About Us

Our Motivation

We're troubled by the constant drumbeat in the media driving people to borrow large amounts of money and go to a traditional four-year college. The message is that if you get a degree, you're set for a lucrative career, and if you don't go to college, well, you might as well resign yourself to a life of poverty.

We believe that it's time to push back with an alternate view. The truth as we see it is:

  • You don't need a 4-year degree. Most Americans don't get bachelor's degree, after all, and many people living reasonably well got just a little education after high school.
  • Your major matters more than the school. If you select the "wrong" major, even at a good college, there is no guarantee of a good career path.
  • Public schools are the best bargain. Except for a few select career paths, getting into an exclusive "top" school doesn't matter much.

We've analyzed data on college majors at thousands of US colleges. And we've surveyed thousands of people who have attended them.

Our Data

We start with extensive data sets from the Department of Education, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Census. We add in the contents of our own surveys of thousands of people who have pursued post-secondary certificates. And we generate our preferred lists of college majors and schools using our proprietary algorithms and analysis.

Here is our list of recommended majors & schools:

Feel free to contact us at JustEnoughCollege@gmail.com