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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 62 out of 103 (60%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time22 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time66%
Program Difficulty (1-100)67
Satisfied With the School77%
Well-Prepared for Career60%
Would Choose Program Again81%
Career is Directly Related to Program77%
Easy to Find Job63%
How Long to Find First Job10 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time79%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$50,899
Salary Met Expectations61%
Trouble Making Loan Payments63%
Satisfied With the Career75%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"As an IT professional I have been looking to expand my experience in various technologies to stay relevant in the workforce. The VMWare course at Stanly provided this opportunity to me and I was able to immediately utilize the coursework in my career."
"I've always had in interest in this field and previous work with Excel made me comfortable with the concepts around software engineering. It is also a growing industry with lots of opportunity."
"First, this program teaches me some basic skills which are necessary for job hunting. Second, I am very much interested in computer engineering topics."
"more broad"
"They guaranteed a paid internship upon completion of the program."
"I chose this program because I have always been very good with computers and love using them. I thought a good career choice would be to learn how they work and how to design systems for them."
"I chose this program primarily because it coupled very well with my previous work experience and had good upside growth potential. I also do enjoy the work and solving the problems that come up in my field."
"I've always wondered how computers worked at a young age. So, I thought investing my time into this field will yield the answers I was looking for."
"I have always had a passion for coding and this field provide a ton of it. I felt it was a field that was very lucrative."
"This is what I've wanted to do for a very long time, I knew exactly what I wanted to major in. Also as far as computers I'd much rather do a mix of both; working with hardware and software, than one or the other. I don't want to be doing nothing but sitting around coding all day. I like the blend."
"I wanted to start creating technology that someone else could use. I did not care if it was commercial or industrial. I just wanted to be a working part of our technological society."
"Condensed semester (3 months) made it feel less risky because in a way time is more valuable than money."
"I picked computer engineering because I've always been passionate about designing things and seeing how they work. I've also always loved computers and built my first one in middle school. Computer engineering combines a lot of my passions."
"I thought it was most likely to set me on the path towards a good career. I was interested in computer networking and wanted an MCSE certification."
"It offered software development courses and training. I was already experimenting with software programing so I felt it was the best choice."
"I picked this one because I knew that I could easily get a job at a variety of different locations. I believed that understanding how computers work, being able to build them, and learning to understand how software can be integrated into a variety of different systems was important."
"I am a programmer and i would love to pursue that as my profession. The academics at UTD were really interesting and I thought I should pursue that."
"I had already been studying this particular cisco path. At the time it seemed logical to continue what I had started."
"I have always wanted a career in computer technology, and after deciding between this and other various career paths I decided that this was the right one for me."
"Because I was interested in computer engineering."
"I felt the line of work better suited me. The salary range promised was higher in this field."
"The Engineering program gave me the skills I needed in order to further my education and branch out into other forms of computer and graphics design. I learned several things from the building of a computer to how a computer works, stores, and even thinks."
"I enjoyed the process of researching and building my first computer a few months beforehand. It seemed like a field that I could possibly go on to major in."
"I felt like this was my calling, since I'm very technical in a sense. I love learning how things work, and therefore I chose this field out of all of them. IT just suited me more so than any other."
"I was advised to pick this program. I received a raise for getting the certificate."
"I am very interested in the components of modern computing devices. I also felt this field would provide employment opportunity."
"I want to work with computers I have since I was young. This is the program the college offered."
"Potential job growth was high. It also looked interesting to me."
"I have friends in this field of work and found it very interesting. Also the pay is also a big plus."
"I am most interested in computer sciences and related studies and I wished to refine some of my skills."
"This was the only computer technology program offered that included both a hardware and software field with a vocational degree. It was also a two year certificated degree instead of just a one year which was more in depth."
"The subject always interested me. I taught myself a lot but wanted to learn more and get a degree and certification in order to find a job in this field."
"I have always been interested in building computers. The engineering program let me work hands-on."
"This was a good program. Computer Engineering Technology is a hard subject, so it was good that the teachers really knew what they were teaching and also helped out when I was struggling. This is the reason I picked this over other career programs."
"I picked this course of study, because growing up I have some experience with it. I hadn't worked very hard in school and rather then start from scratch I wanted to continue with something I wasn't entirely lost with."
"I enjoyed this line of work and i like computers alot and have had experience in the technology workforce before. It also is decently well paying."
"It was relevant to my job."
"I had to have this program complete before I would be able to take classes in the robotics field. I was also very good working with computers and electricity before enrolling."
"There are not that many females in this field. I find it interesting"
"Always loved computer programming. So it was an easy and obvious choice."
"I was interested in gaining knowledge on this matter. And, also I have interest in this field for a while."
"I like computers! I also wanted this in addition to Computer Science."
"It had what I needed to be immediately employed. The college also offers internships and networking opportunities to its students."
"I choose this particular program because I needed to learn specific topics inside of it. I took these classes for my employer and didn't really have much choice."
"Honestly the main reason was i thought there would be more career opportunities."
"It was what was offered at the time, in 2000. The other classes seemed to by receptionist types."
"I decided to go with this program at the time because it was an easier form of computer science. This program covered more areas I was familiar with."
"I was inspired by a show called 'The Colony'. There was a crazy old mad scientist man on that show. He could build anything out of spare electronics components that he found. I wanted to be just like him."
"I've always had a deep interest in Computer Technology and microcontrollers. The field of Computer engineering whill never really become obsolete in a sense that there is always something to be learned."
"This program gave me a more theory based approach to thinking. With that I felt I could progress in the field quicker."
"It was something I was always interested in and in personal time learned about through high school. Having had a few friends older than me who recommended the program, I decided to give it a shot."
"My school is more known for its art degrees but, they also had a cheap computer degree. I really liked the idea of doing the computer classes here in the culture."
"I wanted to learn about computers and software. Technology is something I had always been interested in learning about sine it fascinates me."
"The TMP program there has had a lot of success producing young entreupeneurs. This computer engineering technology course teaches students how to create computer technology that can be used in several markets and fields."
"I like computer from my childhood.My childhood ambition is to be a part of computer science engineering which made to take this program.I like to read about the computer very much.Apart from other program computer has become a major part of life."
"This lined up with the degree I was wanting to get from a university. I believed taking these additional classes at this community college would help keep me on track."
"I picked this program over others because this type of work is in high demand in our day and age. I also picked it because it was going to offer me the experiences needed to excel."
"I'm interested in computers and coding. I have a very logic based mind, and this was the program that best fit me when I was deciding."
"I heard from people I know that it was a great program and after checking it's relevant for the career I want. My counselor also advised that I choose this program after we had a few meaningful conversations."
"I enjoy the inner workings of computers and trying to build them . I like coming with new ways and ideas to try new procedures."
"I thought it would be something I would enjoy and be challenging and would be something I could easily find a job in after college."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised about how much team work is required in the computer engineering field. I knew there would be some but almost everything you do requires a full team cooperating to achieve the task at hand."
"I was surprised at the salary range and variety of the careers provided through this degree. I was surprised at the sheer amount of coding I had to learn, although perhaps I shouldn't have been. I just didn't realize it going in. It's very problem solving oriented which I love."
"I was surprised at the amount of studying that was required. To be more specific, I was surprised at the amount of memorization that was required to remember all the processes."
"I was surprised by how much effort it actually took and also by how much more I learned in a campus setting. I thought I had figured most of it out on my own, but there were so many things that were new in the programs we used. It was amazing though!"
"What surprised me most, was the amount of math needed to get into the field. I had no idea you needed to be so proficient in math, so I was shocked. I'm not very good at it, therefore I had to learn quickly and fast. But other then that, nothing truly surprised me... It was always something I understood as I went through it as a teenager trying to learn as quickly as possible."
"I was surprised by the disconnect in what you hear vs reality. You hear that there are all these job openings, but there are none at entry level. I hear from job recruiters all the time but they are looking for someone with three years or more of experience. I don't have that, and can't get experience without someone taking a chance on my and giving me that first job!"
"I was surprised to find that a community college/technical school offered such individualized training. I actually expected it to be a lot easier than it was. I was also surprised how much depth they seemed to go into."
"I was surprised to see the amount of people skills that are needed. Although tech people may be seen as socially awkward, you must come out of that shell to succeed."
"While in school I found it very informative, I learned a lot. I felt like I was gaining a lot of new information from how computers work, programming, a lot of deep theory. However, after being in the work force for a while now, I realize most of what I learned had no practical use in my daily life. It's much like how kids say they will never use algebra in daily life. Most computer related fields are taught as if it's a science degree, lots of heavy math, lots of theory. But in the real world 90% of that is all wasted and not needed. In the real world, I learn more from google and youtube videos about issues I come across than anything from a class or a book. IT is a series of problems, fixing them, preventing them, and planning to avoid them. Most problems have been seen before, so knowing how to search and find that information about how to fix it is far more important than knowing the theory behind abstract structures or years worth of calculus."
"I was surprised by how hard the math was and wish that I had payed more attention growing up to have better fundamentals. I struggled with the math and had to have a tutor to better understand it."
"The market has ceased to be saturated with VMWare specialists and this coursework provided an excellent opportunity to be able to provide expertise and knowledge that allowed me to get into a position where I could support technologies where there is a deficit in technologists."
"The fact that the learning continues well into the job. Programming especially is always changing and developers have to stay current."
"I was quite surprised that a software engineering program requires so much mathematical related knowledge. I was also quite surprised that hardware design was not a core part of the program."
"the hours are better than expected but the pay is a lot lower than expected"
"I was surprised by the amount of openings in the field. I did not realize how valuable the skills I learned were until I graduated."
"I was surprised how in-debt the field was, especially relating to math. There was quite a bit of math involved, and this was NOT a math program, so you either had to know it from previous education or learn on the fly. It was ok for me, but I know it gave other students some troubles."
"I'm off put that software is the more difficult task to handle. Understanding coding and how the software works would have remedy this issue"
"The amount of time that each task requires caught me off guard. In addition, the amount of attention and focus that each project requires is astonishing because if one thing goes wrong, then the entire project will fail."
"I was surprised by wage negotiation in software engineering careers. For my first job I was badly underpaid compared to my peers just because I was nat as pushy during wage negotiations. It felt unfair to the extent that it even sexist that a company would pay me 20-30% less than male peers just because I felt uncomfortable asking for more money. By many metrics I am a better software engineer than many men who are paid more than me just because of their egotism and skill in negotiation."
"What surprised me most about computer engineering was how easy the coursework was. When you hear the term engineering you think of difficult classes, but my computer engineering classes were fun and easy to get good grades in."
"I was surprised that the testing was so much different than the classes. It did not prepare us at all for the tests, although I have used the skills in real life at my current job."
"Technology is always changing so you had to keep constantly learning to stay in the field. Something you learned a year ago could be completely obsolete in 2 years. Also, their are now to many people in the industry so pay is lower and it's harder to find a job."
"I was mostly surprised by easy it was to find a location to learn about this field. There are many schools that offer certificates. In this particular field, I feel that the number of jobs greatly outweighs the number of qualified individuals available to work them."
"I was surprised at the academic curriculum. Coming from a diverse educational background, the academic was extremely challenging but at the same time motivating."
"The thing that has surprised me about studying computers the most is the relatively large amount of free and accurate information that is available online. It really makes all the memorization easier due to approaching different topics from so many different angles ."
"I was surprised by the amount of researching and studying I had to do, and how much time it actually took. I would have been less stressed if it weren't so intense."
"It was hard at first to get into the job of field because it required previous expriences."
"I was surprised at the amount of independent reading that was involved in the certification program. I spent many sleepless nights reading manuals."
"The topics related to programming were much more difficult than expected. Even though they don't directly correspond to engineering, they are strongly recommended. Also, much of the essential information relevant to actual engineering I learned on youtube."
"I was surprised by how many Excel spreadsheets I had to make. Taking these courses online was more difficult than i expected."
"I was surprised at the math involved in fulfilling my academic requirements. I had been invested in educating myself about mechanical computing and software development, but did not have the mathematics background required to pursue those subjects academically."
"It was harder than I imagined."
"I was surprised on how many papers we had to write . I also was surprised on how hard some of the classes were for this program ."
"I was not surprised by anything regarding my area of study. I chose the classes based on the skills I would refine during the process and nothing else."
"I was surprised on how little people recognized the certification that I received as being less than a simple A+ certification. My program was far more in depth and I had to actually take classes that an associates degree required. In fact the two year program was only a few classes shy of being an associates degree. I am just surprised as well of the ignorance of some of the people hiring for this field. A lot of them knew only a basic knowledge of computer engineering and I feel as though they felt threatened by my extensive knowledge."
"The ease of the job but the level of stress. Most of the time everything goes great but when something goes wrong, it goes wrong and it's a scramble to fix things as soon as possible."
"I was surprised at the prerequisites required for some of the classes, but I was able to pass them fairly easily. I had a lot of non-professional experience with computers, so the early classes were actually surprisingly easy."
"Nothing much was surprising because I read a book about the course before signing up for it. I really needed a job so I worked very hard during the course."
"I was surprised how vast my field of study was once you got past the basics. LIke most people I assumed IT was the little bit we know and then some programming languages. So basically Windows/MAC and some other stuff about printers. However everyday since I've finished my certificate I've continually been amazed by the sheer number of computer languages & different computer systems out there. The sheer understanding required to operate them all is mind boggling."
"It surprised me how dumb some people are about computers and their lack of knowledge and what i had to be taught and help people understand."
"I was surprised how much hand written documentation that I would have to due on every piece of equipment that I would repair."
"Not that many females choose this field. This field use to be more prominent for females"
"That people actually trust computers to do the things they do, and surprised that most software works as well as it does based on the experiences of real world business pressures to get software out fast, and not exactly correct."
"How much competition is out there. I figured there would no be that many applying for my field and boy was I wrong."
"I was surprised how much I learned while on the job. School prepared me to learn how to learn new things, not specifically the technology I would be using."
"I was surprised how much coding was taught in this program. I thought it was mostly mechanical work, but I'm glad I learned computer coding as well."
"I was surprised at how much little I actually learned from these classes. I already had been working in the field since I had left High school."
"what surprised me the most was how difficult it was to learn but once you get rolling it gets a lot simpler."
"I was surprised at the level of intensity needed to learn how to build and repair computers. I was also surprised about some of the things the course consisted of, such as learning how to program a clock and learning logic."
"I was very surprised on how much knowledge was needed in this field. In the class it's easier but when you are out in the field doing what you learned and know, it kind-of shocks you."
"The amount of effort and work needed to pass some of the courses."
"I was very surprised at the amount of reading and math involved with a lot of the equipment we install and also The amount of writing."
"One thing that really stood out to me was how much math was required throughout the educational curriculum while the actually applicable math skills was far less advanced. It seems like most Computer Science programs do a similar thing, and it seems silly to go so deep into math theory when computer programming doesn't utilize much of it."
"I wish I knew how easy it was to learn everything you need to learn just on the internet and how little you actually need to go to school. College is a waste of time and I'm disgusted with the american school system."
"I was surprised by how tedious the job gets after a while. But also, because of the opportunities, I was also surprised by the amount of free will I am given at my job and how much of my own decisions I am able to make."
"I was surprised how basic the courses were, especially for coding, and how difficult it was to see the big picture for how it all comes together."
"the field of study was very competitive and difficult. the coursework and knowledge required in classes were a lot more difficult than the knowledge that is needed in the workfield."
"before joining the program i thought that computer engineering technology is very easy and we can complete it easily as i had hands on practise in computer.I thought the same thing will be there.but after entering into the program i felt that whichever i was known about the computer was very basic level and there are many difficulties and complexities in the program."
"In general, what surprised me most about my job is the hours that I have to put in. This job is very tedious and time consuming."
"I was surprised by the community I shared with my peers. I thought this field of study would bring a lot of non-social people interacting with me, but that was not the case."
"The field of study surprised me by how much hands on work was really involved, and by the amount of programming courses I had to take. I really wanted to do more of the hardware side than the software side, but I guess it was a necessary evil to have a complete education."
"What surprised me most about my field of study was the amount of time it took to find a job after graduating."