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Get a good career with as little schooling as possible.

  • You don't need a 4-year degree
  • Your major matters more than the school
  • Public schools are the best bargain

We've analyzed data on college majors at thousands of US colleges. And we've surveyed thousands of people who have attended them.

The bottom line? Here is our list of recommended majors & schools

Thousands of People Have Told Us About Their Studies and Jobs Thousands of People Have Told Us About Their Studies and Jobs

Real-world comments you might not find elsewhere. Here are a few:

"I was surprised as to how much manual labor is involved in the nursing industry. Lots of heaving lifting of patients and equipment." (LPN/LVN)
"I look into physical therapy and sports medicine but it strayed away from what I wanted to do. It involved a lot of biology which I was not prepared for. The massage program was better aligned with my skills." (Massage)
"I was surprised to learn all the commands that need to be known for operating Linux systems. Shell scripting is a must for the work and for study, and it is basically learning a whole new programming language. Also there is a lot of protocol that had to be learned for security and best practices that needed to be memorized at length." (Computer Systems Tech)

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