had a couple other friends who were going here for this degree also."
"I chose Criminal Justice because I enjoy helping struggling youth. I feel that this system needs female candidates and I make an impact on lives in the community."
"I have always been fascinated with criminal justice. It is great to know how out justice system works and helps keep us safe."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I think all the memorization and preparation that goes into the subject. The field isn't one that you can get by just by coasting. You need to really have dedication to the work and strive for success."
"I was surprised how much physical activity was needed. In our high-tech world, I figured I would be able to get a job with observational security, as opposed to physically stopping culprits."
"I was surprised by how difficult the writing components were. As a returning student, I felt that it really would have been useful to have brushed up on some key writing principles beforehand."
"I was surprised about how much writing and research you had to do. Also how popular this field is."
"I was surprised at how rigorous the training was in judicial principles. Several of the classes were essentially first-year law degree classes. I am, however, grateful that I took them."
"I've been surprised with how much I needed great people skills in this field. I thought it would be only depend on how smart I was, but you really do have to be able to work well with people."
"I was surprised at the amount of studying that was needed to memorize and learn the vocabulary and the rules. The amount of time it took to learn how to write a legal memo or document was hard but also rewarding."
"I was surprised at how people will gain positions and stay in the positions until they are much older. I was also surprised that the desire for experience coupled with education seemed unrealistic."
"The amount of stupidity you have to deal with. Nothing could have prepared me for that place."
"The amount of paperwork we have to do is crazy. I spend more time doing paperwork than being out in the community but it's part of the job. The current landscape certainly hasn't helped, but I work everyday to change minds and keep it positive. We are here to help the community as best as we can."
"I was surprised at how relevant the course was in my line of work. I initially thought that it would be more relevant to attorneys."
"I think what would surprise others about the field of study is that they need a wide base of knowledge that can't be covered in a program to be really good at their job. They need life experience to combine with their book knowledge to be successful. Students need to focus on their studies and learn as much as they can and ask questions to learn - not to prove what they think they know. Take advantage of the internships and learn all you can before you go into the field."
"I was surprised at how many definitions are needed to be memorized in Law Enforcement. With Transportation Codes, Penal Codes, Civil Codes, and Family codes, there are many definitions needed to be memorized to distinguish between one law and another."
"Having a military background, the military structure of the field did not surprise me but may a culture shock for anyone without a military background. The breadth of study and variety of topics required in law enforcement was a bit overwhelming. For example, mental transitioning in scenarios from a civil dispute to, let's say, a suicidal subject, requires a lot of preparation. I was surprised at how much reading, studying, and knowledge of laws was required during the course and on the job."
"I was surprised how much research was involved with Criminal Justice and reading. But I was able to work through it."
"Overall I was mostly surprised by the amount of papers I had to write. When I was enrolling I thought that the couse load would be easier."
"I was surprised how much actual work there is in criminal justice. I had no idea that this occupation has lots of work every single day. If I had known that this much work was needed to be done before I started learning, I would still choose to continue along this path because it is a rewarding career."
"I was surprised at how much time it took to do all the work to get me where I am today. If I had known it was going to take so much of my time I would have worked part-time during my last two semesters."
"Before I entered this field of study, I thought it would be heavy on laws. But, we also thoroughly went through the history of the criminal justice process. Something I did not think would be very important."
"I was surprised how much studying was needed to complete my certificate in Criminal Justice. I stayed up late multiple nights and cancelled plans with friends to get my coursework done. There is a lot of specific laws that I had to memorize."
"I was surprised how enjoyable the field of study was. How much my school prepared me for it!"
"I think the workload as well as finding employment was my biggest surprises. I figured getting into Criminal Justice would guarantee a job almost immediately, but I was very much wrong. The courses in my opinion where difficult and took a lot more effort than I initially thought it would take."
"I was very surprised by how much politics play into the daily duties of a police officer. This is something i wasnt prepared for while attending school."
"I was surprised how many people are looking into going through the same field of work as I was. I was afraid at some points that I was going to get delayed because the classes would fill fast and after I completed the program I was afraid of the amount of applicants."
"The physical demands were not as anticipated, as in they were to lenient and allowed many unfit candidates to pass with substandard physical scores. There was not career assistance after graduation to help assist graduates in finding positions in their career."
"the amount of information you have to learn in this particular job field surprised me. I had to take classes I never imagined having to take for this degree."
"What surprised me was that I didn't have to have a degree in the field I was getting a job in. They just wanted to see that I had put in the work and graduated."
"Some of the courses I took were much more difficult than I had anticipated. I generally found the challenge to be positive, however there were several occasions where I needed to reach out to my instructors and school resources to navigate some of the difficulties I was experiencing while completing my part time course work and working full time."
"I was surprised by the range of information I was exposed to during this program. Not only did learn about the things I expected to, I was able to take classes in forensics and computer forensics. These were classes I thoroughly enjoyed even though they were unexpected."
"It surprised me the difficulty some graduates had getting placed in employment. It seemed those with connections were the only ones to be getting any real positions. I was also surprised with the difference between what was taught in my Wisconsin classes versus what my real world position entails down in Florida. Things are a lot less violent than anticipated."
"I was surprised by how heavy in writing my field was."
"I was highly surprised by the amount of work necessary to stay on-track throughout the program. Many people underestimated the core values Wake Technical Community College places on academic standards."
"I had no idea it was able to change you as a person as much as it has. I cannot believe that there were not mental health issues covered with police and military suicide as well as the influence of the job has on home life and drug abuse. It is a critical part of our life and was never touched on in the academy."
"It surprised me that in order to obtain some of the internships a background criminal check was required. I had a troubled past so I was disqualified from doing a certain internships, because I had this past. I felt discriminated."
"I was surprise to complete the program with good grades. Such an easy degree."
"I was surprised at the difficulty in studying penal code, which are written in a very descript manner. Because of this a study guide is almost required as it breaks the codes down into more digestible pieces."
"It was very interesting to study people and the problems faced by society. Many people hear sociology and don't think much of it, but our society is built on the principles of sociology put into practice."
"Facing challenges that life throws at you is one of the surprising part of my field of study.I am surprised about how much challenges I had to face because I had to develop more communication skills, good listening skills, critical thinking and being mentally and physically fit"
"I was very surprised that this training from OTC did not help me get a job. Additionally, I thought I should have taken more psychology classes to better understand the people I want to work with."
"That there is more to the daily operations of an officer than anyone realizes. It takes a lot of work to succeed in this field."
"I was surprised to find out how many laws actually exist in this country. There's more laws than you could ever imagine, and most of them vary from state to state."
"I was surprisingly intrigued by how well a double major in Pyschology compounded the chances of getting a job in the respective field. Having this clarified by the department got me signed up and as a result took me an additional year to graduate."
"I was surprised about how much laws codes were in Criminal justice. I also was surprised about how far back they went to teach the history of it"
"I was surprised about the amount of reading and studying involved. I thought that there would be a lot of real world experience but it was more about book smarts. I learned more in 1 week on the job than I did in 1 year of school."
"I was surprised at how naturally I took to the material. Each course was genuinely interesting and engaging. I had an excellent Instructor who used to be an FBI agent and each day was refreshing and honestly intriguing."
"What I was surprised the most about the field is how much reading you had to do. Compared to may other subjects, criminal justice is the most intensive in the amount of reading you need to do. You have to devote a lot of time and effort to just get the readings in and fully understand the material."