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Statistics From SurveysStatistics From Surveys

Stats here are for those who have completed the program. Of those starting the program, 8 out of 12 (67%) of people surveyed successfully completed it.

Survey QuestionAverage
Program Completion Time24 month(s)
Attended School Mostly Full-Time63%
Program Difficulty (1-100)60
Satisfied With the School77%
Well-Prepared for Career62%
Would Choose Program Again50%
Career is Directly Related to Program88%
Easy to Find Job62%
How Long to Find First Job8 month(s)
Working Mostly Full-Time88%
Salary (Not Necessarily Full-Time)$51,166
Salary Met Expectations65%
Trouble Making Loan Payments50%
Satisfied With the Career72%

Schools Offering This Program, by StateSchools Offering This Program, by State

(Offering certificates of less than two years of study)

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Why did people choose this program of study?Why did people choose this program of study?

"My career adviser advised me that with this career study choice I would always have work to go to. I was working as an auto mechanic at the time and I wanted a less dirty sort of work with higher pay."
"I like semiconductors and semiconductor industry, and I like hands-on jobs, so I pick up the manufacturing engineering technology as my major. I will have a big chance go to semiconductor industries."
"I thought this would be the best program to give me security in my career. I knew others who were very successful after completing this program."
"The Houston area is booming in the oil industry. I also have to do what is best for my family, financial-wise."
"I have some background in latex manufacturing and this program resembled it. I also don't have an interest in other programs like electrical engineering."
"I was aware of more continuing education options available. I was also aware of more jobs available in my area so that I would not have to move in order to get a job."
"manufacturing is easy to find jobs. the knowledge can be applied to other fields"
"I was very interested in working in manufacturing in a production plant. I have an uncle who took this route and I was interested in the line of work."

What surprised people about this program of study?What surprised people about this program of study?

"I was surprised by how much math was required for this degree. Had I known, I would have focused more on math during high school, maybe even seeking some college credits to help give me a head start when going into college."
"I was surprised by the amount of chemistry and science needed in the program. The operators and instructors I talked to made the job seem simple."
"I was surprised how much my schooling actually helped in my day to day job--I'd been in the business before I entered school and thought I knew everything. I was suprised at how much more detail was involved, and how having my schooling helped me make more sense of the work involved."
"I was surprised the most by how many unrelated courses I needed to graduate. The English and social studies seemed more or less irrelevant at the time but looking back, I am glad to have taken those courses that help make us students more well rounded."
"I was surprised engineering is so interesting, complicated, and need to solve so many questions. I cannot think about it has to hundreds of steps to fabricated a CPU. It let me know I do not know lots of things."
"I was surprised of the pay scale variation based on my current location compared to other areas of the country."
"it contains less math than i thought it would be."
"I was surprised how much math was involved in order to just be a technician. I thought the math was saved for the engineers. I was also surprised by how much you need to know in order to know your way around a production line."