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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 145 out of 238 (61%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time19 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time73%
Program Difficulty (1-100)61
Satisfied With the School75%
Well-Prepared for Career59%
Would Choose Program Again90%
Career is Directly Related to Program83%
Easy to Find Job65%
How Long to Find First Job7 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time84%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$44,940
Salary Met Expectations60%
Trouble Making Loan Payments44%
Satisfied With the Career75%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"I was told this program had the most flexibility. It also looked like the most lucrative."
"I picked the program due to the lie I was told in obtaining a starting salary of a minimum of $60,000. What happen was I got my certificate but due to the reputation of the school I was offered no internships let alone a job."
"It seemed like a degree which offered the highest payout out of college. Additionally, I was better at it than support."
"I really had great interest in So i really wanted to learn more about C-sharp and about computer system applications."
"I chose this program because the job field is growing at an extremely rapid place. Also because this program was very small, and I knew I would be able to function better with smaller class sizes."
"I started taking computer repair courses in high school and this was a way to get further in the field. This was also my job function at my place of employment."
"I have always been interested in IT and wanted to make it my career, which I did. This program related more to the career that I wanted in IT consulting."
"Specifically I chose to go for a career studies certification with a focus on computer systems cyber security. I've always had a deep personal interest in internet,computer hardware and software. Research shows I.T. is an will continue to be a growing field as well as a larger part of our society. This means there will be a growing demand for people with field expertise. For me job security is number one when it comes to career choice. Next, what I chose had to be meaningful and enjoyable for me. Before enrolling, I had a meeting with an adviser at Thomas Nelson. The adviser was very focused on my needs and seemed extremely knowledgeable about available programs. They gave me the direction I needed based on information I provided about my interests. This had the biggest influence on what certification/classes I would take with them."
"I picked this program because I wanted general introduction to Computer Systems without knowing a specific area to to focus on. Additionally, I heard that the professor for this program was a good instructor."
"Before attending this program, I worked as a computer repair tech at a small computer repair shop. This program added valuable training to the experience I already had in this field."
"The success rate for completion of the program was high. The staff had outstanding credentials as well."
"I want to build useful apps. As well as making fun games."
"I wanted to go into a field where I could work exclusively on computers. This certificate would have given me the experience needed to fulfill that."
"The program was called information systems. It was their prep program for a computer science degree which I thought I wanted to do at the time."
"I did not want to spend my life writing code. There was a high demand for systems administrators in my city."
"Other computer degrees would not pay as well. Other degrees were more focused in business"
"I chose this program, because of all the programs available, this felt like the best foot in the door. I wanted a career and everyone needs computer systems people."
"I was a self study in computer programs and network security. I had already been learning the concepts on my own that the college was offering, so i had a jump start on the material they were teaching. They also displayed their production network as a demo to future students."
"I spoke with an advisor and he really help me narrow down my choices."
"I always liked computers since I was young and it interested me the most. Another reason I chose it was that it paid well."
"I picked this program because it offers a lot of flexibility as far as job placement and it is a high demand career. It is also quite high paying and a job i am comfortable with."
"I choose this because it paid more than professions. It was also more challenging work."
"I picked this program because I have an interest in computer science. I also chose this program because I wanted to expand upon my knowledge in this field."
"I wanted to have some relevant background in computer systems in case I wanted to complete a degree later on in my life. Furthermore, this specific program was required for a job that I was working at the time."
"I thought it would have a lot of in-depth knowledge of computers. This could help me in many ways moving forward in a career."
"Interest in technology, it had 2 years. I was only able to attend the 1st year."
"i am very much interested in computer tech"
"For my current job we needed to develop a custom solution. The result was that this institution offered training course so that i would be able learn and complete the desired project."
"I am good with computer technology and it interests me. Also there are job opportunities."
"The specific courses were Cisco 1 - 4, and A+. I picked these two because I was already fairly experienced in the field, but had no formal education, or certs under my belt. I enjoyed what I was doing and decided to do the courses and move up in the company."
"I picked the Systems technology so I could get some training on servers. It enabled me to place this certificate on my resume so I could move to a new position where I work."
"I have loved working with computers for a long time. It seemed a good field to go into considering the amount of computers out there."
"I am currently in a position where certifications are a great boost to my advancement within my company. GTCC's Information Technology certificate made me a more experienced technician and opened me up for better positions."
"I have always been interested in IT. I wanted to further my education and experience."
"I think it has a good future. I feel I am talented in this field."
"I felt as though this program gave me a broader spectrum of career choice over the technician programs. I addition, I already possessed the knowledge needed to be a technician, so it would have been a waste of time. I was also advised to do so by the academic advisers on campus."
"I chose this because I knew many of the jobs I would be taking on would require some expertise on computer systems and technology. My career involves high use of technology and this would help me achieve my goals."
"When I chose to pursue my computer programming degree from Maryland, I was also serving as a computer programmer in the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force required that my degree should apply to my job in some manner, so I was forced to choose computer programming as my intended degree."
"I wanted to learn programs that I would use on the job. These courses have been very useful."
"Because I believed it would allow me to get a job in the computer field right away and would also help me towards a BS degree if I chose to continue going to school."
"Interested and in fact have a passion for technology"
"i have always loved working with computers"
"I wanted to work with computers for my entire life. I knew that this field would always need people and I figured why not."
"I thought that Computer Technology would be a large and in demand work choice. I wanted to go into a work field that would provide need for jobs for a long time."
"I really enjoyed computers as a whole. I did not enjoy programming or any of the computer languages. I really enjoyed trouble shooting problems, fixing them and moving onto the next issue. I did not see myself developing copious amounts of time to writing code for a program that might take years to finish."
"I felt that this program offered more room for immediate career advancement. Additionally, I felt that there would be more earning potential in the long run."
"I do not believe this is a relevant question to my answer. I could have became a Computer Technician."
"I needed certificate courses that were well-rounded and offered more than just a technical base/foundation. This school has a number of non-technical, computer-related courses and offers certificates in each of them."
"I chose this course because it is a more general study of computer technology, where as the other courses were more specific."
"My college counselor recommended it. Furthermore, after sampling a couple of classes I was convinced it was the right path."
"The program at Depaul was meant comprehensive. It taught four different computer languages as part of its curriculum."
"I'm very interested in the technology aspects of computers. I've never been too interested in repair or that sort of thing. Computer systems technology has always been interesting to me, but I never had a chance to learn about it before I found this program."
"I was interested in a more analytical program that would allow me to pursue system analysis and computer programming job paths. This program definitely gave me in-depth knowledge in both those fields."
"It was the program that was offered. It was the program I was most interested in."
"At the time I was contemplating a career change and wanted a refresher of the items I learned years ago in college that I've never applied."
"I have always been interested in this subject from an early age. I think it is the most valuable program in terms of cost vs. reward."
"I had thought that this would be a good introduction into computers and get my foot into the door. I liked the pace of the courses and thought it would be easy enough to manage."
"I was already working in the current field. I needed to renew my certification and things had changed so much that I needed additional resources to pass. The price for the program was cheaper than attending other 3rd party training seminars and included the vouchers needed to renew my certifications. Because I was working in the field, I was already familiar with my roles in my place of business. I didn't want to start over in some other field so it made sense to renew certifications in my current field."
"I have always enjoyed building and working on my own computers as well as those of my family and friends. I also believed that the pay would be good for something I enjoyed."
"I thoroughly enjoy working on computers, so this seemed like the best option for me. I had a meeting with the teacher before enrollment and was immediately drawn into the class."
"I was interested in computers. I enjoy troubleshooting and repairing computers."
"The program offered what I was looking for. I knew some of the professor's already."
"I picked this program because I like troubleshooting and working on various systems. I also figured it would allow me to make a decent living."
"It was the most interesting to me, and seemed like it had the most general applicable use to later career paths. I would like to use this knowledge to eventually go back to school, at a university to obtain a bachelor's."
"I wanted to support computer and networks. I was told that support was more exciting than database/programming."
"CST is something I'm familiar with since I have a decent understanding of it. It was rough, but I was able to learn things through enough effort."
"This program was more relevant to my current job. I needed these classes more than the others that were offered."
"I wanted to study culinary. But the college advisor suggested Computer Systems because they were hiring and they discontinued the cooking program."
"I am a network administrator and have always been fascinated with computers and how they all communicate with each other. This program seemed to be the most efficient way of getting to where I wanted to be."
"I like the broader spectrum of the program. Also I figured that I would have an easier time getting a job due to the program."
"I love computers, and I always have. I wanted to go to school for information technology, but it wasn't just about my interest. It's also about the fact that this is a very profitable market and a wonderful career to grow in."
"Computer Systems Technology had a growing track record for employment at the time which gave me a positive outlook on employment. I also chose this program due to the hands on approach for being able to work with a variety of systems in different settings."
"I have always been interested in the computer sciences. Unfortunately I was already committed to another field of study."
"I chose this school due to proximity to home and work. I also chose this school over others because of the financial aspect."
"I did not want to be stuck in technical support. I understood that technical support was a good way to get my foot in the door, but I felt that it was a dead end, so I did not go into repair or support. With systems technology, there seemed to be a never-ending list of certifications and systems that could be explored, and I was right."
"I thought it would help me understand computers better, which the content did. However, the course itself would have been better with some face-to-face communication."
"No specific reason, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. I did it on a whim."
"The classes involved in this program peaked my interest more than others. I also had friends going through the program."
"It was the best fit for me from the computer programs offered."
"Computer Systems Technology was most interesting to me. I thought I would have an easier time finding a job in that area."
"I've always loved computers. I love working with both the hardware and software aspects, as well as coding and problem solving. I felt that this particular program was the best fit for me based on the skills I already possessed, and based on what I wanted to do in the future."
"This program interested me about the growing of new products and how they can benefit the world. I enjoy computers and learning about the newest and fastest way to complete something."
"I learned how to build a computer a the age of 14. Ever since then I've had a passion for making a career out of the repair and maintenance of large and small scale computer systems"
"I chose it for it's academic diversity. It offered a broader range of classes in comparison to the others."
"I choose this program because it is what I love to do best. I also see a lot of jobs in this field and figured it would help me in the long run."
"Actually it was called Computer Information Systems. I picked it because I didn't like programming or networking, and back then (and in prior years) could have made a great career just dealing with PC hardware and basic software. This failed entirely though, because the dotcom bust occurred right as I graduated, and computers soon went far too mainstream for that training to be useful - most average users now know what I knew when I graduated."
"I liked the breadth of the program. The payoff was excellent and allowed for further advancement."
"It was the most relevant choice given to what I wanted to do in the future. The job outlooks were more wide ranged of prospective advancements and careers. Less specific."
"Technology is expanding at an exponential rate. So I chose this program because it would catch me up to whats happening."
"I've always liked to work with computers."
"I liked the program, it fit me well. I thought I would enjoy it, which I did."
"I chose to pursue Network Infrastructure and Server Administration because I felt these were the most likely to get me a decent job. I felt there were more, higher paying opportunities than other fields."
"I find information systems to be more interesting than hardware / technician studies. The general pay for being certified in IT is better than other programs."
"becase i thought i would be able to gain employment right after i was done with the program"
"I've always enjoyed working with computers, and have had a natural understanding of them. I just felt at the time, Computer Technology would be a great shoe-in for me."
"I wanted to get a general knowledge of computer systems. This would give me that knowledge that I could use to grow. I wanted to be able to understand the curriculum if I was going to get certified in my field."
"I am interested in the systems and software programs presented in this class. I know the other certificates are too technical for my particular needs."
"I always liked computer networking field. I am good at it as well. I wanted to take few classes to get some formal training before I get a decent paying job."
"I had some background in this area as a computer enthusiast but wanted to find a program that drew on current skills and developed them to improve my marketability. I believe this is an area that will see continued growth. I can now adjunct in this field as an instructor when I combine this credential with my other degree."
"It's a field I already had some interest in. In addition when touring the school for the first time I really hit it off with the teacher. So I was already interested in the first place, then the school and teacher really won me over so I went for that specific program."
"It was the only division my college grant would cover at that time. I applied for and received a large grant."
"I've always loved and been passionate about computers. I wanted training in something that wouldn't make my job feel like going to work every day."
"Because i wanted to do some certifications in IT field as well or in computer field"
"I was really interested in computer programming so I just wanted some exposure. A lot of big companies at the time were looking for network techs."
"I am intellectually wired to want to understand systems. I enjoy understanding how things function and work together in order to produce efficient and useful outputs."
"I wanted to take something that offered a wide range of options. I felt that this program would provide me with that and it did. I gained a broad knowledge that I am happy with."
"It was important to my desired career field. The degree was something I was already familiar with."
"It seemed to be the most in demand around my area. I was looking for something that would give me an edge on the job market."
"The program focused specifically on the IT field I was interested in. The program was taught by several local business professionals."
"The program was very office-skills oriented at the time, and quite hands on which I liked. There was some programming, but mostly it was operations, lots of data-entry, as well as learning host-systems operation including learning how to operate the large host for the university, and its computer lab."
"It seemed to have the best prospects for employment, and it is something that interested me."
"Because I thought that it would be most useful. I figured that this might qualify me for more jobs."
"I choose to purse Computer Systems Technology because of the vast amount of courses offered. Computers literacy is crucial in our society and the courses offered covered all the basis and more to make me ready for numerous careers."
"I wanted a deeper level of understanding of network technology. Also, I was influenced in my choice by college counselors and mentors."
"I picked this program because it seemed to fit me better than the other options. I was able to learn more about a field that I was already interested in at the time."
"Computer systems has always been interesting to me. However, its a vague field of study."
"At the time it was something I felt I had a passion to pursue. I still have a passion to pursue this so I feel it was the correct choice for me. I've since gone on to get a 4 year degree in a somewhat similar field of study... Computer Science."
"In truth, I took the other programs as well. I completed the main program of MCSE and MCP (Microsoft certifications) and also did an A+ hardware certification course."
"I've love computer systems since I was a kid and was looking forward to doing it."
"I have always been interested in a career in computers. Learning the ins and outs of a computer have been a dream."
"I chose this program because I enjoy working with computers. I love learning, and at the rate technology is advancing, there needs to be people there who know how to use and correct any computer issues."
"My dad inspired me to participate in this program. He has worked with computers his whole life and got me interested in the first place."
"I actually did not specifically pick this program at first, but took a multitude of CIS geared classes and was awarded this certificate as well as another one in programming for completing so many credited classes."
"Although the pay for the career programs was appealing, the time it would take me to complete the program was not. As a parent, I needed something I could complete in less than 2 years."
"This program is the next step up from repair technician in which I already had experience in."
"It was one that was relevant to my field. I brought the list to my employer and they selected this one, among others, that they would find useful."
"The program included multiple courses of study and I could take the ones I was interested in and not take the ones that did not interest me. It also offered a good combination of networking classes as well as web design classes which I was interested in."
"I was not so interested in programming because it seemed more difficult. Technician also seemed more difficult because I do not think of myself as very good a fixing machines. Systems was more my speed because we learned about operations of computer systems."
"They have great professors with good experience. Classes were very interactive."
"I felt that this was a subject I could relate to as well as understand. I was intimidated by the other options."
"I picked this program, because I am very interest in System Technology. I have enjoyed playing with computer and tech hardware my whole life. So, I wanted to learn more about it and be able to work on these things for a living."
"I wanted a promotion at work."
"It was the first program in a series of programs that the college offered. I wanted to get all my computer technology certifications and this program was suppose to prepare me for the certification test."
"It gave me many certifications from cisco and comptia. It also covered a wide variety of topics like linux, security, pc repair."
"I chose this field because I was already somewhat familiar with this industry. I also had a few friends who studied in Computer Systems, so we would be able to study together."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was confused about why more people didn't go to these types of certificate schools. You think a college degree is always better but thats not always the case."
"I was surprised that even after getting my certificate, and having about a year in the field, how hard it was to find a job locally, or at all. I spent a couple months searching everyday and I had many callbacks, but everyone wanted to know how much true work experience I've had, and that was limited."
"I was surprised at the amount of prerequisites to gaining this certification. There were many classes that i felt did not pertain to the certification but in the end i had fun learning and it was a good experience."
"I was surprised at how much a person needs to know to do even the most entry level IT support desk job; there are just so many facets to computer knowledge that no love of computers or degree in computer science can answer without direct experience to that particular environment. I was also surprised that once you got into the computer career field how easily you can transition to different duties and jobs using some of what you already know, and learning the rest day to day. Personal networking is absolutely essential in moving up for me."
"I was surprised about all the different direction that you can go with this field. Its not just basic networking. You can go with security classes and courses or programming. I feel that Programming would have been better for a higher salary. Also the skills that ive learned in my career have had little correlation with my studies."
"I was surprised that the certification tests were so difficult. I think experience really helps prepare for the exams."
"I was surprised at the amount of math that's used in coding. I thought I could take this without ever having to worry about math."
"I was surprised at the amount of basic computer knowledge course were required. I figured going into a field of study such as this you would already have the basics that your first couple classes teach."
"This subject required more writing and alot more hours of studying than I had anticipated. It also required more prerequisites due to the work being very difficult for me at times."
"I was surprised that the certification tests have expiration dates. I knew I would need to learn skills and pass exams but I wasn't aware that it would be a continuous learning process even after graduation."
"It was a challenge to become familiar with different systems, but being able to have supportive instructors who allowed me to work hands on made this process well worth the wait. I was surprised that alot of the work required written reports to describe the problem and solutions, but by taking professional writing it was a breeze."
"I was surprised at how detailed this field can be. We basically started from scratch to hardware basics and moved forward. There was somewhat of a 'computers for dummies' course that was encouraged for everyone but mostly geared towards a regular joe off the street."
"If there's one thing that surprised me, it's how much the basics of computers were involved. I was expecting something more over the top, but honestly, with at least a basic understanding of how computers process and run, you can learn very quickly. To go along with this particular course, I also had to take several math courses;more than I had originally expected."
"I was surprised at how many different courses there were available in that field. How many different directions I could, and still might, have gone. The past few years have been huge for the tech business and has greatly broadened the range of opportunities."
"I was surprised to learn all the commands that need to be known for operating Linux systems. Shell scripting is a must for the work and for study, and it is basically learning a whole new programming language. Also there is a lot of protocol that had to be learned for security and best practices that needed to be memorized at length."
"I was surprised how much knowledge of customer service was needed for a certificate in Computer Systems. I was also surprised how much the classes were like foreign language classes. I had to learn how to translate a customer request into a technical request."
"I was surprised by how much flexibility there is in the field, I did not realize there were so many different branches to computer work and degrees. There is something for everyone."
"I was very surprised about how much algebra was involved in a course I had to take called Basic which was a beginning computer programming course. Had I known that I would have taken remedial course in it before ever entering the program in the Vocational/Technical school."
"I was surprised at how much time needed to be dedicated to some courses, including some required electives. Most weeks I would dedicate 30 to 40 hours or more to doing coursework. Maybe part of that was due to returning to schoolwork, which I hadn't done in decades. I was also surprised at how quickly some beginner courses seemed to go to what felt like an advanced level that I wasn't quite ready for, such as in a programming course I took. It seemed like I didn't get enough time to grasp the basics before things became overly complex in a way that didn't seem to belong in a beginner's course."
"I was surprised by how much and how fast things change in the high tech industry. Just taking a course will never be enough. One has to be constantly following the new developments and new product releases to be aware of the market."
"I was surprised that one had to pay 3 years salary for a program that could have been learned online for free. I was surprised the professors were not currently employed in the field they were teaching"
"I had done a lot of programming in high school but I found the support/tech industry to be very, very challenging. I had to learn much more about the inner workings of linux and other operating systems."
"I love the versatility of the field, as it applies to so many different markets. It is an ever-evolving study that requires you to really pay attention to the market, or you risk becoming irrelevant and out dated. I really enjoy keeping on top of the newest technologies and figuring out how they work."
"There are many areas to specialize in in the field. I originally wanted to study web design but also took courses in network technology to better my chances at finding a job. I realized that there are multiple certifications to achieve in the networking field according to what specialization you wanted. I ended up going this route rather than pursuing web design."
"I was surprised that I had to take GED and other assessment in order to take part in this course."
"I was surprised that the program required a lot of studying, I thought that it would be more hands on learning than reading a textbook. I was also surprised that I was the only female in all of my classes, I wasn't expecting it to be a male-dominant major"
"What surprised me the most was the amount of junk classes required to complete the program. Psychology, music appreciation, etc should not be required to get an IT degree"
"I never knew how many internships were available in IT. I was also surprised at how many internships turned into a paying position."
"My school, teachers, advisers and instructions did a great job covering large bodies of information relevant to potential future careers. My hands on job experience has taught me almost as many new things about the I.T. security field than what I learned in school. The scale of useful/applicable information in this field of study goes beyond the scope of what's possible to cover in an even longer program than mine. I began my first job feeling very confident almost over confident. The impression I got from school led me to believe I would be maybe over prepared for my entry level position. For my first 6 months at my new job I was overwhelmed and stressed out. There was a very steep an long winded learning curve."
"I was surprised at the amount of writing needed to complete my program. I was also surprised at the amount of finance and accounting courses that I was required to complete. I do use these skills in my career and appreciate completing the courses."
"I was surprised that the program did not offer an internship. An internship is needed for students to gain practical, hands-on experience in technical fields."
"I was surprised at how fast I took to the program. I was a natural when it came to assembling computers and troubleshooting errors. However, it can be frustrating when you think you've done everything right and then nothing works. The rate at which technology is constantly changing can be frustrating as well."
"the amount of physical labor i have to do."
"I was surprised at how much theory was tuahgt. I thought there would be m ore hands on, practical learning. I had to get that elsewhere."
"I was surprised at how well a community college actually prepared me for a job. I had been prepared to complete a 4 year degree going in, but after I had found a good job I never ended up doing so."
"I was very surprised that the tests for certification were of very low quality. A lot of misused terms and words, spelling errors, and bad grammar. It was very confusing, but ultimately, easier than I was told it would be from a technical standpoint."
"I was surprised by how much business knowledge I would need to apply the skills I learned in school"
"This is not a women friendly industry. Competition is tough and women are left out of a lot of meetings and opportunities simply for being women. And I have to listen to many gross conversations about women like I am not there. It is disappointing. My other women friends in the tech industry all come back with similar stories."
"I was surprised how difficult it is to express your technical knowledge without the ability to acquitted demonstration or prove technical skills. Human Resource departments and scouts usually ask technical questions, that only engineers understand. Most employment is usually when someone vouches for you, and so your social network is important. It's who you know, not so much as what you know (but that does help satisfy the managers hiring requirements)."
"What surprised me the most about this was how much I would be working with people who have the absolute least amount of knowledge possible about technology, and who absolutely believe ridiculous superstitions."
"I was suprised of some of the prerequisities needed for the study. Some of the prerequisisties were not needed at all and was a complete waste of time."
"I was surprised how political this field is being a solely technical field. It really pays off to find the right company, not just the one that pays the most."
"I was surprised at how broad the field was and how many different topics were covered."
"I was somewhat surprised at the day-to-day activities that are involved in making sure computer servers and algorithms are running smoothly. Most of these struggles are unknown by almost everyone that takes technology for granted."
"I was surprised by the low level of difficulty and knowledge this course offered. But to my knowledge it was more meaningful in the 2nd year (advanced course) 1st year and 2nd year students sat in the same class but were assigned and tough separately with some overlap"
"now i am daily enhancing my knowledge in this field"
"I was surprised how much hands on programming there was available during the class. Also the instructor actually spent time with me to show how to resolve a complex problem that i had in mind that needed to be done for my work."
"I was surprised that I needed to take so much math for my certificate. I figured it was mostly about knowing computer stuff. math doesn't seem to have much relationship to my job or field of study."
"The thing that suprised me most was the details that I was missing from being self taught. The classes went much more in depth than I had been before on my own. It really helped to complete my knowledge in my career."
"I was really surprised at how much documentation must be done when upgrading servers. Also I am really surprised by the people that say they can do Sys admin when they really can't."
"How easy it was to pick up and learn. Computers always seemed easy to work on and work with. I love helping others away from work with their computer problems too."
"I was surprised at how much reading was needed to complete my certificate. Although hands-on experience is key in my field, written material is just as important for a greater understanding of what is being done."
"I was surprised how much technical knowledge was required in the program. It went into great detail about Microsoft Windows, Active Directory and servers."
"I was very surprised at how up to date everything was. I figured their information would be out of date considering the field."
"I was surprised at the pace in which technology changes. Over the last 10 years, technology has had exponential growth and is constantly being reworked and innovated. I was also surprised at how difficult it is to maintain network security with end user ease of access. It is a very delicate balance to keep a secure network and a keep the end users happy."
"The program wasn't difficult at all but I felt confident after taking it in my computer system skills to make sure that I wasn't falling behind the times. Technology changes quickly and the last thing I want is to fall behind all the new technology and not have it be relevant to my career. I expected some things I didn't know but most of the course was review."
"I was very surprised at the large number of non-related courses and the small number of related courses that I was required to take in order to receive my degree in computer programming. I would say that only 25% of my courses were related to the computer industry and the rest consisted of math, English, history, and other such fields of study. Furthermore, I was allowed to take a variety of tests in order to prove my knowledge and receive credit for these courses without actually attending classes."
"How tedious computer technology is."
"I was surprised that it required so much math. Also, there was more writing than I thought I would have to do. I was also a little surprised at how much work was involved--there was a lot of programming which I had to do mostly on my own time."
"I was very surprised at the materials provided to learn the field of study I chose. The material was almost animated, colorful and informative which was surprising because I thought it would be very difficult. I was surprised overall at how easy it was to complete,"
"how much less intimidating it is than i thought."
"I was not sure how many people really wanted to interact with me due to the nature of the job. People were surprisingly friendly."
"I was surprised at how many add on certificates you could add on top of a basic degree to drastically increase your pay. A simple Microsoft certification could increase your salary almost $10,000 a year and would only cost under $1,000 for the course materials and tests. It was relatively easy to move up in salary as you started to compile certifications."
"I did not realize going into my program that I would have to obtain so many prerequisites for this position. Even after spending time in the courses that would be directly related to my job, I still needed to get apprenticeship hours and clinic work experience."
"I am still surprised how undervalued a technical school is compared to a college. I had hands on training and course work. I have many years in my field, but there are A LOT of jobs that will not accept my resume because I do not have a college degree."
"I was surprised by how much I liked the challenging courses, how much I was interested in the material being taught, and how fresh the coursework was. The topics being covered in each course were absolutely up to date and current, as if they were made for that particular group of students. I loved everything about what I learned and was surprised by the high quality of the material that was taught."
"It has a lot less to do with computers than I thought. The main reasoning had to do with computer related technologies including software."
"What suprised me was that you are constanly learning new techonologies and it's easy to fall behnd and become obsolete. Another thingis you must put in alot of hours for little pay in the begginning in order to progress. The starting salaries are very poor and anyone with a college degree will start out higher."
"I was surprised how intense the technical aspects were for the program. I luckily had the background from work but if it wasnt for that I would have had a harder time."
"I was surprised at how social this type of work can be. I knew it would require interaction at times, but I found out that it is a very group oriented type of job. That being said, there are different positions requiring different amounts of social requirement."
"I was surprised with how popular the field is. The strong quality of the coursework aside, I was impressed by the vast range of real life opportunities one could have."
"What surprised me most was the range of experience that I encountered in my course. There were students who knew practically nothing about computer programming and then there were others that knew as much as some of the instructors.The prerequisites seemed very stringent, yet I still encountered the diversity as described."
"At first I was surprised at how difficult the course work was. Once I started getting the hang of it I was surprised at how easy it became."
"I was surprised at how much logic and rational thinking is required to truly understand many concepts in IT. I was also surprised that different IT fields of study overlap quite significantly and it is easy to transition from one to another."
"I was surprised at how low the starting salary was. You have to get additional certifications and experience to make a decent income. If I'd known this beforehand, I probably would have picked something else."
"What surprised me was actually how little everything changed. 10 years ago in college, I learned a lot of the stuff I took in the course, but it wasn't my career path and I never touched it again. Upon seeing it again, it was all very familiar, and considering the pace that technology changes, I was surprised to see it really hadn't changed that much. The way you do things is still the same, it just seems everything responds faster and there is less waiting around."
"I was surprised at the amount of network skills that are needed for this career. Going into it, I assumed most of the work was centered around computer hardware and software itself, but a lot of it proved to involve networking and internet protocol."
"I was surprised at how easy it was to complete the course. Wish I would have known that it is easy because finding a relevant job in the field is extremely hard."
"I was surprised with how much things had changed and the multitude of legacy knowledge I was expected to retain / know. The course focused on things I had used 10 years ago, but weren't commonplace today but also included cutting edge technology that I had yet to use. The dichotomy of old and new was a bit of a shock."
"I was surprised how much I didn't know which I thought that I did. I had a database class in which we had to complete a database for a fictitious company from discovery all the way through implementing it."
"I was surprised by the sheer number of systems involved in Computer Systems and Software. Between Servers, Networks, and software/programming, there is a lot to digest when you first enter the career."
"I was surprised at the lack of help that was provided by the instructor. If I had known that I would have taken some electronic courses."
"I was surprised by the amount of work that people actually put into building computers and how often people change parts especially graphics cards. I was also shocked by how many people are unaware of viruses/spam/phishing. I also am shocked that people don't clean out the physical dust of their computers."
"Little surprised me, as I had a good amount of knowledge going into the coursework, but what might surprise others, is how truly approachable and easy the vast majority of this type of thing is. Technology is not as scary and magical as people often seem to think."
"I was/am surprised at how many years of experience that an employer wants you to have as a beginning developer."
"I was surprised at how heavily math is used in this field. I was also surprised at how competitive this field can be."
"I was surprised that I had to take a couple of animation classes. I was disappointed because they were very difficult classes that pulled my GPA down."
"I was surprised how difficult it was. Being very understanding of computers and computer information systems going in, I thought it would be easy. At first it was, but towards the middle and further in it was very difficult. There was a great deal of information that I had no knowledge of"
"Degrees are not necessary and, in most cases, employers really don't care whether or not somebody has one. They care about certifications acquired, skills, and an ability to continually learn. They also care about experience, but in entry-level positions, experience isn't a must."
"I was surprised at the simplicity of the study material. I have always been mechanically inclined and have had no problem understanding computer logic."
"I was pretty surprised about how easy it was to find cheats online for most of the certification tests. However, it was fairly obvious at graduation who had just cheated their way through the tests, and who had actually learned the material. Employers knew this too, and it showed when they decided who would advance in the company and who did not."
"In the end, there wasn't really any call for that area of expertise in Bullhead City, Arizona. While I've since moved, the knowledge I gained has never been put into practical use."
"How simple it is once you start and get the basic concepts down. It seems like it should be complicated and difficult, but it really isn't. Once you crack open the books it all makes sense."
"The quality instruction/curriculum at Illinois Central College really surprised me. For such an affordable college I couldn't have asked for better."
"I was surprised at how much coursework was needed after college on the job. Technology is always changing at it takes a bit of continuing education to stay up to date."
"Honestly, I found the coursework to be extremely difficult. I have a particularly hard time remembering and focusing on the hundreds of minute details that make up computer systems, so I felt in over my head a lot of the time. I expected it to be hard, just not that hard. I persevered, though."
"The studying and memorization of the different terms and functions throughout every product. It was strange that one code would work for a system, but not for the other."
"I was most surprised at how supportive and helpful the faculty at the program was for me. Since the school was a community college, I went in to it thinking i had to just figure everything out for myself"
"I was surprised about the writing details and descriptions that were required for making a offering bid to a client. A strong background in writing and understanding business writing would have greatly helped me before entering the program."
"That several people work in the same field with unrelated degrees and certificates."
"This course required quite a bit of general college core courses. English and more advanced math than anticipated."
"I was surprised at how much math was involved in my program. It required a few levels of calculus which I did not like at all."
"I was young and I suppose mildly surprised that the certificate/degree alone wasn't really enough (even if things had gone well and I'd had jobs in that field). More certifications would have been continuously wanted/demanded by the field."
"I was surprised at how much of what I learned was actually learned outside of school. There was far more than I imagined that wasn't even mentioned in school."
"I was appllad with the amount of sexism that I had to deal with from students, teachers, guidance counselors and future employers. I thought that by this time, in the 21st century, that the discrimination in these fields would not be so horrible."
"I was surprised at how many people are behind the scene when it comes to running and maintaining a data center. There's teams designated to certain jobs and tasks, and i don't think many people understand how much happens."
"I was surprised about the number of math courses I had to take as a prerequisite to complete the program. I like math but not this much math. I guess I still would've gone through it if I knew prior to choosing this field."
"I was surprised how much reading and studying I had to do. I wish I would have taken more computer classes in high school."
"I think a lot of people are surprised by the amount of customer service/communication is involved with computing careers. Dealing with end users and non-technical people is one of the most important skills."
"that their is alot more than what i thought went into computers and technology before i started the program"
"I was surprised at how competitive the Computer Technology field really is, and how scarce the jobs are. I am also a bit surprised at how much a degree is really looked up to."
"I was surprised that the level of general computer knowledge in the industry is at such a beginner level. I was surprised people are unwilling to learn on their own."
"I was surprised how much theoretical knowledge was required in the field of computer systems. It was hard for me in the beginning but it became easier after a while to read theories."
"I was surprised how outdated my software knowledge was after only taking a break from this area of study for five years. There is much more automation than I remember when I was working in digital humanities in 2007. The experience demonstrated the importance of staying current."
"I was surprised with just how uninformed an average end user is with technology. I didn't think that people that worked on a computer all day every day could get so confused over basic things. I was also surprised by the amount of people that think because I can fix their computer that means I'm the guy to call for anything to plugs in to power. I'm in IT, I don't fix the microwave."
"I had done prior research and had a good understanding of what I was studying. It was worth it to do the research."
"I had a hard time with the high-levels of math that were required for the program. I had thought that more of it would have been hands-on and technical applications, but the foundations that this was build upon was solid bookwork."
"I find my job difficult at times when it comes to certain situations, for example, i feel like im not putting my potential to its fullest here at times"
"I was surprised that I didn't require more math for the degree. I assume that something like calculus but applied to networking would have been more helpful rather than algebra. I was also surprised the job didn't have more than the one cert build in."
"It was a bit of a learning curb. Coming from a industry like retail. In order to truly grasp the concepts you had to genuinely seek to understand it."
"I was surprised just how much math I actually needed to learn in order to enter the field. Had I not taken a refresher math course for algebra, I'm not sure that I would have been able to complete all the required courses."
"I was surprised by how little hands on work there actually was in most of the courses. A lot of the courses were even just programming courses, which I do not use in my field at all. Only the last few courses were actually directly related to my field."
"What surprised me most was the complexity of the programming languages I was taught. The languages I used before joining the program were much less sophisticated."
"I think that people would be surprised because I am using my experience in the financial industry which is pretty far from those types of topics."
"I was surprised at the different and vast amount of computer software the school had available to ensure I had the best learning experience. I was not aware at how many hours and how difficult it would be complete some of the training and simulations."
"I was somewhat surprised that there are a handful of software programs that are in very common use in my industry, on which I had to self train. It seems like the school should have provided at least an overview of these very common systems."
"What surprised me most was how fast technology really changes. My job requires me to learn all of the new options and programs computers can run so I can help people who may have issues with such programs. These programs update and change more often than I expected."
"I was surprised how large this feild of study is. I am also surprised on how vague most of these programs are."
"I was surprised that most of what I learned in school was just busy work. A lot of what I do day to day I was trained on when I got this position. Perhaps some of what I learned transitioned into the work place and helped me pick up on things faster but anyone could have taken this position with no experience and some training and caught onto it."
"The fact that stuff we learned are actually very useful in the real world and that we're using them."
"I was surprised at the speed many of my peers possessed when it came to typing. Although my typing was above average, it was still not as fast as theirs."
"I was surprised at how many recruiters wanted to contact me when I first put my resume out there. Computer support positions are almost always available, and since most are entry level positions, if you have experience to back up your degree or certifications, you can usually start at a higher salary than someone without any experience."
"It took a lot of extra time learning how to install and use certain programs associated with my degree."
"I was surprised at how easy some of the coursework was in comparison to what I had been expecting, I was also surprised by some of the people that entered the classes, whom really should have taken basic computer classes before taking programming or web design, because we had a lot of people that had never really used a computer before and the instructors had to significantly dumb down the content to compensate for the lack of prerequisites."
"I was surprised in how much Math I would need. I love Math but it was shock that I would need as much as I do when I'm on the job. I just feel I should have taken more courses."
"There were not many surprises to me since I was already in the Information Technology field and knew what my career goals were. I took the courses in order to get certified and justify my worth to my employer in order to move ahead. The course work was mostly what I expected with access to many computer labs, which was great to get hands on training."
"I was surprised that I did well with the courses and received good grades. The classes went well, I studied a lot, and my grades were very good. I approached the classes with a good attitude and knew I must do well. I was very pleased with how well I did. The classes were all manageable."
"It was interesting to see how much the professors were involved with the students. There were a lot of presentations included that was new to me but also very good."
"The course work was much easier than I expected. The overall knowledge was cumulative and the parts were relevant to one another."
"I was surprised with the amount of computer coding that is needed in this field. I figured coding would be more for programmers, but with the new Windows OS, you really need to know coding so that you can troubleshoot the systems."
"How easy and stress free it was."
"What surprised me the most is the amount of certifications that are out there to obtain. For a job in the Information technology a four year degree is a must also."
"I was surprised how people in my field lack soft skills like the ability to communicate. Being able to communicate clearly and in writing makes all the differences for technicians."
"I was surprised at how fast technology changed in the 14 years I have been working. A lot of the technology I first studied at Devry are obsoleted by newer technologies."